‘DOCTOR WHO,’ SERIES FIVE (2009): BBC’s Entertaining Time Traveling Hero


For years, I listened while friends bragged about the British fandom that is Doctor Who. It’s not something that appeals to my cinematic tastes. At least not until this recent “turning point.” Recently, I did take a second look. Now starting with the “new doctor,” Matt Smith (can I just say, he’s adorable!), I give Doctor Who, series five a fighting chance. 

Doctor Who, Series Five (2009) BBC Review

Regenerated and ready to assume his role as “The Doctor” is the eleventh Doctor (Smith). Where he comes from rarely anyone knows, and what he does, no one really knows. On this particular night, he appears at the doorstep of young Amelia Pond. In their brief time together, he becomes fond of the inquisitive girl. A girl who has a crack in her wall and hears voices whispering “prisoner zero” has escaped. Unable to stay for the unstable nature of his TARDIS flying box, the Doctor leaves Amelia awaiting his promised return. That was ten years ago. When he finally makes it back to earth, the feisty red-head who lives in little Amelia Pond’s home is quite grown-up, and Amy (Karen Gillan) is bitter over their pseudo adventures.

‘DOCTOR WHO,’ SERIES FIVE (2009): BBC's Entertaining Time Traveling Hero. Matt Smith takes on the iconic role. All review text is © Rissi JC

She had to have therapy as a result, and live in a world where everyone disbelieves her childhood encounter. Without the time to make it up to Amy, the Doctor has bigger problems when realizing that Prisoner Zero is living in Amy’s house these many years. Now with the help of Amy’s devoted boyfriend, Rory (Arthur Darvill), the trio have exactly eleven minutes to save earth.  

To be completely honest, I don’t know exactly what I think of Doctor Who. It’s quirky, wacky, and unusual and yet, there’s something insanely, crazily charismatic about its premise. One I am not entirely sure I “get” even after eleven episodes. Watching the first episode, my initial reaction fell somewhere in the middle of the fun scale. In short, it didn’t “sell” me on the foundation of its hype, so I didn’t bother watching a second installment for a good three months. Little did I ever expect to be as addicted to this piece of British sci-fi after a second episode, which I adore. For some reason I skipped over what immediately followed the first episode to “Victory of the Darleks,” and then I was completely under its spell. doctor who series five

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‘DOCTOR WHO,’ SERIES FIVE (2009): BBC's Entertaining Time Traveling Hero #TVarchives Click To Tweet
‘DOCTOR WHO,’ SERIES FIVE (2009): BBC's Entertaining Time Traveling Hero. Matt Smith takes on the iconic role. All review text is © Rissi JC

Written by Sherlock show runner, Steven Moffat, this collection is clever beyond words. What the special effects lack, the stories make up for partially because of the interlocking episodes that cumulate in a brilliant finale. It’s in the finale when everything comes full circle that, seriously left me breathless. How it all came about left no doubt as to there being cleverness in oddities. Some of the best episodes were “The Lodger,” (the Doctor being a “normal bloke” …yeah that won’t fly); purely for its emotional impact, “Amy’s Choice,” and “The Vampires of Venice.”  

Then there is the cast. New to the series in its fifth year, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were absolute magic. In Matt, I fell for a guy who’s quite literally out-of-this-world crazy but still “human,” and compassionate. Like so many other characters who get a bad rap as being selfish, I refuse to see this Doctor as “that” person. He shouldn’t be fit into a box because a: he doesn’t deserve that and b: he does care about his friends. Time and again that is proven and it bothers me when good characters are pegged otherwise. 

‘DOCTOR WHO,’ SERIES FIVE (2009): BBC's Entertaining Time Traveling Hero. Matt Smith takes on the iconic role. All review text is © Rissi JC

Then let’s not forget the joy that is Amy Pond. This girl is an exceptional companion and it’s not hard to like her wit and “ho-hum” attitude as she sees more than one wonder of the world. (I grow to like her so well, she’s like the best friend who can coax us to do something insane.) Additionally there’s Rory whose pure love of Amy is like sunshine. As I remember this fifth series, I’m weighing over its biggest surprise, and I don’t think “quirkiness” is the winner. To my surprise, I think it’s the series poignancy. The writers know how to have the best kind of fun, and still impart nuggets of wisdom. All of this leaves morsels of his identity everywhere even in the shroud of mystery that is, The Doctor. 

