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A couple of years ago, I published a brief write-up about the Oscars and it inspired some fun conversation. Since I usually watch an hour or better of the show each year – don’t ask me why because I won’t have an answer, I thought I’d do something similar this year. Of the eight films nominated for best picture, I’ve seen exactly zero. Among those numbers, there are less than half that I’ll likely see at some point. Still, I cannot seem to squash my curiosity and every year, the glamour of the show is an allure my
movie-watching self doesn’t resist. 

2015 Oscars. Talking about the good, bad and just, weird of the 2015 Oscars! All text is © Rissi JC/RissiWrites.com

Last night, I stayed up late and watched nearly two hours this year (then had to watch an episode of a show to remind me of the
reasons I do love entertainment) and read about the events that happened prior to that. In spite of the moments worthy of mocking – because they were that silly, there were some fun things. Here is a roundup of my favorite moments and those that I wasn’t wild about.  

What I liked:   

  • + Seeing Anna Kendrick in her Into the Woods costume singing in the opening number.
  • + American Sniper winning an Oscar. I’m so glad and believe it should have won more. I’ve not seen the movie however I have heard the best of things about it from people whose opinions I trust. Any time the real heroes are recognized I’m reminded
    of how proud I am to be an American because of these men and women who serve, protect and keep our home land safe. My gratefulness and respect for this extraordinary group of people knows no bounds.  
  • + I didn’t see it win nor have I watched the movie, but I’m glad Big Hero 6 got the animated win. Anything from Disney is always cute.  
  • + The 50th anniversary tribute to The Sound of Music. It was really lovely to see this movie honored. It might not be a film that has the most important message to teach, but it is an impacting film.  
  • + Eddie Redmayne’s Best Actor win. Though I’ve not seen the role for which he won this, from the promos, it looks like he deserved this in spades.  
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What I didn’t: 

  • + The PC jabs. But then, that’s present every year.    
  • + Birdman “cleaning up” the big awards. This film looks so odd. Not sure why it’s impacting enough to win so many awards.
  • + The fashion. I really didn’t see anything that wowed. Of course, I didn’t watch the pre-Oscar party (Red Carpet). I did see the various stars who presented awards and aside from maybe British actress Felicity Jones (Northanger Abbey), nothing seemed
    that memorable. How about you? Which were among your favorite looks… + Sean Penn’s awkward lull in announcing the Best picture winner. What was that!?  

Overall, it was boring. As articles have stated, its length didn’t help anything and the I thought the jokes were… ridiculous. Did you watch the Oscars? If so, what were some things you were glad to see or didn’t like. I’d love to chat with you.

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  1. YES! I was hoping you'd do a post on the Oscars. I had a feeling you would, but…I was hoping anyway;)

    Totally agree with you about American Sniper. It should've won more.

    I haven't seen Big Hero 6 either, but I've heard only good things about it.

    I loved the 50th honor of The Sound of Music too. And I will be honest…Lady Gaga did great. And she looked so lovely and normal (except her tats kept throwing off the elegant look haha). But yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by her performance.

    Eddie Radmayne was so cute during his speech haha And I loved how he acknowledged his wife. That was adorable.

    I haven't seen Birdman yet, but I just found out today that it's based on a story written by a man who was born in the town I work in! It's a tiny town, so it was kinda cool to hear that. I'll be doing a story about him for this week's issue of the paper.

    I've never really liked Sean Penn and his stupid delay was annoying. I was like 'what the heck.'

    I didn't watch the Red Carpet either so I can't say too much on the fashion. I did like Cate Blanchett's dress though. Or at least what I saw of it. Felicity Jones' was a bit odd… I didn't like the bodice part of it. All the other women's dresses that I remember were either ugly or ridiculous.

    1. I always go back and forth about putting something together. Maybe because what I watch is usually "boring." Same held true for this year, but I'm glad I did. Love getting all of your thoughts. :)

      YES! While I'm glad it came away with one, it deserved more. My logical side was telling me no way would Hollywood let it win best picture, but a part of me hoped.

      Big Hero 6 looks cute.

      Those tattoos did offset her elegant dress… but like you, I thought the performance was lovely! She totally surprised me.

      Eddie's speech was cute! So fun to see and I'm glad he won.

      How cool! The trailers/clips for Birdman just seem like it'd be an odd film. But, hey, what'd I know!? ;)

      I've never liked Sean Penn either. He has some pretty wacky viewpoints I think and I haven't seen many of his films because they don't look that interesting.

