One of the movies that sat for quite on long time on my literal and then digital shelf, High Strung is a small indie film that I’d assume had great expectations.

High Strung (2016) Film Review

Aspiration and hard work is what brings Ruby (Keenan Kampa) to the big city. On scholarship at the Manhattan Conservatory of Arts school, Ruby is a hard worker with talent that impresses instructors. Where she doesn’t excel is in the world of hip-hop dance. But her ballet is beautiful and could be flawless if only she’d stop overthinking every move.

Johnnie (Nicholas Galitzine) is a raw talent violinist. He spends his days playing in the subway. Or he did until his violin is stolen preventing him from making a little bit of money. Money he needs in order to keep up with bills. When both have decisions to make, it may come down to a challenging solution that will have surprising results.

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This is one of those movies that’s entertaining but also very forgettable. If one has to guess, you’d assume it had high hopes of being the next Step Up but it doesn’t have that kind of presence. Though I “get” it, I don’t think all of the dancing sequences work. The ballet is pretty and fits better just because of Ruby’s goals. Also I can admit I enjoy watching it more versus the hip hop styles. Even at this, I still think the scenes sometimes are too much.

The movie still has some pretty moments including the showcase scene. The film is quite moody, too. All of which is to help sell the artsy atmosphere and try to fit in with the hero’s affect and look or vice versa. If you like musical and moody dramas, you may like this. Written by Janeen and Michael Damian, the pair are known for their work on Hallmark films, and will no doubt be familiar to many as a result.


🩰🪩 ‘HIGH STRUNG’: A STORY ABOUT CHASING DREAMS 🪩🩰 Review of the 2016 dramady. All review text is © Rissi JC

Content: there isn’t much to note. There’s some kissing and partying. A girl makes out heavily with a guy who’s trouble. There may be some minor innuendo. The film is PG.

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