Perhaps this is the reason why the blue box is “bigger on the inside.” Because there is so much more than meets the eye in the life of The Doctor. All I know is, he can visit anytime. I wouldn’t mind in the least.

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  1. OK.
    Number 1: Go watch the David Tennant years!! Matt is great and all, but David is just awesome. ;-)
    Number 2: Yes. They like to toy with our emotions. And if you felt that in this season, you are really in for it for seasons 6 and 7. lol Number 3: Don't forget you aren't alone when those heart-wrenching episodes come on. I've watched them as they aired and cried and so forth. ;-D

    All in all, great review! Glad you like Matt. Some people don't like him at all. Not sure I understand those people… :)

    1. But… but, I like Matt SO much. How could I betray him by watching the Tennant years?! ;)

      Thanks for the suggestion, Rosie. I may just do that sometime however I am sort of a weirdo when it comes to going back "in time" with favored fandoms or stories. I watch the prequels but when it comes right down to it, I have the mentality "been there, done that" because I know what came after. However, 'Who' is different so perhaps I will watch prior seasons. Just now, I am far too anxious to try and get ahold of more Matt Smith seasons.

      Oh, good! Glad to have some sympathy on the emotional front, Rosie. Thanks. And I know I will be VERY sad later since I read about what's to come. On the bright side, I am abnormally excited about the new direction (new companion, etc.) plus I will get to see Jessica Raine in a guest-starring role. Sounds like so much greatness yet to come. :)

      WHAT!? Some people don't like Matt: that IS baffling. He's so… cute! ;)

  2. Hmm, I only ever watched the first episode of Doctor Who–because, like you, I heard so many people talking about it. I struggled to make it through the episode, but your post has me wondering if I should give the show another chance. Sounds intriguing. :)

    1. I once read somewhere online (wish I could find it!) that this is the typical reaction to watching Doctor Who for the first time: After the first episode, you're thinking, "Wow. This is pretty weird." By the second episode, you think, "Hm…this could be kind of interesting." And by the third episode: "Oh my goodness! How did I ever live without this show??"

      That's how it was for me. :) I thought the first episode was so weird, but before I knew it I was hooked.

    2. Melissa – the talk here (from those are “expert” Whovians!) is that, yes, you should! I didn’t know that many people have had a “so-so” reaction to the show after one episode but it sure sounds as if watching a second changes opinions. I watched the first 4o minutes of series five way before Christmas and thought, “okay, so… that was fun…” and didn’t get back to it until about a month ago and after that, yep, all bets were off! I was officially under its spell! Plus, Matt Smith is so darn cute in this role. ;)

      If you try it again, Melissa, I’d be curious to get your thoughts… if you’d be willing to share them. :)

      Kristin – thanks for adding your two cents for Melissa! Glad to know I wasn’t alone in that initial reaction. Fortunately I pressed on. Sure am glad I did. :)

      Charity – thanks for sharing! :)

  3. You're right about the poignant moments…I can't even tell you how many times Doctor Who has made me cry. :) I think the show is a perfect mix of funny, quirky, craziness and heartbreaking moments. The Doctor is like that, too. I love how enthusiastic and just plain joyful he is. As much as he's seen and experienced, and he still gets so excited and is so impressed with ordinary little things. :) Yes…I am smitten.

    I agree with Rosie- you should definitely check out the David Tennant years. I started watching the "new" series from the beginning, and it only took a couple of episodes for me to be completely hooked. I got nothing but DW DVDs through Netflix for months until I was caught up. David Tennant is my favorite doctor, and I expected to really have a grudge against Matt Smith going into his episodes. But I immediately liked him…he's very similar to Tennant's doctor in some ways but very different in others.

