Sherlock TV Teaser: He’s Back


In looking through my Twitter feed (last night) and my dashboard this afternoon, I realize I am woefully behind among the Sherlock groupies. But, since a comic-con Sherlock TV teaser for the upcoming fourth season of Sherlock (BBC TV show) is now out in the world, I couldn’t resist sharing it here. Just in case you haven’t expressed enough fangirl moments. Because if not, feel free to share them here.

Sherlock TV Teaser: He's Back. Getting excited for the upcoming fourth season of BBC's Sherlock! All text © Rissi JC
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Or if you simply want to relive the epicness of this fourth season (What!? Mrs. Hudson telling a person in her house to GET OUT!? Um, sassy) trailer, feel free. We all no this is a teaser worth reliving. Over and over.

We need something besides this Sherlock TV teaser to keep us curious until 2017! I’m right, aren’t I?

Comment all of your thoughts on this teaser! Are you exited? Does the direction this season look good? What do you hope to see? Do you have mixed feelings or no about this contemporary re-make of the Sir. Arthur Conon Doyle classic? Let’s talk all of the thoughts on this fourth season!

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    1. As do I, Kristin. But I do feel like the wait is ALWAYS worth it. If it takes creators and the writer's this long to ensure THIS kind of quality, I do find a way to deal with the wait. ;)

  1. I am in love! I saw the trailer five times in one day and if that doesn't show my love for the show, I also posted the trailer on my blog. Haha.
    Did you see Mary dressed as an assassin?

    1. I AM TOO, Kara Lynn – and thanks for reminding me about the trailer on your blog. I meant to swing by yesterday and comment, and hadn't gotten to that yet. But I will soon.

      As for Mary, YES! How epic is that!? I knew I liked Mary Watson. Such a sassy character. :)

    2. Yes I love Mary! She's up there as my second favorite character (Sherlock being first). She's sassy and yeah, I'm excited to see what she'll bring this round.

    3. As am I. I really liked how they handled her character in the third series. The shifts in who she is, and I adore how Amanda plays it. :)

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