It’s Friday and because it’s Friday (or basically “just because”) that earns a few Link Love: June 2013 edition links of things I am lovin’ – and (un)lovin’ – since the last edition.  

LINK LOVE: JUNE 2013. Sharing some favorite or recent links I'm enjoying or trends that inspire. All text is © Rissi JC

A lovely blogger/friend/writer is publishing her first novel, have you added it to your Goodreads shelf?  

Hello, pretty chevron stripes!

Delighted with your season finale, Hank and company – it was just what fans needed.

…still skeptical

Sad, upset and worried over how the show that “shaped” USA Network will end.

Shedding a tear (or maybe buckets of them!) over this (who would you cast?)

A new movie photo? Yes, please.

Thank goodness, this movie is almost here; this sequel has a first photo (*squeal*) and how can you not like these character posters!? Please hurry July!

Love this Tweeter’s header. And her style.

As always, this country star is a class act – how pretty and girly! (tell me, Ella, what do you think?)

This pin totally inspired a Disney board. It couldn’t be helped – how cute!

What beats the classic cookies and cream? If nothing else, it makes for a tasty summertime treat.

Love this color.

Our silly music convos on Twitter.

That’s it for today! What finds have you come across lately? Or what would be on your “Link Love: June 2013” list? Hope you all have a terrific weekend. Enjoy Friday! TGIF ♥

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    1. Neither can I, Charity – it's kind of freaking me out to be honest. Big shoes to fill is an understatement. Matt was… awesome! ;)

      Ugh! Are there rumors it may be a "her" in this next series? Even being naïve of the entire history, methinks that would ruin the show. Not cool.

    2. I went through all of this when David Tennant left — replacing your first Doctor is always the worst. I cried for a good two hours after his last episode and made up my mind to hate Matt. As you can see, that plan didn't pan out! When I found out he was leaving, I felt sad about it — but not surprised. He's done four seasons and wants to try something new. That's okay.

      Matt is a very… classical Doctor, a lot more like the original incarnations of the character than many of the later ones. I like that about him. He's enthusiastic! He has such child-like innocence one moment and such darkness the next. Tennant could do it too, but not quite as well.

      Time Lords can regenerate however they please, so there's some discussion among the fandom about a female Doctor (please don't — it just wouldn't work for me and a lot of people would quit watching, I think — plus, that's kind of squicky if you married a Time Lord and they changed genders on you at some point!) or a black Doctor, since there hasn't been one yet. I suspect they'll stay pretty true to form, and go for a tall, skinny guy like they've done before.

    3. …I totally understand that now, Charity. It's too sad for its own good. I suspect (like with 'Downton') by the time the S9 DVD set is out (unless I detest the actor or it's a woman), true to form, I'll be well "over" this. After all, it is just television. That being said, unless Moffat casts the right DUDE, he and I will not be friends. Temporarily. ;)

      YES! Everything you just said about Matt's doctor is exactly him. I love that enthusiasm because it's so infectious (it rubs off on everyone!) and yet in a complete turnaround he can be serious and caring.

      It makes me smile to know Matt does it ever the teeniest bit better than Tennant. Don't know why. ;)

      Please, no! I don't want to see a woman in the role either. As you say, they'll probably stick with the "type." But then again maybe they'll shock us. We can only speculate at this point. Of the names being bantered about, do you like any of them? Or do you have a face you'd like to see take the role? None really wow me…

    4. If they make him a her…I might just quit. Because I don't want "shock value" (plus the River plot would get realllllly awkward…). But hey, ya think they would risk the huge fangirldom? I hope not! A female doctor just isn't right. I'm biting my nails. This has been quite an experience…Matt was the Doctor when I discovered the series, so while I had regeneration grief I wasn't wondering who the heck the new Doctor would be. Now it's like….ack!!! (Hugh Laurie would be pretty cool, IMO, if not a teeny bit old for "new" Who)

    5. Moffat and I aren't friends now! =P He has this stupid, immature obsession with cramming as many gay references as he can into the series, and it annoys me. Anyway… it'd be dangerous to cast a woman so I doubt he'd do it. There's only so much you can get away with.

      I LOVE David Tennant in the part. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Can't wait to see him and Matt share screen time as the Doctor. (Ugh, even if I have to take Rose along with it.)

      I haven't really paid much attention to the casting news — can't think of anyone I want in the role, so I hope it's an unknown.

    6. Alexandra – you and I both. Making the Doctor a "her" would just be for "shock value" and that is no motivation in this scenario; sometimes, in a thriller, that works well. Here, not so much. ;)

      Like you, I don't think producers will mess with that fandom. Since Matt is the only Doctor I know, I'll miss him terribly. Hugh Laurie could pull the role off – he was hilarious in S&S though I am not sure he'd be my first choice…

      Ha! Love what you say about River; that would be VERY awkward.

      Always delighted to see you over here! Thanks, Alexandra.

      Charity – that is stupid, immature and just plain… bothersome. Show biz's obsessions with normalizing homosexuality is troubling. Sadly I don't think it will reverse.