    Basically…I *love* this show. :)


    1. Golly, Kristin, some of those moments… they are quite special. How he interacts with Amy and some of the people they meet on their (way cool) travels makes for heartbreaking and wonderful television, all wrapped into one (bright blue) package. Right before posting this and finishing the review, I went back to watch the one episode I’d skipped and my reaction was twofold of unexpected fun and poignancy. That moment between he and Amy when she asks him about being a softie when it comes to kids… so sweet!

      In all honesty, I do not know that I could leave Matt’s Doctor so easily! He’s… cute. ;) That joyful attitude he effects is very contagious and charismatic. Nonetheless, there is that motto, “never say never” so… perhaps at some point I’ll look into the Tenant years. Thanks bunches for the suggestion!

      Am now right there with you: LOVE this show. It’s out-of-this-world fun. :)

  4. I like this season ,but the seasons with David Tennant are better.
    It's a hard show to watch because if you don't watch ever episode in order you miss things.
    Despite all that I LOVE DW.

    1. Good to know – thank you, Ella!

      In all honesty, I didn't feel snubbed or as if I were missing things however, that's not to say I didn't miss out on some valuable things by starting with the fifth season. Couldn't help it though, really! I'll lay all the blame on Matt Smith's portrayal of the Doctor. He's cute. ;)

  5. Ah, this post made me so incredibly happy. I lot Matt Smith, and Karen, and Arthur. They are the sweetest trio ever. Also, I completely agree with you that Amy Pond becomes a best friend. I felt as if she were my twin. We are pretty much soul-sisters. I just wish I had her gorgeous ginger hair. Doctor Who is my favourite TV show right now. The plot is so intricate, there's that wonderful sense of adventure, hilarious dialogue, random everything. It's just so wonderful. When I first started watching Doctor Who, I promised myself I wouldn't become a Whovian….but alas, I became one.
    Awesome post!

    1. Really!? Well… thank *you* for reading it, Joanna! I am appreciative you did – and for this comment! :)

      This trio is too adorable for their own good – I will certainly miss that when it runs its course because, yes, Amy IS the sort of character you want to know. She’s bright, funny and not afraid of standing up for what’s right. That and she has the kind of personality that demands attention. (Oh, her hair is gorgeous! I said that about the little girl in Brave also – such a stunning shade.)

      Perhaps what makes this such a great show is that intricate plotting. It’s sheer brilliance – it’s the kind of writing that makes us want to return again and again. Well put; this is all about “randoms” and in that, the show shines.

      Don’t know if I am “officially” (not sure all that it requires) a Whovian or not but… I do love the Doctor. ;)

  6. I'm kind of surprised at all the David Tennant worshiping going on in the comments. Don't get me wrong — he was a great Doctor! But… I think Matt is an even better one (he cries a lot less, and I like that — Matt's more like the original incarnations of the Doctor).

    Amy Pond is hands down my favorite companion (she beats out even Donna, and believe me — that's hard, because Donna is brilliant). This is also one of my favorite seasons — this one and season six. Season seven has been a real dud for me so far, unfortunately (and Clara is… well, boring). But yeah, the good old days with Amy and Rory… before the mystery of River Song was solved. Oh, you're in for some fun with future seasons!

    I would encourage you to watch a few of the older seasons as well, though — or at least episodes here and there. Moffat actually doesn't handle "big" season arcs well; his best work is in single episodes, like "The Girl in the Fireplace" (which is basically Amy Pond, in the vision of another girl!) or "Blink." Dang, that one is scary. But RTD has some good episodes as well — like "Midnight."

    1. Me, too, Charity. To be honest, I am probably not qualified to comment on the matter given I’ve only seen Matt in the role but… heavens, he’s cute as the Doctor. ;) See… I wouldn’t be a fan of The Doctor crying a lot. There is a time and a place that’s appropriate but guys weeping overmuch isn’t my “thing.”

