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Hey, there welcome to this small pop culture space of the web!

My name is Rissi, and I’m here to chat about as many fun topics – everything from films and TV shows, to favorite pop culture romance ships to Taylor Swift – as possible along with serious discussions, too.

BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY PARTY: GRATEFUL RELFECTION FOR 10 YEARS & AN INTRODUCTION. Looking back in a little introduction on TEN YEARS here! Talking "blogging 10 year." Text © Rissi JC

here’s a few things to know about me; I am…

a 10+ year blogger

an amateur photographer
an amateur graphic designer

a confirmed bookaholic

a bubbl’r enthusiast

a critical thinker

a fan of the “meet-cute” and happy-ever-afters
a girl with an Internet photo phobia

the girl who wears heels with jeans

a miswesterner
a former INSPYs Advisory Board member and Silver Petticoat contributor

a social media coordinator
a writer

When I’m not typing away at my keyboard, I spend too much time thinking about digital design, watch too much TV, think too much about everything, listen to political podcasts and music, and dream about visiting cool places.

Basically, I’m just a girl who does a lot of thinking, which is partially inspired or shaped by culture and entertainment.

To everyone who visits and joins the conversation, thank you. I’m beyond grateful you take time to be here.

Here are some of my favorite things: abc’s crime drama, Castle • blogging • bright, beautiful crisp days • bookshelves • a chocolate at home coffee • costume dramas • having good conversations • music • olicity • photography • romantic comedies • simple joys • team mckenna • writing

Thank you for visiting; I’m glad you’re here.

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Find me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or email me at dreamer13(at)frontier(dot)com

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