Fall 2018 TV: Exciting & New TV is Here


Fall 2018 TV | Exciting & New TV is Here

When autumn rolls around, much of the buzz surrounding its arrival belongs to fashion. The trends, and the excitement of pulling out our favorite boots and scarves. But while all of this and pumpkin spice is all well and good, one of the seasonal things I get most excited for is NEW TV!

That’s right, as we enter a new season in which the weather changes, we also enter a new season of TV premieres.

To be honest, most of these will be shows I’ll likely watch an episode or two of, and forget about. Really, this probably isn’t a bad thing considering all of the shows I’m currently watching. Some of which I watch more faithfully than others, while there are some I am way (like multiple seasons) out of the loop on. Oh, and I’m still TV fangirl bitter over the cancellation of my 2017 favorite, The Brave. Just keeping it real.

But let’s shift our focus back to the new (and upcoming!) TV premieres. I’m excited about a few from this list (even with many buckling to PC pressure), and those I am excited about, well I do so hope they live up to these expectations. Since today is return or premiere day for many shows, and many more to follow them up during the week, it seems today is the perfect day to share Finding Wonderland’s annual preview.

Fall 2018 TV | Exciting & New TV is Here!

Let’s have a look at (some of) the fall 2018 TV line up! The shows are sorted by premiere date, and then, A-Z. 

1: Magnum P.I. (CBS)
September 24

Yes, I know this one isn’t getting good buzz (or I read one article that downgrades it). What can I say? Yes, I’ll own up to the fact that I watched the entire original run. Yes, I’ll admit I’m excited about this one. Why? Well a: because CBS has an amazing track record when it comes to re-boots and b: because I love a feel-good (maybe sometimes silly) TV show. 

2: Manifest (NBC)
September 24
Fall 2018 TV
Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC/Warner Brothers

This contemporary set story has sci-fi vibes. It centers on a plane that takes off, only to land on a date that’s five years later. Intriguing or a no-go? What’s your verdict. PS: Josh Dallas of Once Upon a Time shares a starring credit. 

3: FBI (CBS)
September 25
Fall 2018 TV Preview
Photo: CBS

Follows the New York F.B.I office in what I hope is a well-plotted drama. The cast is mostly (to me) unknowns, so that makes the idea of this one more interesting. Plus, this is a Dick Wolf production. 

4: Single Parents (ABC)
September 26

I’m not a sitcom person, but this is one of those shows I’ll likely watch the pilot of – just for giggles. I’ve found that I really do like American Housewife (it’s my I-just-want-to-laugh TV binge), which makes me think this should might be one I can interchange with ‘Housewife.’ 

5: All American (CW)
October 10

Rumored to have a kind of Friday Night Lights (random fact: I’ve never seen this one) vibe, this teen drama introduces us to a high school kid raised by a single mother. As a talented football player, he’s recruited by a tough coach, and this one is also loosely inspired by NFL player, Spencer Playsinger. Where the story will go from here is anyone’s guess. 

6: Charmed (CW)
October 14
Fall 2018 TV Preview
Photo: CW

A re-boot of the 90s TV show, this one will follow the same three-woman plot pattern, but this is where the similarities end. This show has all the markings of a “diverse” story by introducing viewers to three very different personalities. 

7: The Rookie (ABC)
October 16

Nathan Fillion is back on our TV screens in this new cop show. Though by the looks of the promos, this will be a very different role for him (he previously starred in Castle). In this he plays a man who decides, at an older age, to become a cop. 

8: Legacies (CW)
October 25
Fall 2018 TV Preview
Photo: CW

A fantasy series about a girl who discovers she comes from a long line of vampires! Legacies is a kind of spin off  or continuation of the Vampire Diaries world. 

9: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)
October 26

Just in time for Halloween, Netflix revives the story of a favorite TV witch, only this time, her stories take a dark turn. Needless to say, I suspect if you grew up watching the Melissa Joan Hart version, these will differ greatly.