      Woo-hoo for Pond fans. That girl has moxie and I adore her for it. Her ho-hum attitude (while traveling through SPACE) made me giggle multiple times – and when she’d call the Doctor on how wrong he sometimes was earned my admiration. Sorry to hear that S7 wasn’t good for you – I think I remember that know you mention it. It looks fun to me and I am excited to meet Clara despite my doubts she’ll never match Amy’s awesome-ness. I am very much looking forward to S6 and eventually seven – five certainly pulled me away from my nights that should have been spent reading and was instead staying up late watching more of “Who and company.” ;)

      Thanks for the advice to watch earlier seasons! Maybe, someday… right now I cannot imagine betraying Matt. ;) Moffat may not handle arcs very well but heck, I thought it was all brilliant! Loved so much about these episodes and am certainly excited to continue the journey.

    2. I did NOT want Matt in the part either — so imagine my surprise when within his first season, he became my favorite Doctor. (I was a die-hard Tennant fanatic, too!) Ten is… insane, in a wonderful sort of way; David Tennant was terrific. I can't wait to see them BOTH in the 50th anniversary this autumn.

      Amy is a lot like Donna, except she's younger, prettier, wears shorter skirts, and falls for him; Donna never did; she flat out reminded him he was an alien half the time. I love the companions that DON'T fall for the Doctor, because I'm not a fan of "romantic Doctor." (Well, except for him and River Song — and that's just because Matt is so adorable at playing it.)

      Clara is pretty forgettable after Amy and Rory, unfortunately — but then, a lot of the Doctor's companions ARE boring.

    3. Ha! That’s ironic that you “fell” for him taking on the role after one episode! Good for you, Charity – and believe me, I am quite fond of Matt in the role. I did mention that, right!? ;) Hey, the idea of a 50th anniversary episode has me giddy and I am not even a fanatic of the show. Yet. There’s something thrilling about the prospect of so much goodness packed into one special.

      There is a turning point in S5 when Amy no longer “loves” the Doctor. For me, her feelings were more infatuation and excitement than love. She was swept up in his world and all he had to offer – plus it didn’t help that he reappeared the night before her wedding; she was kind of “running” from Rory and settling into a life of marital bliss. Oh, my gosh! I love River and the Doctor’s flirty, cute banter. Far too many times I was grinning from ear to ear over their silliness – and Amy chiming in, “she’s definitely your wife!” So fun! Matt has a great screen presence in this role and you are right, he’s adorable in those scenes.

      *sad face* I thought Clara would be terrific. But then, after Amy and Rory… there is a pair not easy to “replace.” :)

    4. I HATED the idea of the Doctor/River Song when Ten was around, but for some reason Eleven makes it work. If you ever DO go back and watch some of the original story — River Song's "ending" is how we first meet her! It was a stroke of genius, to have her and the Doctor moving in one another's timelines, going in opposite directions.

      Amy had a crush on the Doctor, and came to love him as a friend — which was a nice twist. I loved the addition of Rory to the cast; it was wonderful to have a married couple travel with the Doctor!

    5. Funny you should bring that up, Charity – I could have sworn that once upon a time you did mention disliking the whole Doctor/River story; they are kinda' cute together though. Oh, chances are likely that I'll someday watch the entire run. It's just that… well… I cannot imagine "leaving" Eleven just now. ;) His adventures and personality is WAY too interesting.

      Oh, yes! Amy did have a HUGE crush on the Doctor. My impressions were that it was just that though. She didn't ever fall for him, she was simply caught up in the excitement of his life – plus was running scared from saying those "I do's." The finale for S5 was fun and full of promise (I mean, come on: Amy AND Rory were going along! *squeal*) for more fun so for sure, I will be excited to watch more. Someday. :)

    6. If you ever want season 6 cheaper than Amazon sells it for, let me know — I have a DVD set for it that I didn't want to trade in for a pittance when I upgraded to Blu Ray. =P

      Ten and Eleven are a lot alike; regenerations aside, all Doctors have the same basic personality traits ("I'm brilliant!" "I'd say you were a genius, but I'm in the room!").

