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Good morning, everyone! So, I was thrilled to read that BBC has commissioned what is described as a “sort of sequel” to Pride and Prejudice. That’s right, the BBC Commissions Death Comes to Pemberley! Don’t know about you, but this is an exciting prospect! Considering its an anniversary year, the timing couldn’t be more perfect and I am thrilled that producers chose to honor Jane’s works with a new production, add in the fact that I’d love seeing Lizzie and Darcy in marital bliss plus a murder mystery inter-woven into the elegant world of Pemberley and I am absolutely thrilled about this! How about you? Below the cut is the official BBC press announcement:

BBC Commissions Death Comes to Pemberley. Chatting about this upcoming BBC period drama. Who's excited? All text is © Rissi JC
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Death Comes To Pemberley 

3 x 60 serial, written by Juliette Towhidi (Calendar Girls) and made by
Origin Pictures for BBC One. 

Adapted from P.D James’ international bestselling novel in this 200th
anniversary year of the first publication of ‘Pride & Prejudice’, P.D James’
remarkably inventive homage to Austen brings the much-loved world to life in a
dazzling and original way. Set six years after ‘Pride & Prejudice’ ends and
centering on Austen’s best-known characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, the
three-parter combines classic period drama with a highly suspenseful and
brilliantly crafted murder mystery plot.  

The executive producers for Origin Pictures are David Thompson and Ed Rubin.
The executive producer for the BBC is Polly Hill.

Obviously there’s no word on casting yet, so… let’s speculate! Who’d you enjoy seeing in the iconic roles of Lizzie and Darcy? Or perhaps even Jane and Bingley?  

My only complaint is that in re-visiting the Darcy’s, we’re only going to be invited into their world for a mere three hours, still, I won’t complain too loudly! This promises to be way too much fun.

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  1. Oh, this does sounds very interesting, indeed!

    Like you… I am now filled with all sorts of thoughts and questions, regarding casting – for Lizzie, Darcy, the Bennett Family & Sisters? Plus, who will be murdered? Oh dear, I hope it is not anyone from their immediate families.

    And… when will we see this in America? Will it ever be on PBS?

    Oh, I just love Jane Austen adapted movie productions!

    Thank you for sharing, Rissi!


    1. I know, right!? I am super excited about this and am *dying* to find out who will be cast. I suspect that there will be more beloved characters than I originally thought after reading those spoilers. ;D

      Hopefully this will come to PBS though perhaps it won't be until early 2014 during Masterpiece's next season…? I don't know. Hopefully more news will be out soon.

      You and I both, Net! Lovin' the idea of this. :)

      Thanks so much for dropping by – I always enjoy getting your feedback. :)

  2. Call me weird, but I groaned when I read your post. I don't like the idea of them creating a sequel without a previous written sequel by the lovely Jane Austen. Too much can go wrong. :( And that title?? "Death Comes to Pemberley" Who are they going to kill off?!

    All I can say is, they better not mess this up. If they do, this movie/film shall be dead to me.

    1. No need for that, Rosie – you aren't weird at all, girl. I understand the skepticism; some people don't like it when Austen is tampered with and there is nothing wrong with that. (I'm also thrilled about the new Austenland movie!) I don't like the zombie idea but for this or something like Lost in Austen, I am perfectly happy.

      So… I know who kill off if you want to know…

      It doesn't bother me though some people may not appreciate it. Given that I adored 'Lost' and anything Austen-related, I am thrilled! Cannot wait.

    1. Neither can I, Alexandra! To say I'm excited is an understatement. :D

      Never fear, if the book is followed, Jane and Bingley are perfectly safe: I am really glad about that! :) Like you, I'm curious to see how this will all play out. It's exciting.

  3. Jane Austen had once written that death would never darken the pages of her novels, so I don't believe that a mystery is the right way to pay homage to such an outstanding author.

    1. I understand that completely, Reader. For me, I enjoy "spoofs" on classic lit if it's done well. However, I respect that not everyone shares that thought. I'm glad you shared your opinions. :)

      Considering nearly all of Austen's works were recently re-made, I'm happier with this than another re-make.

      Thank you SO much for the comment and blog follow! I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy your visits. :)

  4. Since this new movie is based off the book, Death Comes to Pemberley, by P.D. James, I looked it up on Amazon and discovered the victim is…


    If you are reading on then I'll assume you wish to know. It is Wickham!

    So now… how do we feel about that?

    For Lydia, Wickham's wife, who has not been at all good in the past… I personally don't wish her bad… and I still feel sorry for to have to endure such tragedy.

