All of the New 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance Movies!


If you see this headline and think, here we go again! This is old news, well, you’d be 100% right. This is old news, but when its about things we cover here, I have the mentality of its “never too late” to share all the fun things. So in celebration of how I feel about the news from earlier this week that shares this new 2020 Hallmark Christmas movie line-up, I decided to share anyway.

MOVIE NEWS | Movie News! What we Know about the ‘Finding You’ Romance

Another reason why I hesitated whether or not to share these is because I also share a monthly schedule for Hallmark’s new debuts. But, then again, like I said, when it’s about fangirl-y things, can we ever talk about these things too much? (We can probably make an argument either way, but I’ll go with no for the purpose of today’s publication.) I will not go into any great detail about any one of these because that will happen in our monthly previews (I like to break them up that way so I have a smaller post that can focus in more on each new premiere; plus, guys, this is a LOT of format work.)

Across their two channels, Hallmark Channel and Movies and Mysteries, the network has almost 40 new 2020 Christmas movie line-up that is in the works. Oh, and sometimes they add on a bonus title or two, so who knows! Anything can happen. Until we learn more, here are those titles, all of which begins October 24 (!!).

[Almost 40] New 2020 Hallmark Christmas Movie Line-Up


Hallmark does sometimes alter their schedule. While I do make every effort to be accurate of the dates of these premieres, sometimes things shift which will change or remove some titles from their lineup. I will try and keep up to date on any changes, and if I catch any, I will make note of it here. Check local listings for specific times.

Jingle Bell Bride (Saturday, October 24)

STORY: Based on the novel of the same name, the plot of which I haven’t a clue. Stars: Julie Gonzalo (“Supergirl”) and Ronnie Rowe Jr. (“Star Trek: Discovery”)

Chateau Christmas (Sunday, October 25)

STORY: Tells the story of a pianist who returns, and of course, finds her former sweetheart in her hometown. Stars: Merritt Patterson (“Picture a Perfect Christmas”) and Luke Macfarlane (“Just Add Romance”)

One Royal Holiday (Saturday, October 31)

STORY: Another sweet “royal romance” about an ordinary girl showing a prince her Christmas traditions. Stars: Laura Osnes (“In the Key of Love”), Aaron Tveit (Les Miserables), Krystal Joy Brown (“Sydney to the Max”), Victoria Clark (“Homeland”) and Tom McGowan (“Everybody Loves Raymond”)

On the 12th Date of Christmas (Sunday, November 1)

STORY: A story about “incompatible” game designers! Stars: Mallory Jansen (“Shooter”) and Tyler Hynes (“The Mistletoe Secret”)

Thoughts: Love that this one features one of my favorite leading men, and a new-to-Hallmark face. Hoping this one is as fun as it sounds.

Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater (Saturday, November 7)

STORY: Based on a novel, this one is about a single mom and an unexpected houseguest. Stars: Ashley Williams (“The Jim Gaffigan Show”) and Niall Matter (“Christmas at Dollywood”)

THOUGHTS: Not wild about this entire cast, but this title just sounds darling, right?

Christmas with the Darlings (Sunday, November 8)
All of the New 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance Movies! A look at the long list of new 2020 Hallmark Christmas movie line-up. © Rissi JC

STORY: Law returns as a woman about to change jobs, only to end up helping her former bosses younger brother. Stars: Katrina Law (“Arrow”) and Carlo Marks (“Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday”)

Christmas in Vienna (Saturday, November 14)
All of the New 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance Movies! A look at the long list of new 2020 Hallmark Christmas movie line-up. © Rissi JC

STORY: Another musical story, this time about a violinist who finds “inspiration.” Stars: Sarah Drew (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Brennan Elliott (“Crossword Mysteries”)

A Timeless Christmas (Sunday, November 15)

STORY: A man travels from the 1900s where he finds his mansion now the location for tours! Stars: Ryan Paevey (“Christmas at the Plaza”) and Erin Cahill (“Love, Fall & Order”)

Thoughts: This plot sounds, for Hallmark, super unique.

A Nashville Christmas Carol (Saturday, November 21)

STORY: Features a woman who works as a producer of an upcoming country Christmas special, and the childhood sweetheart who re-enters her life. Stars: Jessy Schram (“Country at Heart”), Wes Brown (“Christmas at Graceland”), Wynonna Judd (The Judds), Sara Evans (“Nashville”), RaeLynn (“The Voice”), Kix Brooks (“Home by Spring”), Kimberly Williams-Paisley (“Darrow Mysteries”)

Thoughts: This one has a kind of (obviously) Christmas Carol vibe, so it’s not really my “cup of tea.” But then given how surprised I was by Candace’s version of this, perhaps I’ll be surprised!

