The New and Festive Netflix Christmas 2020 Movies


Not to be outdone, the streaming giant Netflix has a few seasonal movies that are sure to make anyone’s Christmas movie watching jolly. Some of them you will already find in their little boxes, others still have yet to make their debut. Either way, we’re here and ready to walk through all of the Christmas 2020 Netflix movies you can see.

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The first title I’ll list you can head to Netflix and see now (or you know, after you finish reading this to learn what else is coming), and the rest will release throughout November and December. There’s some romance (!!), some comedy, sequels, and even star-studded movies sure to put a smile on our face. Because what good Christmas movie doesn’t do this?

Let’s get to that schedule.

Christmas 2020 Netflix Movies

1: Operation Christmas Drop

When: out now

About: A political aid finds her job difficult when she ends up falling for a air force pilot whose base she’s tasked with shutting down.

Thoughts: I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy this one. I love anything to do with a military hero (with specific parameters), and so, I’m hopeful. This makes me vacillate between really wanting to watch this one, and holding off to save it for cozier, closer-to-Christmas viewing. TV-G

2: Dash and Lily

When: out now (Tuesday the 10)

About: A girl leaves a notebook in a book shop where a boy finds it, which then intertwines their lives.

Thoughts: Based on a novel, this 10-epiosde series sounds darling. Hoping I’ll read the book first, but I get impatient, so time will tell. Rating unknown.

3: Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

When: November 15

About: An imaginative world comes to life for a toymaker in this magical tale that is set to follow him and his adventurous granddaughter.

The New and Festive Netflix Christmas 2020 Movies. A schedules of the Christmas 2020 Netflix original movies! Text © Rissi JC

Thoughts: This may be the most family-friendly of the bunch. Thought I don’t know much about it, plus there is also the animated movie Angela’s Christmas Wish, it does have a recognizable cast including Forest Whittaker, Hugh Bonneville, and Anika Noni Rose. Rating unknown.

4: The Princess Switch: Switched Again

When: November 19

About: Vanessa Hudgens reunites with her cast mates in this sequel to the 2018 film The Princess Switch; it follows an ordinary American who happens to be the lookalike of a duchess about to marry a prince.

Thoughts: I know I’m 100% in the minority, I really like this Christmas movie. Is it sappy? 100% it is. But I adore its charm and in many ways, prefer it over several of the royal romances on Hallmark. Still, even I can admit if the early written teasers for this make me think this sequel script goes a little too far into sappy. In other words, I think we should stick only with two look-alikes. Rating unknown.

5: Christmas on the Square

When: November 22

About: Follows Christine Baranski’s ruthless business woman who returns to her hometown to evict tenants which will make way for a mall.

6: The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

When: November 25

About: Set two years later, this sequel follows siblings Kate and Teddy, who after saving Christmas have undergone many changes in their lives. This year, Kate finds herself perhaps the only one who can save the North Pole!

7: Angela’s Christmas Wish

When: December 1

About: An animated feature about a young girl who sets out to reunite with her family.

Also on Netflix. Holidate

This is a 2020 new Netflix original, but isn’t one I like or feel like it’s really a solid “cozy Christmas movie” (which is what these movies should be, right?). The premise is darling (about a woman tired of being alone, and so she and her friend arrange to become one another holi-date), but the rating of TV-MA guarantees it’s anything but cute. In fact, there’s are number f-words and sexual content, plus judging only on what I saw, I have to confess, I’m not a fan of its heroine.

The New and Festive Netflix Christmas 2020 Movies. A schedules of the Christmas 2020 Netflix original movies! Text © Rissi JC

In addition to Netflix originals, they also have Christmas-y titles like Christmas Catch; A Christmas Prince (a Netflix original, along with its sequels); Christmas with a Prince; Christmas Wedding Planner; Midnight at the Magnolia; and many others!


The New and Festive Netflix Christmas 2020 Movies. A schedules of the Christmas 2020 Netflix original movies! Text © Rissi JC
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Drop down below which of these you plan to see. Any you’re super excited for? Any you’ve seen on Netflix and enjoyed? Comment all of your thoughts and let me know which I should make time for!

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  1. I, too, have several reservations about the Princess Switch sequel based on what the trailer showed (particularly how they will handle Stacy keeping the fact that she’s switching with Margaret again from Edward, her HUSBAND…), which is a shame as the original was one of my favourites as well from the year it came out.

    I’d have to say of all the Netflix titles this year, Midnight at the Magnolia is the one I’m most looking forward to watching (the tropes used are all ones I adore, and the two leads look like they have fun chemistry and a great complimentary acting style from the trailer!)

    Kirsty recently posted: Top 10 Tuesday: Non-Bookish Hobbies
    1. I’ll confess, despite my reservations, I’m probably still going to enjoy this sequel. I like the characters and it just made me smile throughout. But time will time. ;)

      I haven’t seen ‘Magnolia’ yet, but unless I just burn out on seasonal titles, I’m sure I’ll see it. :)

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