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By Author: from A to Z

Alexander, Johnnie – Where She Belongs
Alexander, Tamera – Within my Heart
Armstrong, Cathleen – Welcome to Last Chance
Asher, Jay – What Light
Ashton, Brodi – Diplomantic Immunity
Austen, Jane (with Seth Grahame-Smith) – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Baratz-Logsted, Lauren – Red Girl, Blue Boy
Barnett, Karen – Mistaken 
Barnett, Karen – Out of the Ruins 
Bergren, Lisa T. – Glamorous Illusions  
Bergren, Lisa T. – Glittering Promises 
Bergren, Lisa T. – Grave Consequences 
Bischof, Joanne – The Lady and the Lionheart 
Bischof, Joanne – This Quiet Sky
Bischof, Joanne – Though my Heart is Torn ★
Blackstock, Terri – Distortion
Blackstock, Terri – Twisted Innocence
Brendan, Maggie – Twice Promised
Brown, Teri – Velvet Undercover
Burkhart, Jessica – Wild Hearts
Byrd, Sandra – Roses Have Thorns

Calhoun, Bonnie – Thunder
Cambron, Kritsy – The Ringmaster’s Wife 
Camden, Elizabeth – Against the Tide ★
Camden, Elizabeth – Beyond All Dreams  
Camden, Elizabeth – The Rose of Winslow Street 
Camden, Elizabeth – With Every Breath ★
Cantore, Janice – Abducted 
Cantore, Janice – Accused 
Cantore, Janice – Avenged
Carlson, Melody – Once Upon a Winter’s Heart
Carter, Ally – All Fall Down
Cass, Kiera – The Elite*
Cass, Kiera – The One*  
Cass, Kiera – The Selection ★
Coble, Colleen – Blue Moon Promise 
Coble, Colleen – Rosemary Cottage 
Coble, Collen – Seagrass Pier  
Coble, Colleen – Tidewater Inn ★
Coker, Rachel – Chasing Jupiter 
Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games 
Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games (guest post)
Corp, Carey – Destined for Doon (co-authored with Lorie Langdon)
Corp, Carey – Doon (co-authored with Lorie Langdon)
Corp, Carey – Shades of Doon (co-authored with Lorie Langdon) ★
Coutts, Alexandra – Young Widows Club
Cox, Carol – Truth Be Told

Deering, Julianna – Dressed for Death
Deering, Julianna – Murder at the Mikado 
Deering, Julianna – Rules of Murder ★
Denmark, Evangeline – Curio
Deese, Nicole (with Tammy L. Gray, Amy Matayo and Jenny B. Jones) – Just One Summer
Deese, Nicole – A New Shade of Summer
Deese, Nicole – The Promise of Rayne
Dickerson, Melanie – The Captive Maiden 
Donaldson, Julianne – Blackmoore
Dotta, Jessica – Born of Persuasion

Eakes, Laurie Alice – A Flight of Fancy
Eason, Lynette – Always Watching
Eason, Lynette – Chasing Secrets*
Eason – Lynette – Moving Target
Eason, Lynette – No One to Trust ★
Eason, Lynette – Nowhere to Turn 
Eason, Lynette – When a Heart Stops ★ 
Eason, Lynette – When a Secret Kills
Eason, Lynette – Without Warning ★
Ella, Sara – Unblemished 
Ella, Sara – Unraveling 

Finnegan, Amy – Not in the Script ★
Flinn, Alex – Beastly ★ 
Flinn, Alex – Bewitching ★
Foley, Elisabeth Grace – Lost Lake House
Forman, Gayle – If I Stay
Frantz, Laura – Love’s Reckoning
Fratz, Laura – The Mistress of Tall Acre

Gabhart, Ann H. – Small Town Girl ★
Ganshert, Katie – The Art of Losing Yourself 
Ganshert, Katie – A Broken Kind of Beautiful 
Ganshert, Katie – The Perfect Arrangement
Garrett, Gigi – Miss Christmas (Novella)
Gilbert, Kellie Coates – A Woman of Fortune
Gist, Deeanne – It Happened at the Fair 
Gorecki, Meghan M. – Wrapped in Red
Gray, Tammy L – (with Nicole Deese, Amy Matayo and Jenny B. Jones) – Just One Summer
Gray, Tammy L. – My Hope Next Door
Green, John – The Fault in our Stars
Grover, Lorie Ann – Hit
Gutteridge, Rene – Heart of the Country

