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When autumn rolls around, this is the small screen entertainment industry’s playground. It’s the time of year when every. Not to be outdone by its shining sister the winter TV 2019 season or formally known as “midseason,” TV also has some newbies on the way.

That’s right, as we enter a new season in which the weather changes, for us binge-watchers, this means new TV shows to discover.

To be honest, same as goes for the fall TV season, I’ll repeat what I said then: most of these will be shows I’ll likely watch an episode or two of, and forget about. Really, this probably isn’t a bad thing considering all of the shows I’m currently watching. Some of which I watch more faithfully than others, while there are some I am way (like multiple seasons) out of the loop on.

But let’s shift our focus back to the new (and upcoming!) TV premieres. I’m excited about a few from this list (even with many buckling to PC pressure), and of those I am excited about, well I do so hope they live up to these expectations. Since today is return or premiere day for many shows, and many more to follow them up during the week, it seems today is the perfect day to share Finding Wonderland’s little preview.

Grab your favorite warm drink, cozy blanket and find that favorite spot on the couch! It’s time for midseason TV. Let’s have a look at (some of) the winter 2019 TV line up! The shows are sorted by premiere date, and then A-Z.

Winter TV 2019 Preview

1: Roswell: New Mexico (CW) – January 15th

For many, Rosewell was a kind of cult following show they “grew up” with. Unless you count my seeing an episode or two from iTunes last year as a viewer (I don’t), then I don’t really know anything about this. Some of the original cast is in this re-boot though, so I’m sure fans are in for a treat.

2: A Discovery of Witches (Sundance Now) – January 17th

Winter TV 2019

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, this one co-stars Teresa Palmer with Matthew Goode (of Downton Abbey) in a story about a woman who is both historian and witch. When she accesses deep dark secrets, she must seek help from someone quite unexpected.

3: I Am the Night (TNT) – January 28th

Winter TV 2019

Chris Pine leads the case in this new series that sounds eerie, and as if it’ll have the typical TV-MA drama “tag” from TNT. It follows a disgraced reporter and an orphan teenage girl who team up in order to uncover the secrets of her birth.

4: Proven Innocent (Fox) – February 15th

This one follows a legal team who take on wrongful conviction cases. Not sure I’m really in the mood for another legal drama, but then again, I’ve also not found one I like so well as the long-since cancelled JAG, so maybe between this and The Code, I’ll find one this year.

5: The Enemy Within (NBC) – February 25th

Morris Chestnut plays an FBI agent who’s paired with a notorious traitor in order to catch a “most wanted” spy.

 6: Whiskey Cavalier (ABC) – February 27th

An FBI agent and tough-as-nails CIA operative team up to form an inner-agency, specialized unit who work together to fight

7: The Village (NBC) – March 12th

This one looks as if it wants to try and capitalize on people’s adoration for This is Us. It’s about a group of varying Brooklyn residents who live together in an apartment building and form unique bonds, all of which tend towards familial.

8: The Fix (ABC) – March 18th

Robin Tunney (The Mentalist) returns to TV as a DA who’s career ending case loss sends her to a quiet Washington town. But when the A-list actor who she wasn’t able to prosecute is accused of murder (again), she’s lured back to LA. With a producer who worked on the OJ Simpson trial, I suspect this one will be loosely based on real facts. Plus, I’m excited to see Robin in something again, and Marc Blucas co-stars alongside a recurring role for Molly Quinn (Castle).

9: In the Dark (CW) – April 4th

According to its mini summary, this new drama is about a young “blind woman [who] tries to solve her friend’s murder.” Sounds like it might be a little eerie at times, but also interesting…?

10: The Code (CBS) – April 9th

Winter 2019 TV

A military legal drama that I’d love to see piggy-back off of the success of JAG! A courtroom drama that centers on the military always makes the genre more interesting. It also doesn’t hurt that CBS does a bang up job with military stories. (And yes, I did watch JAG on DVD and became addicted to Army Wives later on, too.) PS: Anna Wood will co-star who some may remember from the short-lived Reckless.

11: The InBetween (NBC) – UNKNOWN

 Following in Medium’s footsteps (or this is the feeling I get – I never did watch the show), this one is about a woman who can communicate with the dead. Because of this, she assists the NYPD with their case load. Arrow’s Paul Blacktorn co-stars.

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MORE NEW TV | Timeless (NBC finale movie) aired December 20; Schooled (ABC) January 9; Fam (CBS) January 10; Carmen Sandiego (Netflix) January 18; The Red Line (CBS) April 28.

RETURNING SHOWS | A.P. Bio (NBC) March 9; The Blacklist (NBC); Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC) January 10; Good Girls (NBC) March 10; Gotham (Fox); Jane the Virgin (CW); The Magicians (SyFy) January 23; Ransom (CBS) February 16; Red Line (CBS); Shadowhunters (Freeform) January 25; Star Trek: Discovery (CBS) January 17; Suits (USA Network) January 23; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) January 25; Victoria (ITV) January 13; and MANY more!

Tell me, which of these winter TV 2019 shows are you most excited for? Did I miss the one you’ve made DVR space for? Comment below with all of your favorite TV obsessions – current or upcoming. I’d love to know your thoughts. 

Thank you for visiting; please come back soon!

ps: please excuse the “disorder.” you can read more about Finding Wonderland’s changes, new follow options and why archive posts are a royal mess in my “Disorder + Feedback” post!

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  1. Thanks for writing another one of these posts… they’re always so much fun! Out of the shows you listed, I discovered (haha) A Discovery of Witches just before Christmas, and have officially been obsessed with it ever since ?

    I’ve also seen the pilot for Roswell, as well as a few episodes of the original… although they do change a number of things, Max is still 110% the best thing about both of them, so I’ll continue to watch the reboot with interest, and hopefully it’ll just keep getting better!

    While The Enemy Within and Whisky Cavalier both look moderately interesting, I’ve had my eye on Proven Innocent for MONTHS now, and am psyched it looks set to finally premiere, so thank you for that bit of news!! Also thank you for making me aware of the existence of The Code; that is definitely a show now firmly on my radar to check out.

    One show I noticed didn’t make your list is the BBC’s miniseries adaptation of Les Miserables, which for an adaptation with no singing has been amazing so far, with my excitement level for the second half way up there!!

    1. Thank YOU for reading this, and the comment, Kristy. I enjoy putting these together, but am never sure they’re of much interest. :)

      AHHH! I’m so excited to know you liked ‘Witches.’ It’s not really my kind of show (never been “into” vampires, werewolves or witches), but I do feel like I want to give this one a chance. Despite the fact I won’t read the book first. I’ve heard new Roswell Max is a swoony hero (we can never have too many of these); I plan to give Proven Innocent along with most of these a fair chance; and The Code is one I’m SUPER excited about! I know it won’t capture the same story quality as JAG, but interest is piqued. Hopefully we’ll both find a few to enjoy.

      Glad Les Miserables is good so far (and you’re right; I did forget to add that one). I’ll watch it, but I was so disappointed by the musical that the story has kind of lost its appeal. Although to be fair, it probably wasn’t my favorite to start with because it’s darker.

      Appreciate your thoughts and fellow fangirl excitement!!

  2. I had been waiting to watch A Discovery of Witches for MOOOONTHS and binged the whole thing the evening it came out in the US! Matthew Goode has been and always will be such a BAAABE!
    Also really enjoying the new Rosewell!
    Can’t wait for I am the Night, and I always watch new CW shows – they can be so hit or miss but they’ve put up some amazing programming lately so def gonna give it a chance! Love this post!

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