Summer 2019 TV: Treasure Hunts, New Comedy & A Marshmallow!


It’s no secret I’m something of a TV junkie. If it’s a crime drama (the favorites are always those with a sense of humor) or more recently, a good comedy, I’m all in. Thus this is the reason why I always like to share a seasonal TV preview. The most recent is a Summer 2019 TV Preview.

As I looked up what was appearing this year, I was surprised by the results. Unless you’re a game show person (I’m not), there are very few new shows appearing this year. Network TV has slim pickings (some of which are already airing, too), which is why I share an additional few from streaming services.

Summer 2019 TV

Nonetheless, I did gather a few options. Some I’ll watch, others I’ll probably watch one episode of, and never return, and then others still, I likely won’t give any time to.

Summer 2019 TV Preview

1: Blood and Treasure – airing now (CBS)

Haven’t had the chance to give this one a shot yet, but it sounds WAY fun. Think National Treasure.

2: The InBetween – airing now (NBC)

Watched the first episode of this, and it’s not at all what I thought it’d be. It follows a girl with physic powers. She works with her foster father (who’s a detective) in trying to solve his cases. The series also introduces a new detective transplant from the west coast. But the big off-putting thing for me is that this one gets a little too horror-like for me. Is it creepy? No, but it’s just on the verge of being so.

3: Grand Hotel – June 17 (ABC)

This is one of those that I may watch an episode of, and never return to. There’s  a time and place for soapy TV shows, but right now, I’m just not that into it. It’s about a family who owns a hotel dynasty and seems to be given a kind of “upstairs downstairs” treatment between the wealthy (or owners) and the staff.

4: Reef Break – June 20 (ABC)

Poppy Montgomery returns to TV as a ‘fixer’ who has a past as a thief. She now answers to the governor, and will presumably, run into a detective (and even her FBI ex!). This one seems to have the breeziness of shows like The Catch, which was also a summer attempt for ABC.

5: The Rook – June 30 (STARZ)

Sounds as if this sci-fi story will have a bit of the superhero element to its plot, which will follow a woman plagued by abilities she doesn’t know how to handle. Of course, there’s also “shadowy” adversaries trailing her! Note: because of its network, this will likely be a TV-MA rating.

6: Veronica Mars – July 26 (Hulu)

Summer 2019 TV

Ah, VERONICA MARS! The wait for the return of this iconic character and company is almost over. I don’t subscribe to Hulu, but you’d better believe for one month, I will be a subscriber to watch all the ‘marshmallow’ goodness. The only thing I’m “worried” about is that this one is said to be dark. Please don’t be too dark! Still… the marshmallow is back! Note: This could be a TV-MA rating.

7: Four Weddings and a Funeral – July 31 (Hulu)

Never seen the film of the same name, but my understanding is that this one is going to be a kind of TV version of the story. Could be fun, or it could be something that bombs. Note: This could be a TV-MA rating.

8: BH902010 – August 7 (Fox)

This is a kind of revival of the show 90210. Since I never watched the original, I have no attachment or excitement to give to this one. Anyone else?

9: Carnival Row – August 30 (Amazon Prime)

I suspect this is Amazon’s most fantastical story yet. Its set to tell the story of “immigrant” mythical creatures who are, basically, forbidden everything (to live, love or be free). Orlando Bloom has the male lead and Cara Delevingne the female lead role. Note: This will likely be a TV-MA rating.

ALSO NEW*: LA’s Finest (Spectrum Originals); Pearson (USA Network); Pennyworth (Epix); and more!

RETURNING SHOWS*: America’s Got Talent (NBC); Animal Kingdom (TNT); Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark); Elementary (CBS); Endeavour (PBS); Frankie Drake Mysteries (Ovation/PBS); Good Trouble (Freeform); Good Witch (Hallmark); Grantchester (PBS); The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu); Harlots (Hulu); Jamestown (PBS); The Outpost (CW); Suits (USA Network); Younger (TV Land); and more!

*Check listings for times / premiere dates

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What are you anticipating? Is there a new show you cannot wait to discover or are you most excited for the return of a favorite? Tell me all of your TV thoughts – and recommend all the good shows down below. I’m curious.

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  1. My husband and I used to love watching summer mini-series, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much to choose from this summer! We are watching Blood & Treasure, and it’s not too bad. I might also try Grand Hotel.

    1. Right? I have this same thought, Angela. I do want to try “Blood & Treasure,” which I think could be fun. I’ll probably watch “Grand Hotel” (pilot), but I doubt I’ll stick with it. It’s just too soapy for me; or it seems to be. ;) Let me know if you’ve seen it and what you thought!

  2. While Blood & Treasure, Veronica Mars, and Reef Break are the shows I’m most excited for, I’m also very much looking forward to seeing how Sidney Chambers exits Grantchester and meeting his successor.

    Also, although shows such as Grand Hotel are normally not my cup of tea, I’m curious to see how well they’ve adapted it from the original Spanish Gran Hotel, which I absolutely ADORE.

    1. I’m SO sad Sidney is leaving “Grantchester.” Love he and the detective together. I don’t think I’m going to love the way he leaves, but am hopeful I’ll still enjoy the rest of this season. Let me know what you think if you see it!

      I’m just not a fan of “soapy” dramas like “Grand Hotel” promises. In period drama I don’t seem to care though. ;) Still I’ll give it a chance (did you see it?). Despite the praise I never did watch “Gran Hotel.” I just cannot get past not understanding the conversation and trying to keep up with the emotions/expressions and subtitles. Glad you like it; it looks breathtaking. :)

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