STORY: Book two in Peterson’s ‘Lone Star’ series tells an unrelated story with new names from book one, and characters from the third and final novel, Taming the Wind play an important role. Set in a post civil war era, this weaves together the lives of the affluent Marquardt family and the challenges they face in the aftermath of their support of the Union in a state that either considers itself for the south or not yet a part of the U.S. It isn’t until youngest daughter, Carissa marries a known supporter of the south and eldest, Laura meets the handsome captain, Brandon Reid that their lives change.

‘TOUCHING THE SKY’: A HISTORICAL NOVEL BY TRACIE PETERSON. A review of the novel by Tracie Peterson. Text © Rissi JC


REVIEW: There is something interesting driving Peterson’s latest series – but I’m not entirely sure that I can pin down what it is. Before I read very far into this, I did find myself enjoying it a great deal more than Chasing the Sun. It seems to tell a more appealing story with a better approach though it’s still rich in its history. A time period that is wrought with conflict, and characters with motives that are more believable. 

The villain’s act is easier to “accept” as something a bad guy may orchestrate, and there isn’t such a trite motive for revenge; he isn’t a man to be trifled with (for the genre). Brandon and Laura’s courtship is charming if not slightly under-developed. It’s one of wit and pretty blushing but instead of sappy romantics, the mystery is what’s prominent, propelled by the events of history. It reads as if Peterson really wants the reader to take this more seriously as a historical but throws in a touch of romance to satisfy us. From the subtleties that build here, I predict that the next book will be the most romance-y of the trio.


In reading this, one of the things that I continually notice, is how eloquent the speech is. It made me wonder if this is how 1800’s Texans spoke. It piqued my curiosity about the elegance of the era in a place I don’t usually associate with grandeur or events like balls and afternoon tea. Laura is a spitfire of a heroine who isn’t about to let anyone stomp on her dreams; and the dashing Brandon is anything but a broken solider. In fact, he’s really quite the flirt with Laura. *wink* Peterson’s signature style shows in every nuance of the story – from the opening chapter to the adorable ending, I just wish that it had been one that came with that same signature chemistry between its leads.

IN CONCLUSION: Though not my favorite, Touching the Sky is still written well with characters the reader comes to care about. It’s also got a subtle message of never giving up on what you can achieve.

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About the Book:

Author: Tracie Peterson
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: 2012
Series: Land of the Lone Star – Book 2
Genre: Christian Fiction, Historical
Add the Book: Goodreads
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Many thanks to the publisher for providing this copy for reviewing purposes 

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  1. Tracie always writes a wonderful story. This isn't my favorite series by her but it is still charming. :-)

    Thank you for reading, Lydia!

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