      I'll admit that 50th anniversary special does sound epic. Guess I have to play catch up first. ;)

      Seeing an unknown would be grand – that always makes for some great new dynamics! :)

    7. I knew who Matt was going in, having seen him in other things — but never impressed me prior to Doctor Who. Playing that zany part just brings out the best in a good actor.

      Given that one of the show's forerunners and writers is gay… I guess it's not too surprising, but still… =P

    8. So did I (like you, he was a familiar face) but I think 'Who' made him more a "household name" than prior to his starring role in the series. This character did bring out the BEST in Matt as an actor – although I liked him in the "Sally Lockhart" movies, too. :)

      Ugh! You got that right. Doesn't mean it still doesn't leave a bad taste. *sigh*

    1. Yay! Happy you did, Melissa – it sounds and looks like a delightful read, one in which Amber teases the story will take risks. (Good for her!) I've a feeling the book will be as delightful on the inside as out. :)

  1. I already added Amber's book, so now it just has to release. As for the Disney pin, Marie is quite the little lady ;-)


    1. Yippee, Grace! Love the enthusiasm for Amber and her book. It's going to be wonderful methinks. :)

      She is – I always did love that Disney movie! I mean, who could resist Marie's cuteness and her rascally brothers!? ;)

  2. I haven't even finished the list and I'm already scrolling down to comment on Who Will be the Doctor post.

    I just found out a few days ago that Matt Smith was leaving (*cute weeping*) and I haven't even seen Season 7 yet. My personal vote is for an UNKNOWN actor. I've heard Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch bandied about prior to reading that list, and whereas I LOVE and ADORE both of them as actors…they are already to known, too stereotyped, to iconic for other big shows. That's also an ixnay on Rupert Grint (shudder) and Daniel Radcliffe (seriously? Way too tame, somebody was just trying to be funny) and I could go on…but I'm officially casting my vote for someone unknown. But he'd better be good, no pressure, Moffat.

    1. We'll cry over this together, Kellie! It's really a travesty and makes me sad given how good Matt was in the role.

      Like you, I've not seen seven (or six) yet but am poised to like them both because of Matt, getting to experience Amy Pond's awesome-ness for a while longer and the humor. Since Matt was an unknown when he was cast (I think…?), that seems a good strategy, Kellie! I like it. That's what I wanted for the sequel of P&P also (or 'Death Comes to Pemberly'), alas that was not to be. Yeah, I don't like the idea of Rupert Grint, Daniel or seeing Tom either. I don't think Benedict would be able to take on the role even if he was being eyed – that dude is one BUSY actor. ;)

      Methinks Moffat needs the pressure. ;)

  3. Awww, Rissi!! That was so thoughtful of you to link to Bleeding Heart on Goodreads despite the fact that you already posted about the book earlier this week! <3

    And I totally agree about Juju and the header on her Twitter page! :)


    P.S. Thank you so much, Melissa and Grace, for adding the book!

    1. There can never be enough linking to 'Bleeding Heart,' Amber. ♥

      Isn't Juju's twitter look snazzy!? Shouldn't surprise me since Juju is one neat lady. :)

      Excited Melissa and Grace added it to their shelves! Let's keep this enthusiasm going, my friend.

    1. It is hard, Evelyn – I know the feeling! Went through all of that in my teen years and have finally seemed to get "better" at looking for modest clothing. It's an experience. :)

  4. Cookies and cream? Yes please! Only one of my favorite flavors of ice cream ever! And Marie? What a great quote. Not sure I really agree necessarily, but it did make me grin! :D

    1. Me, too, Kara! It's one of my guilty pleasures – gotta' love Breyers + cookies n cream!? That's a win-win. ;)

      LOL! Yeah, I don't necessarily agree with the literal meaning of that Aristocats quote but… it made me smile. That used to be one of my VERY favorite Disney movies; I am surprised the VHS tape isn't worn out by now. ;)

  5. I'm incredibly excited about the new Superman movie!! :) I always get a little giddy when it's time for another comic book movie. It's almost depressing that I have to wait so long for another Captain America and Avengers movie, though. :S

    1. So am I, Bluerose! Been *dying* to see it ever since reading who had been cast.

      *high five*

      I get giddy for new superhero movies also! Loved 'Avengers' (it surprised me how much) and think Captain America is the best superhero – he's got a moral code. :)

    1. YES! So am I, Angela. It's a really cool pattern; one I suspect I'll use even after it's not "hot" any more. :)

      Wasn't that color gorgeous!? I am quite obsessed with it just now. :)

    1. Do you know, that's an excellent question, Juju! I wonder if it's slimming also – not sure if stripes are supposed to be or not…

      Isn't Marie the cutest cat ever!? I used to adore that Disney movie and still to this day think its one of their cutest if not underrated.

      I had LOTS of fun trying 'sugar coat.' It's something different and "jazzes" up your nail polish – plus I used a brighter emerald shade on a single nail on one had and on alternating nails (two) on the other. It seems to be a "look" this year.

      Meant it sincerely, Juju! :) Enjoy your blog, tweets and appreciate all you do, and your support of this blog. Thank you!

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