Well. My Thursday just got a little bit brighter. Why, you may ask? Well, I discovered these amazing photos put out to torture us with teasers about the upcoming revival of Gilmore news: gilmore girls revival

Gilmore Girls

Ordinarily, I’m a one-post-a-day kind of girl (unless I’m hosting a giveaway and couple it with my review of said novel). But today, I ran across these photos and my inner TV fangirl freaked out so naturally, I thought I’d share them here. You know, just in case any of you wanted to fangirl freak out with me.

Gilmore Girls Revival EW

The reason for all of this “freaking out” is Netflix’s revival of Gilmore Girls, which I am beyond excited for. I’m not yet done with the original series, but am nonetheless thrilled with the prospect of more quick witted fabulous between our favorite mother-daughter that is Gilmore Girls. According to TV Line’s story, each installment (there are set to be four which will mirror the seasons beginning with winter and ending in the “lusher, warmer, golden-y town” of autumn shades) will run 90 minutes.

I’m not a Netflix user, but let me tell you, if anything will demand that I use this service, it will be returning to the town of Stars Hollow.

Today, I’m share some of this information with you and of course, PHOTOS! If you have any thoughts, opinions or the like, comment down below! I’d love to read them.

EW has an exclusive first look. What’d you think fellow GG fangirls?


TV Fangirl: #GilmoreGirlsRevival Updates, News and Photos. Sharing the TV news: Gilmore Girls Revival images and such! All text © Rissi JC
TV Fangirl: #GilmoreGirlsRevival Updates, News and Photos. Sharing the TV news: Gilmore Girls Revival images and such! All text © Rissi JC
Can we say together now, “awww!”

Photos: EW

This Week’s Cover: The Gilmore Girls are back! via @EW

OK, here we go! Now the comments are yours, friends. Let’s hear all you’d like to add or say. Have any thoughts? Are you excited or annoyed about this revival? Comment below! Happy Thursday, friends.

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    1. Me. Too.

      The good thing about Netflix is, they release the episodes close together meaning we can buy a month subscription and then cancel it. Works for me! :)

  1. Eeeeek! I flipped out when I saw your post in my Blogger feed. Oh, I so cannot WAIT for this reunion! And I love that it goes by the seasons and will end in fall; Stars Hollow has the best autumns! These pictures make me happy. It's almost ridiculous how beautiful this cast is, and how much they don't age. And it looks like maybe Rory is teaching? That's exciting! So can't wait to see the new episodes!

    1. Rory teaching is what I guessed (via this photo) too! But she did want to be a reporter, so… who knows! Maybe she returned to her old classroom for a "career day" type thing too. We'll have to await its unveiling. Oh, the torture.

      Luke + Lorelai = FOREVER! They *need* to end up happy and married. :D

  2. YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!
    OH my gosh I am SO stoked for this. And did you see Melissa McCarthy is going to have a brief appearance in the show as Sookie?????? =D
    *all the fangirl feels*

    1. This sums up all of my FEELS too, Meghan – and yes! I did see Melissa is set to return in one of the episodes(?); so excited. GG just isn't GG without our favorite BESTIE! :) #AllTheFeels

  3. OHHHH I'd only seen the first picture! I'm actually trying not to follow the news too much, because I want to save both my excitement and expectations for when it's actually on, but PICTURES. I also couldn't avoid the news that Melissa McCarthy would be back and I freaked out about that too! It's not Gilmore Girls without Sookie! :D

    1. Right!? This isn't the same GG world without our favorite TV bestie. SO glad Melissa is back, and these PICTURES! Expectations just raised times 100! Cannot wait to see where all of these stories lead. :)

  4. Oh! My heart! So many nostalgic, excited feels come over me as I look at these pictures! At least from the LOOKS of things, they are getting it SO RIGHT. Gah.
    Now I only have to figure out the Netflix issue… because I don't have it… -.-

    1. I like that: nostalgic! Somehow that fits my feels for this show too although I'm a "newbie" to the show. :)

      I agree! If a picture really does speak a thousand words, this new series is getting things SO RIGHT. Cannot wait to see what comes of it.

      I don't use Netflix either. But you can just buy a month subscription so that's probably what I'll do and then I'll cancel it. Glad you came by to share your thoughts, Joni. :)

  5. Aaaahhh! I love that pic of Luke and Lorelai! Those two. All the heart eyes! :D I don't have Netflix so I probably won't get to watch these although I'd sure love to. I've only seen a few episodes of the series, but what I saw I liked. So I'm excited anyway! Even if I don't get to watch it. :)

    1. I love that, Kara – "All the heart eyes!" Yes indeed. This is my reaction too… only I can't insert a heart-eyed smily face emoji. *Heart Eyes*

      I'm so going to buy a month sub to Netflix (whenever these air) and hope it'll work with my perpetually terrible Wi-Fi connection (ah, country life). Sadly I don't see a lot of Netflix series brought to DVD but perhaps with GG popularity, this one will. A girl can hope! :)

      Hope you can see these, Kara – or rather that we both can. :)

    1. Hi, Hope! So nice to meet you. Thanks a bunch for dropping by Finding Wonderland – and I will certainly visit My Road to Perfect Harmony. :)

      Stars Hollow is epic, and they always will be as will Luke and Lorelai. It's a happy day indeed. :)

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