4 of the Reasons ‘The Little Mermaid Live!’ Could Be Awesome!


Do you like Broadway shows – or musicals? Chances are, many of us have seen at least one stage show, if not on Broadway, than maybe a high school play. I know I have seen countless local shows, and even if I haven’t been dazzled by the lights or Broadway, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the shows I’ve seen. I’ve also seen a number of live shows from the comfort of my own living room, and this is, without question (at least one of) the best way to enjoy the experience. The latest beloved story to add a ‘live’ TV production to their name is Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Live!

That’s right, after dancing in poodle skirts, singing at the top of a hill that alive and experiencing the wonder of a place where no one grows up, the Wonderful World of Disney is set to present, The Little Mermaid.

This is something I had no clue existed until a few days ago. Needless to say, I feel quite out of the loop.

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The Little Mermaid

Nonetheless, I cannot let this pass by without fangirl-ing a little bit about this one. Since I don’t know much about it, I don’t feel equipped to talk a lot about the production, plus I purposely have not gone out and read all the articles Google brings up because I wanted to write thoughts on what I know independent of what the “in the know” entertainment outlets report.

While the promotional material underwhelms (me), I’m still interested. So far, the promos make it seem a little “goofy,” as if we won’t be able to take the story seriously. In some sense this fits with the plot, but in another, I still want to be able to take the story in as a serious creative study (if this makes sense?), while also enjoying its brand of humor.

Here’s four of the reasons I’m curious (and excited!) about this new production based on what I know from independent discoveries.

4 Reasons Why ‘The Little Mermaid Live!’ Could Be Awesome!

1: The Cast

Though veterans like John Stamos (Full House and Fuller House) and Queen Latifah will play Chef Louis and Ursula, respectively, what I like about this lead cast is that its newcomers.

The Hawaiian born 19-year-old Auli’i Cravalho will play Ariel. Though new to the scene, I’m sure Cravalho can sing as she played the voice of the titular lead in Moana. Now staying with her first Hollywood role studio, she returns to Disney to play an iconic character. I quite like going in having no expectation of the leading lady. Graham Phillips will also play Prince Eric, who again, is more newcomer than not though he did have a run on CBS’ The Good Wife.

little mermaid live

2: The Creativity

Seeing as how this is a story that takes place, partially, “under the sea,” I’ll be interested to see how the creative team stages this.

3: The Music

Since an important part of this story is the music, to experience these new recordings, with new vocalists, should be be fun. I’m curious if this will be exclusivity the songs from the 80s movie we already know, or if some new numbers will be added.

little mermaid live

4: The Timeless Story

Whether or not you’re a Disney fan, I suspect we all know the story of the curious girl. The fact that we’re being treated to a live (TV) version of the story is quite exciting. Here’s hoping we experience all the same nostalgic feelings.

The Little Mermaid: Live! will air on ABC November 5th.

In the meantime, relive the classic 1989 Disney original, The Little Mermaid, currently available digitally on Amazon Video.

4 Reasons Why ‘The Little Mermaid Live!’ Could Be Awesome! Talking about the ABC production of #Disney's Little Mermaid. Click To Tweet
4 Reasons Why ‘The Little Mermaid Live!’ Could Be Awesome! Talking about the ABC production of Disney's Little Mermaid. Text © Rissi JC

Tell me, did you know about this production? Are you excited or no? Will you be tuning in? Comment down below with your thoughts on the cast, music, story, or anything goes!

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  1. I only just found out about this a couple days ago, too! I didn’t realize that was the girl from Moana, so that’s cool. I kind of got the impression that the movie would be playing and then the live action would just cut in for parts of it? I could be very wrong about that, though!

    1. You’re probably right! I haven’t looked into it prior to writing this because I didn’t want to take in opinions before I wrote this up, and after this, I just never took a look at what the people in the know say. :)

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