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I have to admit, the content for the blog is “off” this week. Usually tomorrow would feature Top Ten Tuesday, however the subject didn’t really interest me (but if you guys take part, be sure to leave your links as I’d love to see yours). This made me wonder, what (if anything) am I posting today. Then it came to me – of course, let’s gush a little bit about the reality show, or more specifically Dancing with the Stars the switch off 2014.

Dancing with the Stars, the Switch-Up. Talking about the Dancing with the Stars switch up 2014. All text © Rissi JC

Now, for those of you who aren’t a fan of the show or detest its very existence, never fear, this will not turn into a weekly meme. It just seems like a fun one-day topic. Or a rare “wild sighting” kind of switch-up topic. 

This year there were 13 couples, which is now reduced to NINE. Of those nine, there’s a few I’d like to see off the show because they aren’t as entertaining to watch; and then there are those who are doing insanely well. Fan favorite pro dancer Derek Hough again has a partner who’s a judge’s favorite. Plus she has the benefit of the choreography he creates, however I’m not fond of his partner as we “know” her. Bethany Mota (a YouTube beauty sensation), in comparison to some of his previous partners. This is especially true when I remember Amy from season 18. That being said, the two of them have had some very entertaining numbers this year. 

Also fun to watch are the 80’s and 90’s stars, Lea Thompson (Back to the Future), and Alfonso Ribeiro (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). Lea has proven to be a lovely dancer. Another judge’s favorite is Alfonso, a dude with talent, plus he totally ups the entertainment. Then there is the star I’m most rooting for. This is for a couple of reasons, one being what she and her family stand for, but also, this girl can dance. We speak of Sadie Robertson.

Paired with Mark Ballas, she got off to a beautiful and mesmerizing start in the four weeks season 19 has been airing. Sadie is the kind of performer who commands a presence each time she takes to the floor. She puts on a snazzy show each time and is darling as a person we get to “know” throughout the show.

Wishing her and Mark the best of luck throughout the rest of the season – I’m certainly pulling for them! Tonight’s show features the “switch-off.” The one week during the season in which America pairs the stars with a new pro dancer. Here are those pairings.

Dancing with the Stars The Switch Off 2014

via Dancing ABC Instagram. Here are the final nine along with their original partners:

Will you be watching tonight… if so what are you most anticipating or what have you enjoyed so far on season 19. Share all your favorite drama below.  

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  1. Love Sadie also! Her and Derek were at her house all week practicing, and having fun. Can't wait to see their Charleston. I also love Alfonso. I think it will come down to those 2 in the finals, but I could be wrong. After hearing Bethany's story about how her best friends turned on her when she was 12 I cried. My now 8th grader had the same thing happen to her at the same age. Even she cried and was like we got to vote for her since I feel her pain. The dance was beautiful, and loved that Colbie Caillat played my favorite song Try live! :)

    1. Great picks, Shannon – strictly going by the judging, I think Alfonso and Janel will be in the finals (they're kind of judges "pets"), but beyond that, I think the audience will see to it Sadie gets to the final 3/4. Bethany's dances have been fun/lovely. I just haven't loved her as a "person" or how we see her – especially when thinking of Derek's past partners like Amy Purdy or Kellie Pickler. Either way, I'm betting they'll go far too! :)

    2. I forgot about Janel although after Mondays dance I don't think anyone can! :) WOW that was a steamy dance! I can't stand Julianne as a judge, hello girl did you forget the movie you were in with that dance title! I think she is to full of herself behind the judges desk. I would love to see Val win a mirrorball. Your right about the pets, they seem to really love Sadie also! I'm not a Duck Dynasty watcher, never even seen 1 episode. However I do follow Sadie, her mom and duck and dressing their clothing shop on instagram. They have the most adorable outfits!!!!

    3. You might be right, Shannon – that dance was… whoa! And you're not alone as regards Julianne as a judge; I don't care for her in that position either. I love her in the movies I've seen her in (haven't seen the one you mention) as well as her music, and I like her dance routines I've seen, but as a judge? No, just no.

