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I’ve had an idea bubbling for a while now. The problem was I hadn’t sat down to put words to paper sharing said idea. My idea isn’t so much inventive as it is an event that will hopefully offer interested readers a chance to ask some questions, and my fellow blogging friends a chance to offer their expertise (and more importantly to this girl) allowing me to advertise their amazing creativeness.

Below are the details.

FOR READERS | Are you a new blogger? Are you considering blogging? Have you been away from blogging for an extended hiatus? What would you like to know or learn more about? I want to hear from you about blogging. Do you have any specific questions, thoughts or have you been looking for a how-to guide on something?  

Along with yours truly, I’ve asked some bloggers to join this series, which will hopefully allow for varying opinions (perspectives new to this blog), thoughts and tips on the blogger life.

Please, don’t be shy! Let us know.  Here are some of the topics we’re open to discussing:

+ Blogging 101
(General helpful tips. Not necessarily advice since we all have unique voices and must find what works best for us, more of a helpful this-is-what-we’ve-learned-through-trial-and-error article.)
+Book Blogging 101
(Tempted to start a book blog, but unsure how to? What do YOU want to know about this book blogging world?)
+ Design
(Want to prettify your blogging space? Ask us anything about designing or sources we 100% recommend.)
+ Photos
(Looking for a way to jazz up your blog posts?)
+ Review Styling and/or Writing
(Wanting to know the best WordPress plugins or suggestions on how to “complete” your book reviews?)
+ Stats, Page views and your Audience
+ Tips, Suggestions, Helpful hints, ETC.
Is there a new (or established) blogger you’d like to see featured or introduced to the book community or blogging world? You can share that too! Maybe they can be featured in our “Meet the Blogger” series.
Below I’ve created a form where you can comment and share anything you’d like to know about. The purpose of this is twofold.
One being to open the conversation to those of you who might be curious about the behind-the-scenes helpful-hints-and-tips for would-be bloggers.
The second because I’d love to try and fill in some gaps if there’s anything you’re looking to see more of or learn about in this blogging world. It’s because of you, the readers that Finding Wonderland is still in existence, and I’m grateful you continue to return.
The form will ask for your name/email, but this will only be used in the event we need to clarify what you’d like us to write about. 
FOR BLOGGERS | As written about above, I’d like to open some sort of series that allows Finding Wonderland to collaborate with some of the bloggers I’ve met through this journey. One way that can happen is by gathering our collective advice and tips which we’ve learned through the (painful) exercise of “trial and error” in this thing called blogging.    
Some of you have already been contacted and are willing to join this series. To you, I say thank you. I’m anxious to see the interest/response, and hopefully the result will allow me to showcase your talents through this series. You can always contact me via email if you have any suggestions (feedback is most welcome!), ideas or questions.

Bonjour and Welcome!

Welcome | thank you for visiting and reading. if you like, you are invited to join our conversations and follow along – join us.  You’re most welcome.
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ps: please excuse the “disorder.” you can read more about Finding Wonderland’s changes, new follow options and why archive posts are a mess in my “Disorder + Feedback” post!

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