      The fashion was pretty "blah," I thought. But then that's been a trend for a while now! I remember the year Anne Hathaway won. Her dress was crazy simple and unattractive. Guess so long as the stars liked their dresses, that's all that matters. (But they should pick something that looks nice on TV!) :D

  2. Oh darn . . . I have not caught up on Oscar news till now (I was studying for a biology test yesterday and besides that I totally forgot the Academy Awards were even on!) and was really rooting for Benedict Cumberbatch to get Best Actor. Oh well. I don't support the gay-premise-thing of The Imitation Game (although I hear there's nothing illicit in it except for references — and it's supposed to be a somewhat historical film) but he's just so exceptionally talented and deserves an Academy Award. Maybe some other time :)

    dance a real

    1. That biology test is pretty important and who needs Oscar news when that's looming!? :)

      I know what you mean, Hannah. Benedict IS a fantastic actor and I'm glad he was nominated. I'd have to see both films to legitimately judge, but I guess I felt Eddie was a good win because, golly, he put a LOT into that role or it would seem so from the trailers. He not only had to act as a normal, emotional role requires, he had to "become" the person he portrayed in a physical sense too. As for The Imitation Game subplot, I hear you. I'm not a fan of that either, but since that's NOT the focus, I'll rent it and hopefully enjoy the time period, acting and "mystery" of the story. :)

      I suspect he will get that Oscar. Or we hope so! :)

  3. I did watch some of the Oscars but I missed the red carpet interviews and the start of the show. I thought Neil Patrick Harris did an okay job hosting. I think the best hosts have been Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal and Hugh Jackman. I didn't watch any of the movies nominated but I wanted to see Boyhood win a few because a 12 year filming schedule is a feat to be celebrated. I thought Margot Robbie looked so beautiful at the Oscars and Anna Kendrick.

    1. I didn't watch the first hour and a half or maybe more, I don't know really. And I watched none of the Red Carpet, but then I usually don't. ;)

      Don't know if I ever saw any of the hosts you mention. I did see Anne Hathaway the year she hosted and know she was criticized badly for it. (Maybe I did see Hugh Jackman…)

      I'll have to look up what Margot Robbie's dress was and yes, I did see Anna Kendrick! She did look lovely – I liked the simplicity of her dress. :)

  4. I got a ton of crocheting done watching the whole show and most of the red carpet then recapped it all this morning with Buzzfeed articles and now yours! :)
    I agree w/you abt Birdman; the predictions were right about it, that it or Boyhood would be cleaning up, but that really was puzzling. Last year's Oscar fashion was en pointe as opposed to this years, agreed…but it was still such a wonderful escape to watch the red carpet and all the famous people so glamorous and dressed up.
    Lady Gaga blew me away with her Sound of Music medley. Neil Patrick Harris was mostly great with a few jokes falling flat but overall his hosting was spot on as usual.
    I agree with you about all the things you liked about the Oscars! LOL Eddie Redmayne was floored to have won; there were a lot of sweet, different speeches, though in my opinion it seemed pretty rife with different politics and agendas thru out the night in the speeches and other things too.
    American Sniper SO should've won more, but it was great that it was nominated and it did win *one*…I just forget which one. And Anna Kendrick made the night for me. :)

    1. I'm glad you got in such a great amount of productivity during the show, Meghan – that's an awesome feeling. And thank you for reading! I'm glad you did and shared your thoughts on the show.

      I don't really "get" the Birdman appeal. In fact until the Oscars, I don't believe I'd heard of it. But, hey, what do I know!? ;)

      I didn't spot anything I loved fashion wise (well, most of the guys looked quite dashing, I will admit). I suppose they felt good about their choices though and I guess that's what matters.

      Me too! I was shocked by Lady Gaga's medley of Sound of Music tunes. So great. It was fun to see Julie Andrews too and seeing the movie be honored.

      You know, I don't think many predicted Eddie winning(?) or maybe he honestly didn't expect to win. Either way, I'm glad he won! It seems like his performance was the most demanding.

      Yes, those speeches. All of them had an agenda (I like how you put that). It's sad, but that's Hollywood for you. :D

      Wish America Sniper had won more, but I'm glad it did nab the one (I think it was an obscure win if I remember).

      Anna Kendrick was great with her part in the opening number. So cute! :)

  5. I don't watch the Oscars anymore, it's just become some liberal love fest and I knew American Sniper would get snubbed for Best Picture. Although when I heard Lady GaGa sang a Sound of Music medley I had to look it up on Youtube. She did a fantastic job and her vocals are right up there with Julie Andrew's. I would have loved to have been around for the Oscars & Grammys during the Golden Era. Those would have been the shows to see.

