Month in Review: March 2015

March 31, 2015 10 Comments

Month in Review: March 2015

March 31, 2015 10 Comments

G’morning, readers. We’ve reached that day on the calendar. Here we have the fifth “month in review” which is set to chronicle some of the blog’s content and various other random things. Today we’re getting ready to turn the page on month three in 2015 (how!?). But enough about that, let’s get this month in review started.


A photo posted by Rissi (@rissi006) on Mar 18, 2015 at 11:18am PDT

1.) Book Shopping: Finally got a chance to go to the bookstore this past month! Picked up a couple YA reads (the Christian fiction section was seriously lacking because I basically own all of the books I want from that genre just now – INSPYs deserve big thanks for that), saw family then ended the day with Starbucks.

2.) Cashew Butter: I am seriously obsessed with this! Like, what’s peanut butter!?

3.) Casting Scoop: Disney is making Beauty and the Beast into a live-action film with Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans set to star. Great cast, right!? But wait, there’s more Disney awesome-ness, I just read yesterday, they are developing Mulan as a live-action re-telling! How awesome.

What say you to that fellow Disney buffs? Throw out any awesome-ness you’d like to share!

4.) Cinderella: I’ve gushed about this quite a lot, so I probably should not bore you all with more… but seriously this film was timeless and in its own way, epic. It’s all kinds of magical – and I enjoyed every beautiful detail.

5.) Dancing with the Stars: Yes, my guilty pleasure show is baaack and with it, more drama. I’m enjoying watching Willow Shields (The Hunger Games) dance with Mark Ballas, who is constantly coming up with creative routines – seriously, their tango last week? Crazy epic. Also enjoying the elegant dancing of Nastia Lukin and Derek Hough, and seeing Noah Galloway. There is an American hero.

What about you: who are you rooting for?

6.) INSPY Awards Update: Today is the LAST day for potential INSPY judges to apply. If you’d like to be considered to join our 2015 INSPY program (as a panel judge), please be sure to get in your applications today. The form will close at the end of the day. Judges will be notified on April 15th.

7.) Younger TV Show: So… a while back I watched the pilot of Younger and in spite of the running jokes (which won’t be funny to everyone), I quite enjoyed it. It’s a kind of fun “girly” show that might appeal to viewers who like Devil Wears Prada or other “workplace,” female-driven comedies. It’s definitely an adult show in comparison to what networks like CW or ABC Family put out, but it also has Hilary Duff, which is fun. Really, it’s just neat to see her (I grew up watching her films) in a more mature, all grown up kind of role. Plus it has Sutton Foster star of the all-too-short Bunheads.

The pilot airs tonight.

(My) Blog Favorites

1.) Annie (2014) – this was one of those “surprise” movie gushes for me. I figured I’d enjoy it, but wasn’t sure I would like it as much as I did. Have you seen this film?

2.) Cinderella (2015) – yep, we’ve established my insane love for this film. ‘Nuff said.

3.) Emily Owens, M.D. – I had way to much fun gushing about this one.

4.) From the Start by Melissa Tagg – one of those delightful reads that you wish you could keep right on reading instead of going about your day. Darn, boring life. *grin*

5.) iZombie – unique and actually quite funny. This is Rob Thomas’ (Veronica Mars) latest project and despite not liking zombie things, I did enjoy the pilot.

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The week of March 23rd – 30th

1.) Top (7) Books from my Childhood
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Silver Petticoat: I was able to review Cinderella for Silver Petticoat this month, which was fabulous fun. Also I put together a “Top List” full of YA dystopian reads, reviewed Love, Rosie (which was really good, but unfortunately had WAY too much profanity), recapped more The Flash and that’s about all there is to it. Today sometime, I am reviewing Rebel Belle, which was really quite fun overall.

That’s the month in review here at Dreaming Under the Same Moon.

Oh, and this is also the LAST day to enter the From the Start book giveaway.

Have any thoughts or favorite finds from the month? Share if you’d like.

Happy April!

Ps; Into the Woods came out last week! Have you seen it or are you going to?
I’m up for more chatting about that Disney tale.

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  • Gidget Girls Reading March 31, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    What a great list, I haven't seen Cinderella we plan to see it over Spring Break which is 2.5 days away! :) We did see Insurgent, don't get me started. Let's just say if Miles Teller wasn't in it I wouldn't have liked anything he saved that movie for my girls and I. There was just so much wrong with it if you loved the book.

    I love Dancing with the Stars, Noah's performance last night was amazing the lifts he does man that guy is so strong. Amazing how Sharna can choreograph all these intense dances and yet Derek didn't do near that with Amy. Oh well I'm not a Derek fan I think they cater to him and give him high scores when sometimes he doesn't deserve them. We are voting for Willow all the way. She is so cute, and a wonderful dancer! Team MarkingJay all the way.

    I put in my application for judging I hope it went through, is there a way I can check? Or can you? I want to be up for consideration.