    1. LOL! I totally had to do that also, Net! I don't mind spoilers AT ALL. And I don't really care about that character in the sense that it's better him than someone nice. (Does this make me horrible!?) It is sad for her yet I would be devastated if it was actually a likable character! Here's hoping writer's follow the novel. :)

    1. Neither can I, Emi! It sounds so fun. :) A murder mystery tangled up in the story of Pride & Prejudice? Yes, please!

      Thank you so much for dropping by, Emi! I appreciate it. Visit again anytime. :)

  5. Hmmm I'm not too sure about this one. Maybe I'm too much of a purist. I have trouble with the concept of the murder mystery plot especially as Austen would never have written anything like that. In some ways P&P was a cultural analysis as well as an epic romance, so I don't know how I feel about a revisit. Still I'm glad that BBC is turning toward period drama again!

    1. Why hello there, Leah. Nice to see you back to blogging. :) Thanks for dropping by.

      I can definitely see where those who like their Austen to follow the same classic vein in which she intended/wrote the stories would find this… un-interesting or appalling in certain elements. It's a premise that is "reaching" when it comes to how Austen's stories are in their literary form. Apart from the zombie book, I go for anything that re-makes, spoofs or re-imagines Austen, and this one sounds particularly good to me since I am always up for a good mystery.

      You said it right: I'm also delighted that BBC is still coming out with costume dramas. Those are the best. :)

  6. As usual, I'm on the fence! I've heard alot about the book and all it's positive raves. But I usually don't like "sequels" not written by the same author, I'm just biased that way. But then…I'm really not THAT much of an Austie to begin with…so hey, I'll give it a try! :)

    1. That's okay, Kellie. There's nothing wrong in that. :)

      Honestly, I've not heard a thing about the book (though I've seen it around) but am pleased that it has good reviews. Depending on how it's done, I am all for returning to the world of beloved character's – no matter whose name is credited. :) Needless to say, this has me thrilled! Cannot wait to see any upcoming news on it.

    1. Why, thank you, Le Petit! That is really kind of you and I appreciate you dropping by. Feel free to do so anytime. :)

      As for following, absolutely! If you'd like to follow this blog, I will be happy to return the favor. :)

  7. Interesting. I read that book…didn't love it, a bit melo-dramatic and Mr. Darcy wasn't quite right (if my memory serves me right) but not bad for a sequel. I'll look forward to hearing more about this! :)

    1. That's nice to hear from someone who's read the novel, Charity – glad to hear it was okay if nothing else. You and I both! Cannot wait to see what comes of these plans. :)

  8. They're rumored to be considering Eddie Raymonde (ugh, no, a freckled Darcy?!), Dan Stevens (also no — he already played Edward Ferrars), and Hugh Dancy (… maybe? but I don't think he has the chemistry to pull of Darcy) for Darcy.

    For me, the outcome depends on who the cast turns out to be.

    1. Ugh! No, please on Raymonde! Not liking that notion. I'd live with Dan Stevens but would prefer a "new" face to the role. Wouldn't mind Dancy – I think he could pull it off. Maybe.

      Thanks for these rumors, Charity! I'll be like you: A lot will depend on the cast.

  9. Ah, I can't wait for this! So much fun. I haven't read the book, but my mum has, and she loved it to death.

    I haven't been around in awhile, I know… life. =P Good to be back!

    1. Neither can I, AnnaKate! SO happy so hear your mom liked the book. This makes me ridiculously pleased! Soon as more news releases, I'll have to share so we can chat more about it. :D

      I am so happy to see you back to blogging. You been missed, girl. :)

  10. Ooh!!!! This THRILLS me!! I enjoyed the book and would love to see this! Contrary to Charity, I would LOVE Dan Stevens….Hugh Dancy would work as well…..if it were Eddie Redmayne I'd scream…and not because I'd be fangirling

    1. Oh, me, too, Ella! Glad to hear from a girl who read the book and is still excited about it. Yay!

      Okay… so since Twitter has the nerve to limit us to 140 characters, here we go. Not for Redmayne either. I don't know, do we think he'd be a better Bingley? As for Darcy, well I would think Dancy could pull it off and while I wouldn't mind Dan (at all), I just would enjoy seeing a good but new talent take the role. Matthew Goode (not really liking that idea) is also another name I've seen attached to the project and still Dan seems a "sure bet" as of now. (It's another Brendan Coyle scenario: He left 'Lark Rise' for 'Downton,' and Dan is leaving 'Downton' for the shades of Pemberley. *Sigh*) I also liked Sam Claflin in the latest Pirate flick but NOT for the role of Darcy. It'd just be nice to see him in something else.