    1. EXACTLY, Alyssa! It is just that. It's obvious to me more and more each year. Still… I'm odd and watch the end. This year it went ridiculously late!

      For the briefest of moments I thought American Sniper had won because of the whole Sean Penn thing (he wouldn't say the winning movie!), but alas, it didn't make it. Which I did guess.

      Lady Gaga did a spectacular job with the Sound of Music medley! So unexpected and really fun to watch. :)

      Guess we'll have to satisfy ourselves with the oldie movies for our visits to the Golden Era. :)

  6. I gave up on watching the Oscars a couple of years ago. I love the general idea of celebrating and awarding films, but I always want the Oscars to be classy and kind of Old Hollywood…but they aren't anymore. And besides, I usually haven't even seen the films that are nominated. Especially for Best Picture because now apparently all of those have to be rated R, ha. :)

    1. No, no they aren't. It's sad really because like you say, the idea is cool – and probably back at its beginnings, the shows were classy. Alas, now they're anything but.

      LOL, that's true! I'll watch American Sniper when it releases (likely edited because of the language) and will rent The Imitation Game as well. Also, The Theory of Everything just because. :D

  7. They were so long!! I had to look up the last four awards because I recorded the show (had to work–boo) and the DVR cut off at the scheduled end time. I mean, one is understandable; it's a live show. But 40 minutes over? Toooo much.

    I agree about the fashion! I didn't see much of anything I really liked, especially not among those who came on the stage. I think I liked Emma Stone's dress, but I didn't see it well enough really to know.

    LOVED the Sound of Music tribute! I knew Lady Gaga could sing, but that was impressive! The Sound of Music is such a lovely movie–and any excuse to see Julie Andrews being wonderful.

    I'm fine with who won what for the most part, really. Boyhood was kind of boring, so I didn't get why everyone thought it would win so many awards. I think Whiplash was my favorite of the ones I saw, so I was happy to see it win 3. I'm sad about Best Original Score, though. I wanted Alexandre Desplat to win for The Imitation Game or Hans Zimmer. Oh well.

    1. It was crazy long, Rachel… why I don't know. I did think what I watched moved along pretty fast, so I must have missed the "time wasters." ;)

      I sort of remember Emma's and am now going to have to look up a couple I didn't see. (Or don't recall seeing.) But, yeah, overall the fashion seemed boring.

      Me too! I've not heard hardly any of Lady Gaga's songs, so it was nice to know she can indeed song and she did the songs justice, which is awesome. YES! Seeing Julie Andrews was a fun surprise. Love her.

      Haven't seen any of the best picture nominees, so I shouldn't give an opinion, I realize… but I do know my movie tastes pretty well and very few appeal to be honest. Seems odd Hans Zimmer didn't win; that's a popular name and yes, I'd have been glad for The Imitation Game to win as well. That film looks SO good. :)

  8. I didn't watch the Oscars, I used to be so into it (Oscar party, yeah!) but now kids/hubby have squashed that :) Anyway, I did see a GIF of John Travolta caressing Idina Menzel's face and that seemed sort of…weird.

    1. That moment WAS weird, Lis! I forgot about that. They brought him and her back together because of his butchering her name at another award show. And, yeah, their whole presentation was… odd.

      That's fun that you used to have an Oscar party. Sometimes they are fun, but these past few years have been worth missing… or that's my opinion. They're more about an agenda (as Meghan above wisely said) than about spotlighting good filmmaking. :)

  9. Pretty much had the same feelings as you, I also thought it a bit boring. Neil Patrick Harris did do a decent job, though. John Travolta just gave me the creeps. *shiver* Yeah, Sean Penn's announcement was extremely strange. I was pretty disappointed that 'American Sniper' didn't win more…it deserved it! However, Lady Gaga's 'Sound of Music' performance was phenomenal!!!!! Super fun post, Rissi!! :)

    1. *High Five*

      I totally forgot about that John Travolta moment… that was… creepy! I'm not sure what his deal was.

      Sean Penn's hesitation ever-so-briefly made me think American Sniper had won because Hollywood wouldn't want that kind of film to get the Oscar's highest honor, but I'm glad it got something at least.

      That Sound of Music tribute was… lovely! I enjoyed it so very much. :)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bekah! Always fun to chat with ya'. :)

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