      And yes, I hated River/Doctor with the burning passion of a thousand suns… until I saw her gun down a dozen Silences and the Doctor stare at her and say, "I shouldn't like that, but I sorta did." BING! BAM! Love.

      Wait until you meet the TARDIS. She has a personality, you know — and it winds up in human form for one episode. It's… it's… well, as Amy says, "Doctor, did you wish really hard?"

      Gosh, I love it. And I'm about to go home and watch the season finale for this year. =/

    7. Oh, really!? Awesome – I did price the sets a week ago but don't remember what they were going for. :) I'll keep your offer in mind – thanks!

      That is what I am hearing by all these delightful comments – Ten and Eleven are similar personalities. Ha! That quote reminds me of one other dude: Sherlock's reaction to anyone else sharing breathing space with him – he flat out tells everyone else they aren't half as brilliant as he. And he's proud of it. ;)

      Almost fell over this afternoon when River showed up in an episode of Without a Trace. Then the disc started messing up so… well, I haven't been able to finish it yet! *sad face* In the scene you are describing, yep, I can see why River won you over; it does sound pretty cool – and a little bit epic. (Plus the way you describe her introduction sounds… EPIC.)

      You all have me giddy over what's to come and sharing favorite moments to look forward too – for sure, it sounds like a terrific adventure! :)

      Hope you enjoyed the current season's finale… and that it will last you until a new season rolls up in 2014. :)

    8. Well, Doctor Who as a character IS based partly on Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, so… ;)

      I can't say what happened in the finale, but everyone bawled their way through the episode on tumblr, and I sat there going "Huh, that's a pretty cool episode." No tears. Living proof that when I cried over "Downton Abbey" at Christmas, I cried my last tear for a television show. =P

    9. Ah! Makes perfect sense then. Compound that with the face that Moffat is involved in both series and viola, similarities abound. ;)

      Well… good for you! Just because I am not a "crier," it takes a LOT for me to actually cry while watching or reading something but that doesn't mean I don't "feel" the emotions at the time. Because I knew what happened in 'Downton,' I was "over it" by the time I watched it and while I know that sounds… cruel, I couldn't help it! I adore the characters (Matthew chief among them!) but in the end, it *is* just a television show and the older I've gotten, the easier it is to accept that.

  7. Welcome, my friend, welcome! I can't believe you hadn't seen any Doctor Who, being the BBC groupie that you are! :) I echo Charity above in that, David Tennant was a fabulous Doctor…Matt Smith (and Chris Esccleston from Season 1, for that matter) are also just as fabulous! In some ways, I like Matt Smith better than Tennant. But they each have had their strong points, so I just like The Doctor. Period. :)

    This post really is great! You've captured a lot of the initial impressions so well! I was the same way – the first episode was like "okay, that's sorta cool. But I don't get the hysterical craze over this." But then…later…giving it another try…it's like "wow! How'd I miss this?"

    And Rory. We all love Rory. To pieces. I haven't begun Season 7, since I'm waiting for it to be released as a full set later on this year. But I'm already bracing myself for the sad goodbye. *sniff sniff*

    1. Kellie – thanks! Being labeled a groupie for such an awesome fandom is really an honor! :) I know, right!? I am not entirely sure how I missed watching this also. A while back, I mentioned something about having watched an episode and Charity was like, “wait! You finally watched some Doctor Who!?” I wasn’t sure how I’d forgotten to mention it… but guess I did.

      Best to just say it like it is, girl: we like the Doctor, period! Amen.

      Thanks for reading, as always. I was kind of enthusiastic about the show after watching it all so yeah, I guess I do gush a bit and that probably is abundantly clear in this review. It’s for a good cause though. :) For some reason I skipped E2 and went on to the WWII episode and was like, “oh, gosh! I’ve just addicted myself to a new show!” LOL! Not sure I needed that but am happy to “get” just why this show is so cool.

