The Flash Season One, 18 Recap


Nearly any superhero show I watch consistently exceeds at doing one thing. Each week my fangirl heart is a little more addicted to the stories, characters and the way the episodes shake out. Sure there are some episodes that don’t work as well – in my opinion, but overall, the show in question (The Flash) is fantastic. Since it’s the only superhero show I’m current with, it’s safe to say my current comic book adaptation “obsession” and last night’s episode was comedic gold! Titled “All Star Team Up,” this one felt “lighter” even with the overhang of Wells evil plans plus it helps that Felicity Smoak was in last night’s episode. the flash season one, 18 recap

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The Flash Season One, 18 Recap. Racapping episode 18 of CW's The Flash. What was your favorite moment? Text © Rissi JC

As usual, I recapped the episode over on Silver Petticoat. If you want to chat up the episode, drop by!

The Flash Season One, 18 Recap. Racapping episode 18 of CW's The Flash. What was your favorite moment? Text © Rissi JC

The Flash All Star Team Up: The Flash Season One, 18 Recap

It’s safe to say the excitement for this week’s episode of The Flash All Star Team Up was off the charts. Seeing Barry and Felicity work together is always a source of amusement. You’ll remember the last episode ended with Barry’s realization that Wells isn’t all he seems. Following that, Barry and Joe trusted Eddie with the secret of Barry’s identity. This week’s episode crosses over with the Atom and hunts up more background on Harrison Wells.

This week opened with a hilarious sequence involving the three guys. Barry, Joe and Eddie pursuing and arresting robbers. But since this is a show about meta-humans, ordinary robbers aren’t Barry’s biggest problem. There is a new villainess stalking Central City. Her first victim is an engineer whose entire body is full of puncture wounds. The weapon of choice turns out to be honey bee venom. Cisco’s reaction is full of fear with a hilarious quote to go with it:

“Y’all, I don’t do bees. I ain’t got time for bees… anyone want to join me in getting a beekeeper suit?”

Barry: “Pretty sure I can outrun a bee.” Read the Recap →

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  1. Love the header! Do you do your own template design – I would love to learn how to create a template from scratch.
    My dad has raved about The Flash, I should really want it. Maybe one of those that is good to binge when the season is over!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Thanks, Missie! It was time for some new colors and a new look. :) I wish! I'd LOVE to know how to create a template from scratch too (share any self-teaching you find.). Right now I just "play" with the coding. I can figure out how to change fonts, colors and some other minor cosmetic things. It probably takes me three times as long as those who are expects, but I like to try and figure the mess that is HTML coding out. ;)

      I hope you do try The Flash sometime. If it's something you think you'd like. There's a lot of awesomeness in each episode, though I would say it'd definitely be a great binge-watch. :)

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