      As for Lizzie… gosh, I don't have a clue! Not sure Claire Danes could pull it off but I do think Jessica Brown-Findlay is adorable (we know she can play a woman ahead of her time. :D). Other dark-haired Brits are: Lily Collins, Felicity Jones, Katie McGrath, Haley Atwell, Carey Mulligan, Jenna Louise-Coleman, Charity Wakefield, Claire Foy and Natalie Dormer. Not sure any of these girl's would give Lizzie the right… personality.

      How about you? Having read the book: Who do you think would do everyone justice?

  11. OMG!!!!! I checked that book out from the library, but didn't read it before I returned it… Now I will definitely have to give it a second try!!! :)

    1. Absolutely right, you'll have to read it now, Tory! It's so cool that BBC is commissioning something "new" and different. I am one fan who cannot wait. :)

  12. Oh my! I didn't know they were turning this into a movie!! *squealllll* So excited!! Finally someone is attempting the sequel of the century :)) Hmmm…I wonder who they will cast though…I do love Tom Hiddleston, I think he could pull of an interesting Darcy…(hair would have to be dyed dark though-like his Loki character)…can't imagine a light haired Darcy. Lizzie….hmmm I'll have to think about that one… :))

    1. Jeanine, that is a fascinating idea for Darcy! I like it better than some of the ideas I've been hearing lately…but do I actually LIKE it? Not sure yet. ;)

    2. Isn't this thrilling, Jeanine! I basically squealed with joy also! :)

      Given that it's a murder mystery and one of the best, long-overdue potential sequels ever, I CANNOT wait. :)

      Casting: Not sure I'd like Tom in the role of Darcy. Here's why: I don't like Loki! It may be too "hard" to separate him from the role of an annoying villain vs. the beloved character of Darcy.

      Here are the names rumored:
      – Hugh Dancy (could live with that – I think he could do "haughty" though he's small in stature)
      – Dan Stevens (like him but not for the role of Darcy)
      – Matthew Goode (um, no!)
      – Eddie Redmayne (um, no! Maybe for Bingley…)

      As for Lizzie, I've seen Claire Danes mentioned who is a great actress but I don't see her playing Lizzie and doing it well…? What do you think of someone like Katie McGrath (again we run into trouble since she played the evil Morgana) or Jessica Brown-Findlay? Other British actor's I found who are "lesser-known" (though not necessarily "right) were Rupert Evans, Sam Claflin, Josh Bowman and Rupert Friend. Gosh! It's a lot to think about – a dream cast.

      Let me know if you think of your pick(s) for Lizzie. Or anyone else. :)

    3. Glad you like that suggestion, Charity. Don't like the idea of a baddie villain playing such an iconic character. Not sure how well we'd separate the two roles! :)

    4. Mmmm, yes, Eddie could work for Bingley…I see this. :) See, I've only seen Loki as a bad guy in Thor (which I watched once over a year ago) so I don't have as strong of an association and am going more by looks. Though his smile is definitely wrong. As to Lizzy…can't we just have Jennifer Ehle again? ;) Too bad she's a little old now.

    5. Oh, I think that's all I've seen Tom in also, Charity but the dude drives me nuts as Loki! LOL! :D

      Don't want to see Eddie as Darcy (AT ALL!) though I was thinking he could work as Bingley. Either way, I CANNOT wait to see who is cast.

      Yes, it is too bad Jennifer is "too old" for this role now. :/ I always liked Daniela Denby-Ashe also but she is probably "too old" also.

      Happy you dropped by – lovin' all this fun conversation and cannot wait for "part 2" when the casting comes about. :)

    6. Yes, she is. Too bad 'cause she's such a good/attractive actress.

      Yesterday I tweeted more about rumors of the "new" Darcy's – they've now said Matthew McFayden is a possibility now as was Rupert Penry-Jones and Douglas Booth mentioned. Not sure what I think of those guys…

      I did grow to really like Matthew in the role in the big-screen version of P&P. So… Rupert isn't bad looking (he could pull off "haughty") and I know very little about Booth.

      Right there with you, Charity: Cannot wait to read the official casting story!

  13. I loved the new "Pride and Prejudice" movie, and I don't think a sequel will be able to even stand in its shadow! But, I agree, a sequel WILL be fun, and I will be looking forward to it with you. :-)

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