      Every single season the judges have their pets. This year, it's again shaping up to be clear who they love, but then again, I continue to watch it – drama and all, so I deal. ;) I'm glad Sadie is doing well. I don't watch the show either, but I love supporting Christian conservatives and since usually they are usually trashed on the show (it's always clear the judges hold back), it makes me all the more determined to vote for them and get them into the finals! :)

    1. Me too, Juju! I'm so excited to see what Derek and Sadie's dance it like – he is MEGA talented and as you say, always brings the best out in whomever he is paired with. :)

  2. Yup, I'm excited! I'm excited that my two favorites (Alfonso and Sadie) got paired with some of my favorite pros (Derek and Cheryl). Love everything you said about Sadie; she is such a natural! I really like the choreography Mark comes up with as well.

    1. Hi, Sereina! SO glad you visited. I agree. Derek and Cheryl are fun pros – and Derek is certainly WAY talented. Hope he continues to grow in that field. Mark has great talent too and he really seems to do well with those "controversial" contestants (Bristol Palin, Candace Cameron Bure). I hope Sadie continues to blossom – she deserved more than one 10 last week, but hey, I'm glad she's taking it all in stride. :)

      Yeah, I have enjoyed all of Derek and Bethany's dances, but there is something about her I'm not a fan of. Not sure what. But… it's there.

    2. Being that she was bullied she might be very stand offish and wall built up that lets no one in. I've seen it that way or extremely shy and quiet and you don't know they are there. My daughter lived out a story just like Bethany's that she shared on DWTS. She got shy and quiet. My friend was bullied and she got this wall, stand offish personality that many say she is rude and a snob and she isn't if you know her. But she doesn't like to let people in, even now she takes a long time to trust.

      I've noticed they tend to give Mark the more religious contestants maybe he is religious also and so he knows not to cross boundaries? I'm a so so Derek fan, I know I know everyone loves him. He is majorly talented but I'm more of a Mark fan, or Maks when he was on.

    3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Shannon – you could very well be right. :)

      YES! You are so right, Mark does get paired with the religious and/or controversial contestants (all the time) and I always feel bad for him because of the judges prejudice that results from those stars, however he does well with (both Bristol and Candace ended up in the final three despite judges doing their utmost to have them voted off) them and like you, I enjoy him as a pro too. He's a good sport who always seems to care about his partner and in a sense be "protective" of them. Glad he and Sadie are paired together because he seems to do well with this stars despite judges being unfair in their scoring all too often. :)

  3. To be honest, I hate the switch-up week! Probably mostly because I don't handle change very well. :) But it just seems like everybody is usually off their game on switch-up night (with good reason!). I usually love the themed nights, but not this one.

    I am looking forward to seeing Lea and Val dance together, though. She and Artem are one of my favorites, and I like Val a lot though I don't like his regular partner so I have a hard time rooting for them.

    1. I wasn't fond of the idea last season either, but when I watched it, I dealt with the change. If it was going to be permanent, that would have enticed a TOTALLY different reaction. ;) You make a great, valid point though – there is the idea/hope you "bond" with your partner, then for a week, it's all changed! How weird would that be!?

      I like Val too. For a while there, Maks wasn't a favorite and I thought Val was the nicer brother of the two (if it's not all for show), so he has become a favorite and I liked Danica last season, so it will indeed be fun to see how Lea and Val dance together – especially since I have enjoyed her routines so far! Here's hoping next week is back to normal! :)

    2. Val and Maks tidbit: They donate a lot of time and money to children's charities: Val is always visiting children's hospitals and Maks won an award for I think abused children, they are big children's charity advocates, ( I follow them on instagram) Tough Guys with hearts of gold! When asked about that on the radio they said that is for them and not for press.

    3. That's cool, Shannon. :)

      You know, lots of the personalities and drama is all for the show, which makes it tough to "know" any of the pros completely. It's just fun to follow and have favorites – and to see them return! Really glad Maks and Meryl won last season, they were magic together. :)

    1. Hello, Ellie. How lovely to meet you – and thanks. :) Thanks for introducing yourself.

      Very good observation; yes, the costuming is inappropriate, so it does make it tough for conservative families to enjoy together, I completely understand that coming from a family who was choosy about what they watched. :)

      Thanks for following; visit anytime.

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