Hannon, Irene – Deadly Pursuit
Hannon, Irene – Deceived  
Hannon, Irene – Fatal Judgment 
Hannon, Irene – Lethal Legacy 
Hannon, Irene – Tangled Webs
Hannon, Irene – Thin Ice 
Hannon, Irene – Trapped ★ 
Hannon, Irene – Vanished ★
Hathaway, Mary Jane – Pride, Prejudice and Cheese Grits
Hatcher, Robin Lee – Beloved
Hauk, Rachel – How to Catch a Prince ★
Hauck, Rachel – Once Upon a Prince ★
Hauck, Rachel – Princess Ever After
Hauck, Rachel – The Wedding Chapel
Hedlund, Jody – A Daring Sacrifice
Hedlund, Jody – Hearts Made Whole
Hedlund, Jody – Luther and Katharina
Hedlund, Jody – The Vow
Hedlund, Jody – An Uncertain Choice (Redirects to Silver Petticoat)
Heffington, Rachel – Anon, Sir, Anon
Heitzmann, Kristen – The Breath of Dawn
Heitzmann, Kristen – Told You So 
Heitzmann, Kristen – Told You Twice
Hunter, Denise – Barefoot Summer ★
Hunter, Denise – Dancing with Fireflies
Hunter, Denise – A December Bride (Novella)
Hunter, Denise – Falling Like Snowflakes
Hunter, Denise – The Goodbye Bride
Hunter, Denise – Just a Kiss
Hunter, Denise – Married ’til Monday 
Hunter, Denise – The Trouble with Cowboys 
Hunter, Denise – The Wishing Season 

Isaac, Kara – Close to You

James, Cara Lynn – A Path Toward Love
John, Sally – A Journey by Chance
John, Sally – After All These Years
John, Sally – Just to See you Smile
John, Sally – The Winding Road Home
Johnson, Liz – The Red Door Inn
Johnson, Liz – Where Two Hearts Meet
Johnson, Shawn – Winning Balance ★
Jones, Jenny B. – I’ll Be Yours ★
Jones, Jenny B. – In Between*
Jones, Jenny B. – (with Nicole Deese, Tammy L. Gray and Amy Matayo) – Just One Summer
Jones, Jenny B. – There You’ll Find Me ★
Jones, Jenny B. – A Sugar Creek Christmas

Kaufman, Amie – These Broken Stars (with Meagan Spooner)
Kendig, Ronie – Hawk
Kendig, Ronie – Raptor 6 
Kendig, Ronie – Talon*
Kingsbury, Karen – Bailey Flanigan ★ (series)
Kingsbury, Karen – Leaving
Klassen, Julie – The Dancing Master
Kleypas, Lisa – Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor ★

Langdon, LorieDestined for Doon (co-authored with Carey Corp)
Langdon, LorieDoon (co-authored with Carey Corp)
Langdon, Lorie – Gilt Hollow
Langdon, Lorie – Olivia Twist
Langdon, Lorie – Shades of Doon (co-authored with Carey Corp) ★
Lessman, Julie – Dare to Love Again
Lessman, Julie – A Love Surrendered 
Lessman, Julie – Love at Any Cost 
Lodge, Hillary Manton – Jane of Austin
Lodge, Hillary Manton – A Table by the Window 
Lodge, Hillary Manton – Reservations for Two
Lord, Emery – The Start of Me and You 
Love, Dorothy – Every Perfect Gift
Lowry, Lois – The Giver
Ludwig, Elisa – Pretty Sly
Ludwig, Elizabeth – No Safe Harbor 
Lundquist, Jenny – The Princess in the Opal Mask

Madow, Michelle – Remembrance ★ 
Madow, Michelle – Timeless ★
Madow, Michelle – Diamonds in the Rough (Redirects to Goodreads)
Madow, Michelle – The Secret Diamond Sisters 
Madow, Michelle – Vengeance
Matayo, Amy – The End of the World
Matayo, Amy (with Nicole Deese, Tammy L. Gray and Jenny B. Jones) – Just One Summer
McClone, Melissa – Picture Perfect Love
Mcgee, Krista – Anomaly ★ 
McGee, Krista – Right Where I Belong ★
McMillan, Rachel – Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder
McMillan, Rachel – A Singular and Whimsical Problem
Mehl, Nancy – Gathering Shadows
Miller, Judith – To Honor and Trust (with Tracie Peterson)
Mills, DiAnn – The Survivor
Mitchell, Siri – Unrivaled
Morrill, Lauren – The Trouble with Destiny
Moseley, Meg – Gone South

