I am delighted to have you visit here.

Why Culture Characteristics? Well, we do have that story for you. Just visit our introduction to this 2.0 rebrand.

On this space, you’ll see..

Books | Reviewed honestly.
Conversation | Here we enjoy conversing, sharing opinions or gushing over favorite fandoms.
Film | Over 100 film reviews are archived, written from, likely, the unpopular perspective – everything from BBC miniseries to the small screen of Hallmark. Whatever it is, even if all of social media is praising it, we share how we really felt.
Life | snippets of my personal life or opinion posts do pop up now and again.

In short, here you will find a wide array of film, television and book reviews along with a few social issue posts… and hopefully, a lot of fun.

Feel free to stay a while, introduce yourself (my name is Rissi *waves*), and know that you are invited to and are most welcome to join in all of our conversations. In fact, here, we hope you do join in. We respect and enjoy every conversation or opinion, all I ask is that – same as every commenter here – you respect both fellow readers and my own opinions.

Beyond that, please, don’t be shy!

Learn more about the blog by reading about what we’re all about is all bout via any of the pages in the top bar or the welcome message on the left sidebar.


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