‘Baroness’: A Historical Romance Set in the Roaring 20s


STORY: Living in a fatherless home, Lilly Hoyt is ripped from the only home she’d ever known. Her mother, raised as a socialite in New York, Esme is needed home again when her father, a newspaper baron, falls ill. Unlike her mother and cousin, Rosie, at nineteen Lilly is restless. Rosie embraces this life, including the risqué fashions and trends. Her mother Jinx finds herself in something of a scandal after the death of Rosie’s father; and she determines her daughter will never know this kind of pain

Set during the “allure of the 1920s,” cousins Lilly and Rosie must find their own paths even as they rebel against everyone who loves them most…. 

Baroness, by Susan May Warren | Book Review

‘Baroness’: A Historical Romance Set in the Roaring 20s

REVIEW: Despite the sullen aptitude, I fell completely, head-over-heels in love with Warren’s debut novel in this series, Heiress. It reminds me of the ITV series Downton Abbey but is also a dark, brooding sort of “fairy tale.” The first novel chronicles the young lives of sisters Esme and Jinx, and now Warren gives us their daughters’ sagas. In the beginning, Baroness reminds me a great deal of the first novel. (Perhaps too much so.) With Heiress still so fresh in my memory, I didn’t want to see these girl’s go down a similar path.

There is plenty of “intricate” and unique parts to this book; one of them being a slower timeframe which eases the pace of the book. This covers four years instead of twenty (as Heiress does) and allows for more character development. There’s lovely detail here including breathtaking costumes, intricate ball rooms, flappers, night clubs, and everything we can imagine of the 1920’s. Sadly, everything in Baroness is about heartache, and the characters in need of either forgiveness or forgiving. Each time the reader experiences a character enjoy a glimmer of happiness, something from their past haunts them and effectively removes the emotion. Somehow none of that lessens this saga’s beauty. Fortunately, the characters are never allowed an easy path past their troubles.

BOOK REVIEW | ‘Heiress’: A Historical Romance Set in the Gilded Age

There’s so much strength in these characters. Both girls spend nearly the entire novel searching for their “place,” whatever it is that is going to help them thrive in the world. Rosie assumes she finds hers on the arm of a mob boss while Lilly believes her place is to go back to the past. These decisions lead Rosie to live a life that closely mirrors her mothers, which is something I deeply regret.

As before, some Christian readers may be bothered that Warren doesn’t include a strong spiritual aspect to the story. All of the characters broken souls usually only seek God when they’re in pain.  Although not my usual genre choice, I do love this series thus far. The writing is good; Susan’s talent cannot be denied, and the story is intriguing. There’s just this inexplicable pull. The final novel, Duchess,is up next, and while I don’t know how everyone else feels, I’m excited for this last chapter in the Worth legacy. I only wish that in reaching this conclusion, there could be more glimmers of joy.

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 About the book:

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Author: Susan May Warren
Publisher: Summerside Press
Publication Date: 2012
Series: Daughters of Fortune – Book Two
Genre: Fiction – Christian, Historical
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Content: It’s been too long since I read this, but do seem to recall there is adult material (sexual content like innuendo, promiscuous behavior), and thematic elements, too.

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  1. I couldn't read your review…not because I didn't want to, but because I'm DYING to get my hands on this book, and I don't want anything to spoil it! :o) Nothin' personal, k? *wink* Heiress was soooooo good. Wondering if this one will top it…

  2. Meghan – both books are AWESOME! I was so surprised that I liked this series so well because I am more of a happy-ever-after sort of girl, and these have a "dark" feel. Enjoy them!

    Christiy – ha! Your comment made me smile! I know how you feel though (I don't mind being spoiled but I try to hold off on reading reviews if it is something I am also going to review). I remember reading through your review of Heiress and being like, "I've got to read this novel!" There were so many positive reviews out there.

    Heiress was beautiful – I loved everything about it aside from the moments when it seemed the characters were given one hard blow after another. I will say this: Book two is memorable! ENJOY!

    So glad you stopped in, Christy!

    Gwendolyn – *gasp* You've not yet read Heiress!? LOL! You'll definitely have to read it whenever you get the time to do so – it's a dark but beautiful "fairy-tale." =)

    Jessica – do! It's an epic historical. =)

  3. Jen – oh! Thanks! I had such fun putting it together. =)

    Sydney – great! Thanks for sharing; going to check that out, girl! =)

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