MORE NEW TV | God Friended Me (CBS) September 30; Homecoming (Amazon Prime) November 2; The Kids are Alright (ABC) October 16; A Million Little Things (ABC) September 26; Murphy Brown (CBS) September 27; New Amsterdam (NBC) September 25

RETURNING SHOWS | American Housewife (ABC) September 26; Arrow (CW) October 15; Blindspot (NBC) October 12; Blue Bloods (CBS) September 28; Bull (CBS) September 24; Chicago Fire (NBC) September 26; Chicago Med (NBC) September 26; Chicago P.D. (NBC) September 26; Criminal Minds (CBS) October 3; Dancing with the Stars (ABC) September 24; The Flash (CW) October 9; Gifted (Fox) September 25; The Good Doctor (ABC) September 24; The Good Place (NBC) September 27; Hawaii Five-O (CBS) September 28; Last Man Standing (Fox) September 28; Lethal Weapon (Fox) September 25.

MacGyver (CBS) September 28; Midnight Texas (NBS) October 26; NCIS (CBS) September 25; NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) September 30; NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) September 25; Poldark (ITV) September 30; The Resident (Fox) September 24; Seal Team (CBS) October 3; Splitting Up Together (ABC) October 16; Supergirl (CW) October 14; S.W.A.T (CBS) September 27; This is Us (NBC) September 25; and MANY more!

Tell me, what #FallTV are you loving!? I want to add it to my list of possible-shows-to-check out. Fall 2018 TV | Exciting & New TV is Here Click To Tweet

Tell me, which of these are you most excited for? Did I miss the one you’ve made DVR space for? Comment below with all of your favorite TV obsessions – current or upcoming. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  1. I just watched the pilot episode of Manifest and LOVED IT! I read one review that said it was Lost minus the good parts, but I really liked it :-) I never watched the original Magnum PI, so I don’t have any love for the franchise, but I decided to give the remake a try last night … and about halfway through, I realized I wasn’t paying a bit of attention, so I turned it off. And I CANNOT WAIT for The Rookie :-)

  2. I want to watch Magnum PI, I think it sounds great! But then I’m kind of a fan of the old show too. :) I’m hoping for good things from season 2 of The Gifted as well.

  3. The pilot for Manifest was pretty great – I know I’ll be back for more. I also watched the Magnum PI reboot pilot – it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. There were a few new elements that I liked, but some I really didn’t care for. I can say though that I’m interested in a crossover with H50 – in fact the Medical Examiner from that show appears in the new pilot.

  4. To be perfectly honest, the only new TV Show I’m actually looking forward to with any kind of excitement is ‘Roswell, New Mexico’. Having seen a fair amount of the original show Roswell, I’m really loving the different approach they’ve taken with this version, and am anticipating having a wonderful new romance on my hands to swoon over! When it comes to returning shows, again I only really have one I’m all jazzed about, and that’s, of course, Outlander Season 4.

    My current TV obsession is the latest season of Chesapeake Shores, and I am really loving it; it just seems to keep getting better and better, though I am a little, scratch that, a LOT anxious for the last two episodes. I swear, if it doesn’t end with Abby and Trace becoming happily engaged, and Kevin and Sarah still together, I will be heavy with disappointment.

    Lastly, I’m not sure whether you remember the discussion we had a while ago in the comments section of one of your Hallmark film review posts about the idea of me starting my own blog, but I just wanted to let you know I have since finally created one! I also wanted to thank you for your advice and encouragement in this area; it’s been a real blessing!

    Kirsty (aka Eleanor Rose) recently posted: BBC’s The Musketeers – Part 2 of 3
    1. I only recently saw the’Roswell’ news. I’ve actually only seen a couple of episodes of the original, so I don’t know if I’ll watch this one or not. I think that one comes on mid-season – at which point, I’ll share another TV preview. :)

      I love a good romance to swoon over. It’s my favorite.

      I am SO behind with ‘Cheasapeake.’ But it remains one of my very favorite shows! Like you I am 110% rooting for Trabby, though I don’t think I’ve met Sarah. Yet. Cannot wait to watch up!

      AWESOME!! Congrats on starting a blog (and yes, I do remember). That’s wonderful. I so look forward to seeing what you write and put together. Also, I just recently noticed there were a few Hallmark comments from you that I didn’t reply to (on prior reviews). My apologies. Somehow these comments slipped past my notice.

  5. Manifest looks quite interesting! That’s one I will probably check out soon. And of course, Sabrina- I love how dark it looks. I am sure I’ll watch The Walking Dead when it returns because I am a glutton for punishment. But honestly most of my faves seem to be mid-season shows, so I suppose I will be more excited when spring rolls around!

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