One of those movies I kept saying, I’ll watch eventually, and never did, Baby Driver is surprisingly entertaining albeit quite violence climax heavy.

Baby Driver (2017) Film Review

Working for a criminal boss wasn’t what the young Baby (Ansel Elgort) set out to do. But to pay off a debt, this is what he’s doing. Unique, Baby has a skill Doc (Kevin Spacey) needs. He’s a getaway driver that never fails in his part of the job. Once his debt settles, Baby leaves Doc and  his various crew members, including the Bonnie and Clyde of the crew, Darling and Buddy (Eiza Gonzalez, John Hamm), to make plans for a new life.

The plan is to hit the road and explore the country, all with his crush, Debora (Lily James) by his side. What Baby doesn’t plan on is being drawn back into the criminal world.


‘BABY DRIVER’: A MOVIE THAT IS QUITE ENTERTAINING. Ansel Elgort and Lily James co-star in this 2017 action drama. #BabyDriver #Movies #ActionMovie Click To Tweet

This film has been on my mental list of titles to watch for some time now. As someone who likes heist movies, it just seemed like something that would entertain and be a good watch. The cast is impressive and the plot, while familiar, is solid. The part that makes it unique is the music. It’s a heist film that music heavily influences, not just by what the character likes, but in how the production “moves” and breathes, too. It’s all just really fabulous.

I love Elgort in this role, and while I wish we had a bit more “concrete” about the background of why he is this way, I think we see enough to understand why he’s so different. Plus, Lily James is fabulous like always. I like her in everything she’s been in, and of course, John Hamm is good.

Imperfect though this is, Baby Driver is fabulous if you like heist movies. It’s also a very adult film in this genre compared to The Italian Job or the “Ocean” trilogy movies. The profanity and violence require an R-rating, though I did watch the film with a filter to cut those f-words. If this doesn’t bother you, I think the film is worth seeing. The end is ambiguous and could mean something different depending on how you want to see it. While the film doesn’t shy away from the content requiring the rating, it does also allow for morals through the ultimate choice of its hero, and I respect that. I like that the writer, Edgar Wright (also director) challenges the more exciting or even a Bonnie and Clyde esque ending with something that has a different kind of strength.

Unconventional yes, Baby Driver is a good watch.


 ‘BABY DRIVER’: A MOVIE THAT IS QUITE ENTERTAINING. Lily James and Ansel Elgort co-star in this caper flick. Text © RissiWrites.com

Content: the film is violent with multiple deaths, and primarily in the last 30 or so minutes. The deaths involve machine guns and guns (including good guys and bad) and someone is hit and run over with a car. Another is shot and also pushed off a high parking structure. The film contains multiple uses of the f-word (fifteen or more) and other minor profanity like sh*t and misuse of the Lord’s name. There is sexual innuendo too. The film is R.

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