    • Rissi April 1, 2015 at 11:41 pm

      Hi, Shannon! Always great to have you visit – thanks for the comment. :)

      Yay for Cinderella. I certainly hope that one is better for you ladies than Insurgent. What a bummer you didn't like it. I'm debating whether or not to read the book prior to the DVD release because I've read a LOT of people saying it's vastly different than the book. I hope to read the book first because I tend to be pretty ho-hum about movie adaptations straying from their books… but we'll see! There's always a chance I'd LOVE the book and detest the film. I think on its own, I for certain would love the film. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

      I agree! Noah is awesome so far this season. I enjoy rooting for him just because of what he represents and what he sacrificed to protect America. Sharna is challenged so much this season, yet she's rising to each new dance brilliantly. As for Derek, I agree with you. I do like him, but think sometimes the judges are biased. I am too – voting for Team Markingjay! I often like whoever Derek is paired with, but he gets an INSANE amount of votes, and my lack of voting isn't going to make or break his season run. :)

      We're so glad you applied, Shannon. As for confirming your INSPYs application, I saw your name so it went through without a hitch. We'll be emailing the judges on April 15th if they qualified for this year. :)

  • Ruby Rose Scarlett March 31, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    Cashew butter is amazing, I wholeheartedly concur! You should try adding a bit of nutritional yeast to it for an amazing cheese sauce replacement!
    Cinderella is the best film I've seen all year and I've already seen it six times (no shame in happiness!) I can't wait for Mulan and Beauty and the Beas, how exciting!
    Saw Into the Woods and would have loved to discuss it with you but I was so incredibly bored during it that I'm not sure I could have a proper conversation about the plot! I did think the cinematography was gorgeous.

    Happy April to you!

    • Rissi April 1, 2015 at 11:45 pm

      Hi, Ruby! Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)

      I'm sort of obsessed with cashew butter right now. It's not even funny how much. Who needs peanut butter when there is cashew!? ;) (Thanks for the tip, too!)

      Woo-hoo! Six times is awesome! It's totally worth that… I'm so getting it on Blu Ray and will happily rewatch it dozens of times. :D

      I agree; Mulan and Beauty and the Beast should be lovely! Disney always does a nice job with their live-action films.

      That's okay! I feel quite alone in my adoration of Into The Woods, so I understand people not caring for it. :) It probably was a bit overlong, which never helps anything. I'm looking forward to see it again and discovering if my favorable opinion holds strong. :)

      Happy April – hope it's a great month.

    • Ruby Rose Scarlett April 2, 2015 at 3:19 pm

      Aww I'm so sorry about Into the Woods, perhaps I'll give it another try. I think I might enjoy the musical a lot more, I don't know. The story's very intriguing and I do love fairytale retellings.
      If you could greenlight another fairytale live-action movie, which would you do? I believe there's a Little Mermaid adaptation coming soon directed by Sofia Coppola which I'm very curious about, especially since I really love the aesthetic of her films (very ethereal). I for one would love a brand new tale, something that hasn't been adapted before or not much. I do love The Six Swans.

    • Rissi April 3, 2015 at 7:37 pm

      Nah. It's okay! I just gush about it regardless (Twitter, blog, etc.). ;) My mom liked it well enough, so we've talked about it quite a bit, which is always lovely.

      Ooo, how to answer… what would I want to see re-told next. Hmm… well, I like the idea that Disney is bringing to life Beauty and the Beast and of course, would adore seeing The Little Mermaid re-told! I had forgotten that there was an adaptation in the works. Sofia is a great filmmaker; I think she directed Marie Antoinette, which was lovely to look at. Beyond that, the fairytales that are left are more obscure. Seeing a live action Rapunzel might be fun, but then I do love Tangled. It might also be fun to see Disney take on 'Snow White' since the versions from a couple years ago weren't from them. That being said, I do enjoy both of them.

      A brand-new story/adaptation would be wonderful. Much as I like the traditional fairytales, sometimes something new is more compelling – there hasn't been a live-action version of 12 Dancing Princesses, has there? I'm not familiar with that story, but it might be neat. :)

  • Abbi Hart April 1, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    I'm so happy DWTS is back! I am actually watching this week's episode as I write this! I agree with you about Willow, Nastia, and Noah they are definitely my favs! I am blown away by how well Noah dances!

    • Rissi April 1, 2015 at 11:48 pm

      Noah is awesome, Abbi! He does a really good job in spite of his limitations plus, his dances are nice to watch regardless of his limits. Cheering on Willow, Nastia and Noah! That's a great group of dancers. :)

  • Tressa S April 9, 2015 at 3:02 am

    I have some posts to check out. I missed applying to judge for the INSPY's. :( My computer issues were from February through the middle of March and I think I missed quite a bit. Oh well. Next year. I ended up being surprised by how much I loved Rebel Belle. The second book just arrived in the mail, so I'm looking forward to more of that banter. :) Have a great April!

    • Rissi April 10, 2015 at 5:37 pm

      Bummer. Sorry you missed the INSPYs – and computer issues! Ugh. Those are never fun. My laptop is acting up, but I'm hoping to have some work done on the computer soon (thanks to family), so maybe that'll help. Glad you're back and hopefully with a fixed computer. :)

      Yay! Glad you liked Rebel Belle. I liked some of it, but was disappointed by a few things too (and the whole "effing" joke grew a bit tiresome). Still, I look forward to reading book 2 and continuing on Harper's fun journey. :)

      You too. Wishing you a great April – and thanks for all the fun comments. :)

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