The Christmas House (Sunday, November 22)

STORY: Feature two brothers returning home for Christmas, and the challenges each have in their life. Stars: Robert Buckley (“One Tree Hill”), Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls), Ana Ayora (“In the Dark”), Treat Williams (“Chesapeake Shores”), Sharon Lawrence (“NYPD Blue”) and Brad Harder (“Aurora Teagarden Mysteries”)

Note: this will feature an LGBTQ plot for those interested in knowing

Heart of the Holidays (Monday, November 23)

Thoughts: Ooo, a mystery! Who will star?? What will it be about?? The questions are endless.

A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado (Tuesday, November 24)

STORY: A woman planning a Christmas celebration must convince someone of its merits (someone who happens to be a handsome fireman!). Stars: Rochelle Aytes (“Mistresses”) and Mark Taylor (“Memories of Christmas”)

Note: This one will feature an LGBTQ plot for those interested in knowing

Good Morning Christmas! (Wednesday, November 25)

STORY: Previously known as A Bright and Merry Christmas, this Follows competing TV hosts, which should be a fun kind of hate-to-love plot. Stars: Alison Sweeney (“Days of Our Lives”) and Marc Blucas (“The Fix”)

Christmas by Starlight (Friday, November 26)

STORY: Another love-to-hate trope about two people on opposing sides of a demolition argument. Stars: Kimberley Sustad (“Travelers”) and Paul Campbell (“Battlestar Galactica”)

Five Star Christmas (Thursday, November 27)

STORY: Set at a quant B&B, this one involves getting the perfect review from a popular travel writer. Stars: Bethany Joy Lenz (“Bottled with Love”) and Victor Webster (“MatchMaker Mysteries”)

This is a working title

Christmas Waltz (Saturday, November 28)

STORY: In the aftermath of a woman’s cancelled wedding, she finds love again through dance. Stars: Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), Will Kemp (“Royal Matchmaker”) and JT Church (“Dancing with the Stars: Juniors”)

Thoughts: This will be one of two Christmas movies favorite Lacey Chabert stars in.

If I Only Had Christmas (Sunday, November 29)

STORY: A publicist teams up with a “cynical” business owner. Stars: Candace Cameron Bure (“Fuller House”) and Warren Christie (“The Color of Rain”)

Thoughts: Finally we know who will co-star with another favorite, Bure, and it’s fun to see Warren Christie from The Most Wonderful Time of Year return to Hallmark.

Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing (Saturday, December 5)

STORY: Another film in the “Evergreen” series, this one focuses on the characters who have appeared in most, if not all, of these films. Stars: Holly Robinson Peete (“A Family Christmas Gift”), Colin Lawrence (“Riverdale”), Rukiya Bernard (“One Winter Weekend”), Antonio Cayonne (“Fashionably Yours”) and Barbara Niven (“Chesapeake Shores”).

Christmas She Wrote (Sunday, December 6)

STORY: A romance writer must deal with career woes just before Christmas only to have to meet up with the man responsible for this. Stars: Danica McKellar (“The Wonder Years”) and Dylan Neal (“Gourmet Detective: Roux the Day”)

Thoughts: I mean, the title play makes this one seem like a good time.

Love, Lights, Hanukkah! (Sunday, December 12)

STORY: Tells the tale of a woman who discovers she has Jewish heritage Stars: Mia Kirshner (“Star Trek: Discovery”), Ben Savage (“Boy Meets World”) and Marilu Henner (“Aurora Teagarden Mysteries”)

Christmas Comes Twice (Sunday, December 13)

STORY: Mowry-Housley plays a woman who regrets letting go of the man she loves, only to find a carousal that takes her back in time. Stars: Tamera Mowry-Housley (“A Christmas Miracle”) and Michael Xavier (“Paris, Wine and Romance”)

A Christmas Carousel (Saturday, December 19)

STORY: Another royal romance follows a woman hired to repair a carousel. Stars: Rachel Boston (“Check Inn to Christmas”) and Neal Bledsoe (“Shameless”)

Cross Country Christmas (Saturday, December 20)

STORY: Two people travelling back to their hometown for Christmas must work together to make it home during a snow storm! Stars: Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and Greyston Holt (“Chesapeake Shores”)

All premieres are at 9 p.m. ET/PT; more of the new 2020 Hallmark Christmas movie line-up
Christmas Tree Lane (Saturday, October 24)
All of the New 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance Movies! A look at the long list of new 2020 Hallmark Christmas movie line-up. © Rissi JC

STORY: Another plot about a woman fighting to save something, and the man she begins to fall for, who also happens to have ties to a developer. Stars: Alicia Witt (“Our Christmas Love Song”), Andrew Walker (“Christmas on My Mind”), Drake Hogestyn (“Days of Our Lives”) and Briana Price (“13 Reasons Why”)

Deliver by Christmas (Sunday, October 25)

STORY: A widower with a young son and a bakery owner fall in love. Stars: Alvina August (“Nancy Drew”) and Eion Bailey (“Switched for Christmas”)

Thoughts: this is one of those tropes about a woman who doesn’t realize the man she’s falling for (but never met) might be the same person in her real-life. Also love seeing more new Hallmark faces!

