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If you read the title of this blog post and thought, “Wait a minute… didn’t she already publish a TV preview?” Well, yes and no. A couple of weeks ago the Top Ten Tuesday meme asked us to talk all about television shows. This could be anything from our favorite shows of yesteryear to the shows we’re anticipating this coming season, or anything we could dream up. I chose to focus on the shows I’m anticipating, but decided a “proper” (i.e., one that’s less “biased” and more of a complete preview) Fall 2016 TV Preview was in order.

This was inspired partially because I really am a TV nerd. Seriously, I was just thinking the other day about the amount of shows I have started and scolding myself about it. This also creates quite the dilemma for a night owl such as myself. What to do to fill those hours? Do I write, read or watch TV? Sadly, more often than I should, as my arrow hovers over that glorious little iTunes square on my laptop, I click and am lost to my “unwatched” archives of possibilities.

Yes, all this to further demonstrate where I was going: I’m a TV addict.  

The second reason I thought it’d be fun was because of the conversation involved in the comment section of the aforementioned Top Ten Tuesday publication. Since the new seasons of fall premieres are usually lengthy, we’ll jump in to take a look.


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1. American Housewife (ABC) | Katy Nixon  

Premieres October 11th | Comedy about a non-conformist wife and mother trying to fit in a world of “perfect” housewives.  

2. Conviction (ABC) | Hayley Atwell, Eddie Cahill and Shawn Ashmore 

Premieres October 3rd | A former first daughter gone party girl and drug user, is offered a second chance to investigate wrongful conviction cases.     

Fall 2016 TV Preview. Looking at many of the new TV shows of the season! Which are you excited for? All text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

Photo: ABC  

3. Designated Survivor (ABC) | Kiefer Sutherland, Maggie Q 

Premieres September 21st | A low-level cabinet member is suddenly the only surviving man in line for the US Presidency.  

THOUGHTS: Keifer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer is in this. That’s all I need to know.   

4. Notorious (ABC) | Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata 

Premieres September 22nd | Tells the story of a TV producer and DA and the give-and-take of the two different forms of investigating criminal cases.  

THOUGHTS: Though it looks to be ripe with drama, this one does intrigue me. I confess much of this might be because I’m excited to see Piper landing a new TV role. But again, as is sure to be the case with Conviction, all of the sexy over-used
drama tropes might be too much for those of us looking for simplistic stories. Plus, Shondaland is pretty much THE only thing Thursday night viewers are interested in.

5. Speechless (ABC) | Minnie Driver 

Premieres September 21st| A family with a special needs child must deal with the challenges that come as he begins school. 

Fall 2016 TV Preview. Looking at many of the new TV shows of the season! Which are you excited for? All text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com
 6. Bull (CBS) | Michael Weatherly  

Premieres September 20th | Loosely inspired by the life of Dr. Phil, this drama is about a man who can read juries and for his clients, predict the outcome of a trial. 

THOUGHTS: For some reason, I get a bit of a Lie to Me vibe with this one. I don’t think it’s my most anticipated new show of the year, but it’s Michael Weatherley (NCIS), so yeah, the pilot will be watched.

7. MacGyver (CBS) | Lucas Till  Premieres

September 21st | A remake of the classic show. 

8. Frequency (CW) | Peyton List 

Premieres October 5th | Reboots the film (of the same name) starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. This script changes things and makes the child a daughter (who becomes a detective) who
can communicate with her deceased father.  

9. No Tomorrow (CW) |  Tori Anderson   Premieres October 4th | A cautious woman with an average job meets a man who lives every day as if it were his last.

Photo: CW

THOUGHTS: When I first read about this, I didn’t think it’d be anything to pique my interest. But the trailer does look cute, and we need more happy in shows.

10. Lethal Weapon (Fox) | Clayne Crawford  

Premieres September 21st | A “buddy cop” procedural about a veteran cop and his “unhinged” partner. Another remake of a film (of the same name).

11. Pitch (Fox) | Kylie Bunbury

Premieres September 22nd | Chronicles the story of the first female MLB player.  

12. The Good Place (NBC) | Kristen Bell 

Premieres September 19th | A woman tries to assimilate to life in the “good place,” existing between Heaven and hell.  

THOUGHTS: I’m skeptical about this one as someone who has firm belief in what comes after death, but it has Veronica Mars aka Kristen Bell, so I’m willing to give it a fair shot.  

13. This is Us (NBC) | Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia

Premieres September 20th | This is Us is a multi-character story that connects a series of people born on the same day. 

THOUGHTS: Though I will probably watch the pilot, if my assumptions of this one are proven correctly, this one is going to be too sad to stick with. But the allure of seeing “Jess” as a responsible dude? Yeah, that appeals.  

14. Timeless (NBC) | Matt Lanter  | Tells the story of a group of people who travel back in time to ensure our most precious moments in history aren’t erased.  

