This feature is designed to take a look back at some of our favorite TV ships or film couples (because let’s be real, we have a lot of them!), both from the present and past. In our OTP favorites features, we look back at 5-7 (depending on the couple and our level of fangirl-ness!) of their sweetest or best moments in the post. Because we’re all about the romance and fairy tales, here.

We’ll try to keep this updated, but if you want to be sure and see all of the latest, just search the ‘OTP favorites’ tag to be sure you’re seeing the newest features.


Five of the Best Charming and Snow Moments (OTP Favorite!). Spotlighting the favorite Once Upon a Time romance, one of our OTP favorites. © Rissi JC

OTP FAVORITES! A feature that looks at some of the best moments between favorite (and underrated!) TV ships or film couples. #OTP #TVShips #TVShows #FavoriteCouples #Romance #FairyTale Click To Tweet

Have an idea for this feature? Is there a certain couple you’d like to see featured? Or something else? Would you like to guest write about a favorite couple? Contact Finding Wonderland at any of our social medias, email or via our contact us page to make suggestions!

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