Cranberry Christmas (Saturday, October 31)

STORY: A couple who is separated must spend Christmas together in order save face for their business. Stars: Nikki DeLoach (“Two Turtle Doves”) and Benjamin Ayres (“A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas”)

Thoughts: Huh. This one sounds interesting in that its set to explore a marital relationship, which is something the network doesn’t usually look at, unless you count the secondary characters like a sister or parent.

Holly & Ivy (Sunday, November 1)

STORY: Follows a woman who promises to adopt the children of a friend suffering an illness. Stars: Janel Parrish (“Pretty Little Liars”), Jeremey Jordan (“Supergirl”) and Marisol Nichols (“Riverdale”)

Thoughts: Gosh, another unusual plot – it sounds SO bittersweet.

The Christmas Ring (Saturday, November 7)

STORY: A curious reporter tracks the story of an antique engagement ring, which of course leads to the possibility of a new love. Stars: Nazneen Contractor (“Ransom”) and David Alpay (“The Mistletoe Inn”)

Thoughts: Since I watched all of the Canadian show The Border, and later, Ransom, I’m curious to see Nazneem in something a bit different than the more intense TV shows.

The Christmas Bow (Sunday, November 8)

STORY: Another musical romance about a woman who’s career is threatened following an accident. Stars: Lucia Micarelli (“Treme”) and Michael Rady (“You’re Bacon Me Crazy”)

Meet Me at Christmas (Saturday, November 14)

STORY: A woman must take up the planning of her son’s wedding, along with the unexpected assistance of the bride’s uncle. Stars: Catherine Bell (“Good Witch”) and Mark Deklin (“Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy”)

This is a working title

The Christmas Doctor (Sunday, November 15)

STORY: Another reunion story about a woman who, while working on assignment, meets up again with a “mysterious” man from her past. Stars: Holly Robinson Peete (“A Family Christmas Gift”) and Adrian Holmes (“V-Wars”)

The Angel Tree (Saturday, November 21)

STORY: Wagner plays “a writer” who, along with her childhood friend, looks for the person who is granting “angel tree” wishes. Stars: Jill Wagner (“Teen Wolf”) and Lucas Bryant (“Country at Heart”)

A Godwink Christmas: First Loves, Second Chances (Sunday, November 22)

STORY: This follows a single dad and the high school sweetheart he reunites with. Stars: Brooke D’Orsay (“Royal Pains”) and Sam Page (“The Bold Type”)

Thoughts: this one sounds quite similar to the TV film Secret Santa which starred Jennie Garth.

USS Christmas (Saturday, November 28)

STORY: Follows a reporter who embarks on a  Tiger Cruise over Christmas. Stars: Jen Lilley (“Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday”), Trevor Donovan (“Nostalgic Christmas”) and Barbara Niven (“Chesapeake Shores”)

Thoughts: Given that this one is about the military with a naval officer of a hero, I’m hopeful this one will be as good as it sounds. Don’t let me down, Hallmark!

Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas (Saturday, December 5)

STORY: Five strangers discover how they’re connected after a mysterious invitation brings them together. From Executive Producer Blake Shelton. Stars: Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls) and Stephen Huszar (“A Homecoming for the Holidays”)

A Little Christmas Charm (Saturday, December 6)

STORY: A jewelry designer tries to find the owner of a piece of jewelry. Stars: Ashley Greene (Twilight) and Brendan Penny (“Chesapeake Shores”)

This is a working title

A Glenbrooke Christmas (Saturday, December 12)

STORY: Reeser plays an heiress out to enjoy her last Christmas of freedom; and the fireman who she falls for! Stars: Autumn Reeser (“Christmas Under the Stars”) and Antonio Cupo (“Hats Off to Christmas!”)

Thoughts: Fun to see this one as a reuniting of Reeser and Cup from Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Unlocking Christmas (Sunday, December 13)

STORY: A mysterious key sets in motion an adventure! Stars: Taylor Cole (“Matching Hearts”) and Steve Lund (“The Art of Us”). Previously titled Christmas Homecoming and The Key to Christmas… do we think this one will stay?

Swept Up by Christmas (Saturday, December 19)

STORY:An antique seller and a cleaner clash over how to downsize a magnificent estate right before Christmas. As the two uncover the house’s treasures, they find a way to reconnect the reclusive owner with his own Christmases past.” Features Lindy Booth and Justin Bruening (from Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias).