THOUGHTS: This looks exactly like my kind of show though last year, I wasn’t wowed by Legends of Tomorrow, so maybe my only time-travel show will remain Doctor Who.  

13. The Crown (Netflix) | Claire Foy, Matt Smith 

Premieres November 4th | Chronicles the life of a young Queen Elizabeth II.   

Photo: Netflix    

14. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Netflix) | Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel

Premieres November 25th | A series of four installments catching fans up with the beloved Gilmore women, Lorelai and Rory,
along with the men in their life.   

Photo: Netflix  

THOUGHTS: Oy, with the poodles already! Let’s get this return to Stars Hollow started.

15. Van Helsing (SYFY) | Kelly Overton  

Premieres September 23rd | Remakes the comic legend with a female “Van Helsing” in Vanessa Helsing. 


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC); The Catch (ABC); Dr. Ken (ABC); Grey’s Anatomy (ABC); Once Upon a Time (ABC); Blue Bloods (CBS); Elementary (CBS); Hawaii Five-O (CBS); NCIS (CBS); Scorpion (CBS);  Arrow (CW); Jane the Virgin (CW); iZombie (CW); Supergirl (CW); The Mindy Project (Hulu); The Blacklist (NBC); Blindspot (NBC); Longmire (Netflix); Poldark (PBS); Younger (TVLand); and many more! 


Fall 2016 TV Preview. Looking at many of the new TV shows of the season! Which are you excited for? All text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

Katherine Heigl in “Doubt” | Photo: CBS

Time After Time (ABC) with Josh Bowman; Doubt (CBS)with Katherine Heigl; 24: Legacy (Fox); A.B.P (NBC) with Justin Kirk; Emerald City (NBC); and more!

There are some shows I didn’t include, of this I am aware. But I hope this is a decently well-rounded look at what’s about to invade our TV screens. I don’t mind telling you, I’m quite excited about several of these. (Plus my family got a new telly, so yeah, let’s get this big(ger) screen TV party started.)

Now that I’ve expressed all of my (extra) chatty thoughts, let’s hear yours. Comment down below with the shows you’re excited for and the why. Which of these would you like to see reviewed? Or any thoughts you have. I’d love to read them.

Thank you for visiting! Come back soon.

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  1. SO many shows. So little time. ;)
    Hayley Atwell's I'll give a fair chance because. It's Hayley Atwell and she is one of very few girl crushes of mine. ;) This is Us–same page as you with Jess. ;) And Mandy Moore's always a favorite. Plus there's a guy in there from Army Wives so…I'll probably stick it out. ;)
    I hadn't heard of The Crown! THAT looks incredibly intriguing.

    1. Right! This is my constant debate time after time, Meghan – and in my mind I keep telling myself: "NO! You do not need another show." Yeah, that hardly works.

      Same. I'm not sure I'll "deal" with the drama of Conviction and Notorious but I'll give the first 2-3 episodes a chance because I like Hayley and Piper.

      Also, The Crown, so much yes! Very much looking forward to that one. :)

      Glad you shared your excitement, Meg. Hope you're doing well. :)

  2. I just watched Designated Survivor last night and I think it was pretty good so far so I will tune in again next week.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. I really liked Designated Survivor, Merry. There was something really well made about it – plus I like Keifer Sutherland. :) Hope you continue to enjoy!

  3. Goodness, there are a lot of new TV shows I was not aware of! I am most excited for the new season of Longmire, but I have to say, The Crown looks pretty intriguing too.

    1. Longmire is one of my favorites, Kate. It's SO good, and the acting is perfectly played. I agree. The Crown sounds and looks amazing. Hope you find something new to enjoy – and as always, thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. I watched the pilot of This Is Us last week and loved it! I also caught MacGyver and realized halfway through that I wasn't paying any attention. So I think I can take that one off my list! I'm intrigued by Pitch, I loved Frequency the movie and have high hopes for the show, and I can't wait to try out Timeless–I adore a good time travel show! (I agree somewhat about Legends of Tomorrow–I loved certain aspects of the show, but the main "kill Vandal Savage" plot did nothing for me.)

    And of course, Gilmore Girls. Always Gilmore Girls.

    1. I saw the This is Us pilot too, Becky. Surprisingly, I did like it. (A review is planned for tomorrow.) Uh-oh. That's no fun! I'm planning to watch the McGyver pilot soon (I downloaded it) and hopefully will find it's entertaining if nothing else.

      I'm curious about Pitch too (another one I have waiting to watch) and Frequency. I never saw the film (or not that I remember), but I like this genre of shows.

      Timeless promises to be good although I am a tiny bit skeptical because of my so-so 'Legends' reaction. But I suspect it'll surpass that. :)

      GG = epic. There's something about that show that never gets old.

      Glad you shared your thoughts, Becky. Thanks for visiting! :)

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