      The love Rory has for Amy is… priceless. In very different ways, he’s just as cool as the Doctor. I know what happens eventually so like you, I am going to be terribly sad how it turns out (selfishly, it’s mostly because I won’t get to see them anymore). Hopefully being prepared will lessen the blow since it has with all of the other shows who take away treasured characters. *fingers crossed*

      Elizabeth – Kellie always makes excellent observations! :)

    1. Sounds like a plan, Heather! From all that everyone says, first impressions (after one episode) aren't very enthusiastic but after that… things change! I know that was my experience. If you see more, let me know how it turned out for you. :)

      Thanks bunches for dropping by!

  8. Hahaha a Whovian in the making I see, Rissi! YAY!!!! I'm going to go even further than Rosie said in her comment above and say start watching when the series reboot started in 2005 — the series with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper! What Kristin said is so true, first you think it's strange, then you watch a few more episodes only to find yourself hooked! I never missed an episode when it originally aired on SyFy. I was alone in my little Whovian world back then but I've gotten so many people started on the show and so many more people around the world and in the US have found it that I can now discuss it with a bunch of people. It's great. I cannot wait for the last episode this Saturday when we potentially find out the Doctor's name.

    Enjoy the rest of the show!

    Renee C

    1. Yes, indeed-y, Renee. I am not sure what it all takes to be an “official” Whovian but… I like to think I am a budding one. :)

      But… how could I possibly betray Matt!? I mean, I just met him and he’s kinda cute, plus brilliant so I’m not sure… ;)

      There is a possibility that I may see prior seasons. Must admit though, I am kind of a weirdo when it comes to back-pedaling; it’s not always enjoyable to go back when I’ve seen the “future” or know what is to come. Nonetheless, once I get through six and seven, I may be going through withdrawals and *need* to see more. ;) Thanks for the suggestion!

      Ooooh! A name for the Doctor!? That alone is worth sticking with the franchise. Among tons of other incentives, of course. ;)

  9. ahhhhhhhhh! I love matt smith but I also love david tennat!!! this is the best show EVER! love it. all of it. it would not be the same without Rose and the doctor starting it all off!

    1. Me, too, Elizabeth! Love Matt's cuteness and how easily the joy of his character rubs off on everyone around him. This is for sure, one of the best shows around and certainly one of the more entertaining "imports" Americans have come to enjoy from the Brits. :)

  10. Welcome to the fandom!!! It's hard to decide which Doctor is my favorite David Tennant or Matt Smith (Christopher Eccleston was good too though). Doctor Who has definitely wreaked havoc on my emotions (I think it's a BBC thing)

    Have fun diving in to the show!

    1. Hey there, Liz! Nice to see you dropping by. :)

      Of course, I cannot comment on any other actor who's played this iconic character BUT I do adore Matt. He's cute and fun. If this comment thread is an indicator, many girls really liked David though also, so it seems a toss-up. :)

      BBC does like to tear our hearts in two, sadly. Me? All I ask for is an eventual happy ending and I am all set. :)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Doctor Who – and thanks! I look forward to watching another set.

  11. Yay! You've finally gotten a taste of Doctor Who. It is a quirky and wacky show, but that's a part of its charm I think. ;-) My favorite season was the one with Rose and Ten…season two I think? But I did like Matt Smith and Amy and well…maybe I shouldn't name the character in case you haven't met him yet. But a word of warning–Moffat does NOT play nice. He's a great script writer, but he will have you crying and haunted by the story.

    1. Hey, Gwendolyn – yes, indeed, finally I visited the world of Doctor Who. Now, I am not sure I’ll be able to return. ;)

      100% agree; the quirkiness IS a part of the show’s charm – and to be honest, I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING; love that it marches to the beat of its own drum.

      Now you have me curious – another character you liked in addition to Rose, Ten, Eleven (Matt Smith) and Amy? Hm… who could that be!? :)

      Oh, believe me I know all about what Moffat has planned for the upcoming (S6, S7) seasons. (He likes to toy with us in regards to Sherlock as well!) Much as I won’t like it, I do SO much better knowing. That way, my tv-fandom-loving heart isn’t ripped to shreds. Here’s to hoping that holds true with Doctor Who.

