Ramona and Beezus (2010): A Colorful Story about Imagination


One of the sweetest films to come along in a long time, those of you who are fans (or who have young children) of the Beezus & Ramona books will notice changes in this adaptation. But non-readers won’t be able to help but discover this as a wonderful alternative to today’s Hollywood.

Ramona and Beezus (2010) Film Review

Ramona Quimby (Joey King) is an average grade schooler. She’s a cheerful girl who works hard, but because of her imagination, she’s misunderstood. Somehow all her attempts to give a good presentation or try something a little bit daring backfires. Ramona’s sister, Beatrice (Selena Gomez), whom she dubbed “Beezus” as a baby, thinks her sister is a pest. Dad Robert (John Corbett) adores his “lovelies” equally. But Ramona still feels lost.

Ramona and Beezus

Mom (Bridget Moynahan) is at her wit’s end: she doesn’t know what to do with Ramona! This is when Aunt Bea (Ginnifer Goodwin) finds Ramona. Thanks to Aunt Bea’s special tough, the two form a bond. Trouble comes when Robert loses his job, and a move looms in their future. Then there’s Aunt Bea, who suddenly rekindles a romance with her high school sweetheart (Josh Duhamel).

Imagination obviously rules the best aspects of this story. And I’ll confess I was apprehensive about how filmmakers would deal with Ramona’s over-active mind. Walden Media (also responsible for ‘Narnia’) does fantasy really well; I’ve not seen one bad production from them, and here they continue that trend. Although it isn’t first-hand knowledge, I’ve read that this screenplay is much altered from the books. Since the material in the books doesn’t affect my perception of the story, I enjoy this fluffy, happy-go-lucky movie – a rare occurrence in Hollywood indeed!

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The story takes cues from the economy, something that might be a fault since this is a kid’s story. I find this story deals with these themes very well. Nothing ever gets depressive or “too heavy.” Instead the characters sparkle, and I love their personalities. I do feel disappointment when the film doesn’t build more on the sister’s as one might expect. My impressions were of a movie where the titular characters were going to be basically the only two faces filling the screen and that they’d spend all that screen time together, turns out I was very wrong.

But on a better note, we get to see newcomer Joey King shine. Her Ramona is a great deal of fun. None of the characters disappoint, but Ramona does get into some trouble! This entire cast “feels” right, and will no doubt, impress adults. Everyone makes this fictional family appear real, and I’m hard-pressed to find flaws, even those you might not expect much from. Little details of daily rituals and traits are their crowning achievement, strengthening the cast, and making writers just as vital.

Give copies of this as gifts to any little girls you may need to do some shopping for, buy a copy for yourself (I did!), or do both! You don’t know a good film when you see it if you find fault with this charmer. It is just darling.

PG CONTENT: Ramona threatens to run away, and there’s some minor issues with Ramona at school. The sisters have a fight or two.

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  1. Ella – agreed! :-)

    Hannah – cool! I hope you enjoy it as it is one of the sweetest to come from Hollywood in a long time. :-) I never did read the books but I have read that some people were disappointed in the film. For me, it is one of those feel-good movies that instantly puts a smile on your face no matter what. Hope you enjoy!

    Thank you SO much for stopping by and the follow – I hope you drop by frequently. :-)

    AnnaKate – oh, that is too bad! I never read them but the movie is as you say: lovable to pieces! It puts a smile on our face. That is what counts. :-)

  2. Having my own "Ramona" in my precocious youngest sister who is 7, this movie is totally *our* sister movie of choice! She calls me Aunt Bea–which I don't mind, b/c she gets Josh Duhamel ;)–while she calls Sara, the middle teenage sister, "Beezus." I *LOVE* this movie–fell in love with at first viewing.
    …& did I mention Josh Duhamel plays the charming, slightly-awkward, old high school crush to a handsome "T"? ;)

  3. I loved this movie! It was a trip back into girlhood for me, as I cut my reading teeth on the Ramona books–and the movie was straight out of the books! Plus, it's such a clean family film for all ages, such a rarity anymore.

  4. Meghan – that is SO cute! I love that you and your sister's dubbed this one *your* movie. :-)


    I think Josh is just adorable – I absolutely love him in everything I've seen him in. He was just cast in the new Sparks movie, so naturally, I am tickled pink about it – hopefully his character won't die. :-/

    Lovely of you to stop by – you've been missed.

    JR – it does have that vibe, doesn't it? Like you, I loved that it was wholesome – that is all too rare. You are right. I really should watch it again cause it is sweet. :-)

    Glad you stopped in!!

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