Project Christmas Wish (Sunday, December 20)

STORY: “For years Lucy has played Santa to her small town’s community by making their holiday wishes come true. But when Lucy grants a little girl’s wish for a Christmas like she used to have with her Mom, she unexpectedly finds her own wishes coming true in life and love.” Features Amanda Schull and Travis Van Winkle in the leading roles.

Now, let’s open the comments. Which of these sound best to you? Is there any that stand out? Any that feature favorite talent, or tropes? Comment all of your thoughts on this 2020 Christmas Hallmark movie line-up down below. I want to hear all of YOUR thoughts.


All of the New 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance Movies! A look at the long list of new 2020 Hallmark Christmas movie line-up. © Rissi JC
[Most] All of the New 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance Movies! Taking a look at the long list of new 2020 Hallmark Christmas movies. #CountdowntoChristmas #Romance #CleanRomance #Hallmarkies @HallmarkChannel Click To Tweet

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  1. Quick thoughts: I am actually interested in all of them (although I’m sure there will be a dud or two in the bunch …), I’m excited for A Glenbrooke Christmas and hope they stay fairly true to the novel (Robin Jones Gunn’s “Secrets”), I’m super excited to see Alison Sweeny & Marc Blucas and Kimberley Sustad & Paul Campbell together again, TIME TRAVEL!!!, and where is my beloved Chad Michael Murray?

    1. You know, I just saw on Twitter today about “Secrets” being the inspo for one of these. I don’t think I’ve read the book so I may have to look into it! Also, YES! The time travel one makes me super curious. Oh, and I’m glad Marc is in another. :)

      Funny you mention Chad, I swear I saw he was/is filming a Christmas movie… but maybe that’s for Lifetime? I feel like whatever it is, Jessica Lowndes is the co-star. Anyway, Hallmark may surprise us with one or two add-ons yet, too! :)

  2. I’m in complete agreeance with Becky’s excitement on getting to see the characters from Robin’s Glenbrooke series on the small screen, even if the Christmas setting means several things might be changed… so long as the essence of the characters and town is the same, I’ll be happy (though I do hope they’ll stick to the meet cute from the book, cause it’s brilliant!)

    Also, I’ve been over the moon with excitement for USS Christmas from the minute it came on my radar a month or so ago, but it was only when I read through this post this morning that I remembered… Trevor Donovan should have NO trouble playing a Naval officer, given his previous guest starring role as one on NCIS!!

    Other at the top of my list include One Royal Holiday, Holly & Ivy, A Timeless Christmas, the third Godwinks, and Love, Lights, Hanukkah!, all of which I will be expressing my thoughts on more extensively in my own anticipation post, which I’m hoping to have up soon!

    1. You ladies are making me want to look up this series!! Pretty sure, despite knowing the author’s name, I’m unfamiliar with them. Is it based off book one? (I wish Hallmark had adapted “The Goodbye Bride” more as a film independent of all the Christmas trappings because it was one of my favorite books. I meant the movie is sweet, but something is missing…!)

      I have a vague memory of Donovan on NCIS but don’t recall exactly his role. Either way, I hope this film is AMAZING! Oh, and that time travel one will be so good (or I hope so), and Ryan seems the ideal leading man. (Maybe some “Kate & Leopold” feels there!!)

      Looking forward to YOUR post, Kirsty. :)

      1. Don’t even get me started on “The Goodbye Bride” … I was so disappointed, as it really didn’t feel anything like the novel! Based on the characters, I think A Glenbrooke Christmas is based on “Secrets”–I’m definitely going to have to reread before the movie! I used to reread the whole Glenbrooke series each summer, but that was before I became a book blogger and lost pretty much all reread time :-) But YES, you should find the series!

      2. Becky’s right, it’s based on the first book titled Secrets, which has Jessica Morgan and Kyle Buchanan as the main couple, and is my second favourite in the series; the #1 spot from the start belongs to Echoes, which features a courtship by email trope that just completely captured my heart. I would DEFINITELY recommend giving these books a try, though I do feel I should also tell you they were written in the 90s, so expect that kind of writing style… another thing is that it’s very much an inter-connected characters series (something I personally loved!)

        *Sigh* Oh, The Goodbye Bride… such a massive WASTE of such fantastic potential, that, I agree, maybe might have been avoided if they’d just adapted it straight.

        1000% YES to the “Kate and Leopold” feels hope for A Timeless Christmas, and I also couldn’t agree more about completely loving their casting choices!

        I’m hopeful I’ll be able to get my post out sometime either today or tomorrow!

        1. I would have loved ‘Goodbye’ to be a more faithful adaptation, but now you’ve both made me curious in re: to the ‘Secrets’ book. Makes me think I should make the effort to read this one before seeing the adaptation. ;) Ooo, and I also love the sound of an email trope…!!

          Rissi JC recently posted: 15 of the Favorite On-Screen Siblings

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