  12. Interesting post! A couple years ago I started watching Doctor Who with my mother. (We're big fans of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, so I'm always on the lookout for more sci-fi themed shows.)

    I have to admit I've been pretty sporadic about watching DW. I've seen everything up to the 3rd episode of the 3rd season, but it's probably been 6 months or more since I've watched it…. Some episodes I liked and thought were pretty good, but other episodes….I think the tone is just so different from the sci-fi shows I'm used to, that sometimes the wackiness starts to feel over the top cheesy. Obviously I was interested enough to slowly get to the third season, but then other shows that I liked better just kind of took over my tv rotation.

    So, I guess you could say I'm stalled out in the David Tenant years. I do think I like him better then Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. I'm a stickler for going in order, so I haven't seen any of the episodes with Matt Smith, though I am curious.

    It seems like my tv show rotation list is getting smaller by the week, due to various season endings, etc. I've actually been considering adding Doctor Who back to my list and giving it another try. I wish they wouldn't have the Dalek's on quite so many episodes….but then again, occasionally I will just blurt out "EXTERMINATE!", so who knows, maybe I secretly love them, LOL.

    This has really turned into a ramble…It would seem I'm kind of the odd girl out here, feeling just kind of so-so about Doctor Who. I do think I'll give it another chance though, and I guess I'll just have to see how it goes. I really *want* to become a fan, because the Tardis is honestly quite cool.

    1. Thanks for reading, Valerie. Always enjoy getting your thoughts. :)

      Several years ago, I caught an episode or two of one of the SG series – don’t remember if it was the original one or a spin-off, and I was crazy in like with it. Given the amount of shows I keep up with, that was one I opted not to watch but, yeah, it was lots of fun!

      Your description of Doctor Who is spot on; it is sometimes too wacky for its own good. Yet, as a series it seems like it (somehow) always pulls being “wacky” off with style, making it seem more normal and “right” than is good for it. I think initially, the “cheesy” elements were what turned me off, which is unusual since I like cheesy… just not the sci-fi kind I guess. Anyway, I was basically unsure about all the silly effects but enjoyed the characters and humor. Glad I stuck with it because yeah, I am totally in like with it now!

      Normally, I’d be all for going in order as well – in fact I prefer it with my shows. This one didn’t have that same “labeling” for me though. I wanted to see Matt in the role and liked the “look” of everything about him as the Eleventh Doctor and of course, Amy Pond. Not knowing all the facts about the show (in its proper order), I can say that I’m delighted with series five and thrilled to eventually get the sixth and seventh sets.

      LOL! Yeah, those Darlek’s are an annoyance; perhaps deep down, you do think them kinda’ cute. ;)

      Hey, I don’t see you as the odd girl in this – everyone likes something different and DW is certainly a unique brand of fun. It’s not for everyone. You can “ramble” anytime on here, Valerie – loved reading your comment!

      Hope you enjoy the rest of the show if you give it another chance.

  13. I didn't thoroughly read all the comments, but it seems like a lot of folks commenting really like David Tenant… so I just had to put in my vote for Matt Smith as the best Doctor. ;) I've heard that you always like the first incarnation you see the best, and that could be true… I definitely love Matt Smith as The Doctor! My sister saw one or two David Tenants episodes before we started watching Season 5 as a family, and she likes Tenant a little better. David Tenant was good, but not my favorite, and I got a little tired of him by the time he finally left, but whatever you do, you must watch the Tenant episode "Blink"! Carey Mulligan, and my favorite Who baddies. It's a great episode!

    1. Me, too, Lizzie! Of course, I cannot really judge given I have only “met” Matt’s personable Doctor but seriously, just now I’d be cheating if I tried the Tenant years; Matt is too adorable in the role. He seems to have a charismatic presence that would be unmatched – or not easily done. That being said, I won’t say I’ll never watch earlier episodes. Just now, I am too focused on watching the next series. :)

      Hey, thanks for the episode recommendation! Carey Mulligan is one of my favorite British actresses so it’d be amusing to see her in a Doctor Who episode. Appreciate you suggesting that and sharing your thoughts – really glad you stopped in.

