A summer blockbuster hit, G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra is more than likely releases during the height of summer blockbuster season to compete with the likes of Transformers and X-Men. Not as brilliant as some, it somehow manages to keep me on the edge of my seat.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) Film Review

In a time when punishment is severe for anyone caught going against king or his fellow man, James McCullen is dealing in arms and subsequently severely punished for his crimes. His sentence is not death, but wearing an iron mask the rest of his life, marring him. Before his sentence is carried out, he warns his captors nothing will end with his demise, instead his descendants will carry his mission. Today, MARS Industries is one of the leading security companies. Run by James McCullen (Christopher Eccleston), the company unveils something much larger than anything before, a warhead created from nanomites.

Recruited to ensure the safe delivery of one of the first shipments of the “nanoheads,” is an elite group of special ops led by Duke (Channing Tatum), a decorated captain and his friend Rip (Marlon Wayans). But a mysterious aircraft, out of nowhere, eliminates everyone but Duke and Rip. Led by Ana (Sienna Miller), whom Duke shares a past with, the fighters seem invincible, but fortunately Duke manages to save the warheads, just before another mysterious force appears. They are G.I Joes, under the command of General Hawk (Dennis Quaid), they’re a force trained to remain incognito until they cannot.

Typically this isn’t something I’d spend time on, but for some reason, its promo spots did their job. Likely this is in part because of its stars Tatum and Quaid. The cast is actually a strong group of performers. Channing may not be everyone’s initial choice for a special ops captain, but he does the role justice. The supporting cast of Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, Ray Park, and Eccelston are good; and in minor roles, you’ll also see Brendan Fraser and Jonathan Pryce. To its credit, G.I Joe is tense and the “baddies” all play their parts to perfection, and all the good guys have splendid camaraderie. It’s comedy that offsets the more serious issues.

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I’ll admit this isn’t what I’d initially expected, and yet I do like this film. I didn’t realize it was about “real people,” and certainly didn’t expect a military story (I know, right!?). The shear amount of high-tech gear, weaponry and “cool” suits make for perfect scenarios for one fantastic action flick. Much of the story revolves around a mind control program, which I don’t advocate for. However it does make for good triumphs over evil.

Although I’m not a fan of similar franchises, this is creatively unique. The concept of connecting the heroes and villains is clever. Part of this is because the characters prove viewers wrong (or they do me) a couple times; once for the better, another for bad. Mostly this depicts good triumphing over evil, and no matter what, audiences want that. If there is one thing that left me a bit “unsettled” it’s the end. Right now G.I Joe has everything “right” to become a successful series. It’s a blast to watch something that “shakes” up my normal, “comfortable” viewing. And I love it.

CONTENT: In the first ten minutes, a military unit comes under attack. Various chase scenes are tense including an underwater climax. Constant mayhem rules. A woman is run through with a sword, a man is stabbed also. Two men have needles inserted into their heads [one for evil purposes]. A scientific doctor is a revolting character who isn’t ashamed of using his “skills” for evil purposes. A snake bites a man, showing he feels nothing. Profanity includes sh*t, basta*d, etc. and misuses of the Lord’s name. Women wear form fitting clothes and plunging necklines; one flirts and kisses others (she’s married). G.I. Joe: The Ride of Cobra is PG13.

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  1. Really? That is cool. :-)

    I didn't see it on the big screen but I'd have liked too – it is that kind of movie. (I rented it either on one of the rare occasions the house was empty except for me or the Super Bowl – still to this day I'm the only one who has seen it.) I probably won't see the sequel either but I'll enjoy it all the more once the DVD arrives.

  2. When this came out on DVD my dad and I made it a daddy/daughter movie. Aside from some of the weird nano stuff I really enjoyed it. Glad you did too!

    Yeah, I'm not so sure I'm going to see the sequel at all anymore. It doesn't look like it's going to live up to Rise of the Cobra.

    Great review, by the way!

  3. That is cool, Rosie. :-) I thought this one was such fun – I've seen it a couple times since that initial time and each time like it a bit more.

    I will definitely see the sequel, just maybe not in theaters. It looks like basically everyone from this movie either dies or isn't returning – and yeah, I do NOT like those odds. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by – do so again soon.

  4. I enjoyed SWATH, but I wasn't satisfied with the romance. I thought it was under-developed (though I heard there's going to be a second movie…so maybe some development there?) and the love triangle was unnecessary. Chris was as awesome as ever, and in my opinion Kristen made a pretty good Snow White. :)

    Great review!

  5. Really? I thought the barely-there-but-definite-attraction between Snow and the Huntsman was really… intriguing. I love that it was he who saved her with the kiss and I loved their subtle banter. I think part of my disappointment was with Stewart. I liked her a good deal better than I expected but I think there would have been someone more suited to the role! Nevertheless as you say, she wasn't bad. :-)

    I am so hoping that the sequel materializes! As you say, there could be a great deal more development in that.

    Chris was fabulous!

    Thanks bunches for stopping by – do so again soon, Renu. :-)

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