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Fellow fans, can we take a moment to recognize how dazzling and awesome it is that Once Upon a Time is going to incorporate the latest Disney smash-hit, Frozen into the weekly fantasy series?? (Thanks, Kate, for chatting up ABC’s Once Upon a Time ‘Frozen is Coming’ on Twitter!) Since I don’t watch the show on television, of course I’ve not see the actual season three episode, but it looks sensational and from what I did read, the main arc of Elsa’s role in the show will arrive in season four.

Frozen is Coming. Celebrating - just for fun - the news that ABC's Once Upon a Time is to return and tell the story of Frozen! All text © Rissi JC
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Oh, and did I mention Kristen Bell (who voiced Anna) has been quoted as saying, she’d guest on Once Upon a Time? Yes, please.

What about all of you? Are you excited for this new character?

Take a look at the final seconds of season three.

@scriptsandsuch Still can’t get over #OnceUponATime‘s new #Frozen character? Watch this epic scene again: http://t.co/EL8VlzzcGW No spoilers

— Kate (@TooReadorNot) May 12, 2014

Thanks, Kate!!

Ok, it’s your turn, fellow friends and fans. What are your thoughts on this upcoming story thread? Are you excited Frozen is coming to the ABC fairy tale show or no? What would you like to see the thread expand on (vs the animated movie)? Comment all of your thoughts!

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    1. I'm disappointed in the costumes/special effects, Juju, but honestly, do love the unique stories, acting and how clever the writer's are in twisting together all of these fairytales – that and putting a new spin on several of them! That's what draws me back.

      This does look intriguing, right?? Go, Once!

    1. If this teaser is any indication, I am all excitement for season three, Alexandra! Also curious who they'll cast as Elsa – the list I read today was interesting and even included Kristen Bell. Hmm… that could work. ;)

    1. Haven't seen any of season three here, Missie, however I'm curious to see what season four brings! I mean, Elsa is coming. This. Is. Epic. :D

  1. Season 3 has been amazing–I nearly gave up in season 2. The special effects are still horrible…..but I love the cast especially…..


    1. Woo-hoo. I am thrilled to get the endorsement from you, Ella. :) Makes me glad. I suspected the CGI effects were still bad, however it's the stories, characters and mind-bending twists from the writer's that keep me entertained – and when I saw this yesterday on Twitter, I wanted to jump up and down. After all the rumors, it's perfect!

  2. I stopped watching after the mid-season break, but lately I've been thinking that I would probably catch up when it's available on Netflix. Now I guess I'll definitely have to, since I do love Frozen. :)

    1. That sounds like a plan, Kristin! I don't watch any scripted shows on TV – aside from a rare episode on a "special occasion," which makes it fun for me to binge watch my shows on DVD – plus, who needs commercials?? ;)

      Let me know what you think if/when you play catch up.

  3. I wish this show had better CGI. I think it's a great idea, but the cheesiness of it prevents me from enjoying it as much as I would like to. But I will have to watch at least one episode with Elsa in it.

    1. Same here, Charity. Every season, I keep wishing for more awesome effects because aside from that, I think this show "has it all" (well, and the costumes aren't great). Three cheers for Elsa – she will be a wonderful addition – now, who will be playing her?? That's the important question! ;-)

    2. I'm watching season two at the moment… and waiting for episodes I haven't seen. (I quit season two at some point.) Otherwise, it's enjoyable — and an interesting contrast with the characters in Once to their Disney cartoon counterparts.

      Better get someone awesome for Elsa, or there may be icicles to pay. ;)

    3. The way the writer's "change" the fairytale characters is brilliance. I love that they aren't always who we "know" (from Disney) which is what makes the journey so fun.

      I couldn't agree more – someone better be cast who can pull Elsa off with the perfect balance that her character needs. Or else. Elsa is too awesome to have anything less. :)

  4. Oh my gosh. I haven't watched in months, but now I'm thinking I have to catch up! I just showed this to my little sister and she was screaming. Lol, Frozen is her favorite movie. :)

    1. This deserves some excited screaming, Bekah! Don't blame your sister. :) I'm tickled pink the rumors were true – and if this teaser is any indication, this is going to be one epic story arc. Bring. It. On.

  5. Not sure if I told you Rissi, but I started watching Once a couple months ago. Still on the first season but I love it! This news is so exciting. Can't wait to catch up and see Elsa in future episodes!

    1. Eeek! No, I don't remember that, Jillian. How exciting – and I'm pleased to know you're liking the series. It's pretty darn clever methinks. :)

      Happy watching – and like you, I'm thrilled about Elsa. Here's hoping Anna isn't far behind. ;)

  6. I've been DVRing all of these, but I'm a few episodes behind. This is only 1 of 2 shows that I watch regularly, though, so I love it. (I hate that OUAT in Wonderland was only 1 season. I liked it even more.) I can't wait to catch up! :)

    1. Yay! Happy catch up, Tammy. Cannot wait to experience season three; it sounds like it'll be a fun season. I saw that 'Wonderland' was cancelled. Bummer. Hopefully they'll put it on DVD for us to relive. :)

  7. I was super excited about this! Elsa coming–wahoo!! But I do have to say that, though the last hour and a half of Once Upon A Time Season 3 was probably my favorite hour and a half in all of the show's history, the ending was just terrible. I mean–why would you do that?? How could you let that happen?? Sigh . . . oh well. I hope that one of the characters doesn't become a monster in Season 4 as a result.

    walking in the air.

    1. Me, too, Hannah! Until I saw this yesterday on Twitter, all I knew was that Frozen coming to OUAT was only rumor. Here's wishing Anna isn't far behind. :)

      Ooo, I've read a few spoilers about the finale – it's something about time travel, right?? Or that's what I've gathered. Perhaps the whole Elsa thing will distract everyone. For now. ;)

  8. Oh, man! I called my son in when I saw this on your site – he's usually my source for stuff like this – and he said he was saving it to surprise me. :) (I have great kids – they know how much I loved Frozen.) Once Upon a Time has been one of the shows we really enjoy as a family, and that's pretty rare. Unfortunately, we missed DVRing a couple of episodes in the middle of the season and since that puts us about a half season behind, we've all decided to wait until we can watch the full season. I'm trying not to glance at all the spoilers in everyone's comments, but it's a challenge! Maybe we'll just wait until the first episode of the next season is out, so that we don't have a cliff hanger. Clever, right? :)

    1. Aww, that's fun! Hope your kids weren't disappointed you found the surprise first, Laura. :)

      Frozen is such a sweet, charming film and it's going to be thrilling to see what OUAT does with it. Hopefully, it'll be just as good and the show won't "ruin" it. And it's lovely that your family watches this together – as you say, that IS rare. My family still enjoys watching things together and most the time we still do so it's nice to know other families enjoy the same thing.

      That is clever! Kudos to you for – maybe – sticking it out until season four. Those cliffhangers are indeed awful. By the time I see season X, season X is about to or has began airing so at least, I get to read the spoilers! ;)

  9. Oh! I've heard so much about the series and have it on my to-watch list. So excited to hear they are incorporating Elsa from Frozen into it…very excited to see how that works out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ooo! Fun. You've got the right idea, Bethany – wait and then you can binge watch the show. :) Hope you enjoy if/when you see it – and I've a feeling Elsa is going to be an epic story arc.

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