    2. Hehe, yes, "adorable" is a great word to describe Matt's Doctor! I think he's able to balance the gravity of a 900+ year-old being who's seen a lot of tragedy, grief and death with a more cheerful, light-hearted side, and sometimes a bit of childlike delight. ;) I think he's the perfect Doctor. But anyway, I could ramble about Doctor Who for way too long. I haven't even mentioned the companions, but I'll spare you.

      Yeah, I wanted to watch "Blink" just for Carey Mulligan, but it's actually a really good episode in itself. I'm glad you're enjoying Doctor Who!

    3. I think he's able to balance the gravity of a 900+ year-old being who's seen a lot of tragedy, grief and death with a more cheerful, light-hearted side, and sometimes a bit of childlike delight.

      Yes^! That is a very astute and accurate description, Lizzie. I like how you summed his character up. Amy seems like a charming companion. Don't know about the rest, so I won't comment or offer speculation. :)

      Great to know – Carey is a very talented actress. She was also in an episode of Marple which was fun. :)

  14. I became a Whovian last summer, when I started with David Tennant's first series, which was Series 2. Needless to say, I quite love almost everything about Doctor Who–and I'm glad you're getting into it! :) I love Ten, but Matt Smith's Eleven is just as fun, and s.5 is one of my favorites.

    1. Glad for another "Eleven" fan, Jess-Rose! Of course, I shouldn't comment on the Tennant years however, I think Matt seems rather hard to beat. He's cute in a fun sort of way and is also a surprisingly soft-hearted person.

      Hooray for all Whovian fans!

  15. How nice to read you've finally taken the 'plunge' and stepped into the world of Doctor Who! After the times he's featured in your banner, it was about time you started actually watching the show, right?!

    I'm a moderate Who fan myself. I love watching the episodes, but I don't necessary follow every spoiler or read all the fan discussions. 'My' Doctor is Ten, though I have nothing really against Eleven. I think it's more the writing of the Russel T Davies era that I liked better than the more complex and mysterious writing of Stephen Moffat. Anyway, enjoy your further ride through the Doctor Who series and looking forward to more posts of you about this subject!

    (Off topic: As you might have seen, I've made myself a Blogger account. I thought it would be easier that way to comment on various blogs I'm reading. However, I wonder if there is a way to get responses to my comment in my email? So I don't have to check every thread I've responded in for a possible reply. Or maybe a place on my Blogger account where all the comments can be found? Thanks!)

    1. LOL! Touché. You and Charity both thought it was well past time I watched an episode considering the promotional shoots were featured in my designs so many times. I really couldn't help it though – how cute where they!?

      That's the same place I feel my viewership is at right now also, Birdienl! I mean, I LOVED it after that first episode (the head over heels kind) BUT… I haven't bought more sets yet, and I'm okay with it. Not being able to comment on any other seasons, I found five BRILLIANT and equally adored Matt's Eleven. He was cute, fun and also a clever fellow who wasn't easily intimidated. Basically, he was one cool dude. ;)

      Awesome about a blogger account – that's great! Always appreciate your comments around here. :) As far as getting comments in your inbox, you can receive them by checking the box that says "Email follow-up comments to [insert email address]." This is found on blogs that have the "pop-up" comment section (although I think you will also receive every comment in any thread YOU leave a comment in no matter who leaves it). Since I have changed to embedded, if you wish to receive replies from my blog specifically, I'd be happy to email them to you. Or there's this Blogger option also:


      Hope these help!

    2. He, thanks for the tips! I just never saw that 'Subscribe by email' button *facepalm*

      I'm literally NOW going to watch the series 7 finale of Doctor Who: exciting!!

    3. Yippee! Sounds like fun, Birdienl – wish I were that far into the series. :) I hope you enjoyed!

      No worries – to be honest, I never paid that button much mind either. One of those things that we see ALL THE TIME but don't really notice, I guess. ;)

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