Newport, Olivia – The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow

Orchard, Sandra – Blind Trust

(editorial blog post)
Perkins, Stephanie – Anna and the French Kiss 
Perkins, Stephanie – Lola and the Boy Next Door*
Perkins, Stephanie (edited by) – My True Love Gave to Me
Peterson, Tracie – Chasing the Sun
Peterson, Tracie – Taming the Wind
Peterson, Tracie – To Honor and Trust (with Judith Miller)
Peterson, Tracie – Touching the Sky
Peterson, Tracie – Striking a Match (series) 
Pettrey, Dani – Cold Shot
Pettrey, Dani – Sabotaged 
Pettrey, Dani – Shattered ★
Pettrey, Dani – Silenced ★ 
Pettrey, Dani – Stranded ★ 
Pettrey, Dani – Submerged 


Rea Rachelle – The Sound of Diamonds
Rea, Rachelle – The Sound of Silver
Reay, Katherine – The Bronte Plot
Reay, Katherine – Dear Mr. Knightly 
Reay, Katherine  – Lizzy & Jane ★
Reay, Katherine – A Portrait of Emily Price
Redmond, Shirley Raye – Prudence Pursued
Rue, Nancy – The Merciful Scar (with Rebecca St. James)

Seilstad, Lorna – Making Waves
Seilstad, Lorna – The Ride of her Life
Smale, Holly – Geek Girl*
Smale, Holly – Geek Girl: Model Misfit*
Smith, Jennifer E. – Hello, Goodbye and Everything In-Between
Sparks, Nicholas – The Choice 
Sparks, Nicholas – The Longest Ride 
Sparks, Nicholas – The Lucky One 
Sparks, Nicholas – Safe Haven ★
Spooner, Meagan – These Broken Stars (with Amie Kaufman)
St. James, Rebecca – The Merciful Scar (with Nancy Rue)
St. James, Rebecca – What is he Thinking?? (editorial blog post)
Stokes, Amber – Bleeding Heart ★
Stokes, Amber – Forget Me Not
Stokes, Amber – How a Star Falls
Stout, Katie M. – Hello, I Love You
Summer, Mary Elizabeth – Trust Me, I’m Lying
Sundin, Sarah – Anchor in the Storm
Sundin, Sarah – In Perfect Time
Sundin, Sarah – Through Waters Deep
Swank, Denise Grover – One Paris Summer

Tagg, Melissa – All This Time 
Tagg, Melissa – Here to Stay
Tagg, Melissa – From the Start 
Tagg, Melissa – Keep Holding On
Tagg, Melissa – Like Never Before
Tagg, MelissaMade to Last
Tagg, Melissa – One Enchanted Christmas
Tagg, Melissa – One Enchanted Eve
Thompson, Janice – Stars Collide 
Thompson, Janice – Hello, Hollywood! 
Thompson, Janice – The Director’s Cut 
Thompson, Janice – The Icing on the Cake
Thomson, Janice – Picture Perfect  
Thompson, Janice – Queen of the Waves 
Vallace, Brandy – Within the Veil
Vogt, Beth – Somebody Like You 

Wade, Becky – Her One and Only 
Wade, Becky – Love in the Details
Wade, Becky – A Love Like Ours 
Wade, Becky – Meant to Be Mine   
Wade, Becky – My Stubborn Heart ★
Wade, Becky – The Proposal
Wade, Becky – True to You 
Wade, Becky – Undeniably Yours  
Warren, Susan May – Baroness ★ 
Warren, Susan May – Duchess  
Warren, Susan May – Heiress 
Warren, Susan May – Always on My Mind
Warren, Susan May – It Had to be You  
Warren, Susan May – Take a Chance on Me 
Warren, Susan May – When I Fall in Love 
Warren, Susan May – Wild Montana Skies
Warren, Susan May – The Wonder of You  
Warren, Susan May – You Don’t Know Me
Warren, Susan May – You’re the One That I Want ★
Weber, Mary – Siren’s Fury
Weber, Mary – Storm Siren  
Weber, Mary – Siren’s Song
Whalen, Marybeth – The Wishing Tree
Wiseman, Beth – The House that Love Built ★ 
Witemeyer, Karen – Stealing the Preacher

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