Since discovering he has the power to protect the defenseless, Peter Parker’s life has become one big scheduling conflict. Between his 9-5 job as a pizza delivery guy, college classes and keeping the streets of New York safer, Peter (Tobey Maguire) has no time for a personal life. This means he also doesn’t have the time to see his childhood crush, the pretty red-headed, MJ (Kirsten Dunst). The recent success of MJ as a Broadway actress makes Peter proud but his best-laid plans to finally see her perform are foiled when he’s again pulled into helping police. Sad over disappointing the girl of his dreams, Peter watches from the sidelines as she puts her faith elsewhere.

‘SPIDER-MAN 2’: ANOTHER FUN MARVEL MOVIE! Tobey McGuire returns as Spider Man in the 20014 sequel. Text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

Living in anonymity is Spider-Man’s best friend, and so Peter is unable to share with anyone who he really is. Especially not to his best friend Harry (James Franco) who continues his quest of revenge on Spider-Man. Harry arranges for Peter to meet the great scientist Doctor Octavius (Alfred Molina), but when the experiment goes horribly array, the man is left injured and his beloved wife dead. This experiment suddenly becomes reality and Peter must again step up to protect those he loves.

Working my way through the Marvel adaptations is more fun than it should be. Such is the case with round two of Spider-Man’s adventures. Actually, this sequel is more fun despite the villain being equally, well, ridiculous. Although to be fair, the franchise takes an interesting approach to their villains. Unlike most counterparts, here are villains who fight against themselves. Neither of them are bad guys prior to an experiment that goes horribly array. Giving Peter a new enemy each movie is also something I appreciate as I detest seeing the same villain repeatedly come up against the good guy. You can get away with it twice (maybe) before it feels like the hero never wins.

‘SPIDER-MAN 2’: ANOTHER FUN MARVEL MOVIE! Tobey McGuire returns as Spider Man in the 20014 sequel. Text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

Part of this series appeal is how Peter loves MJ; it’s so pure and adorable! I love their banter even though she can get on my nerves! Nevertheless, I love their final scene together (about time she has some gumption!). Same as before, the cast is impressive and in addition to its stars we see Elizabeth Banks, J.K. Simmons (The Closer) and in a surprise appearance, Emily Deschanel (Bones), watch closely though or you’ll miss her. The filming improves, and the overall direction is better. Plus the opening title sequence is not just creative, but also a snapshot reminder of what happens in film one.

The writer’s give some poignant message, and because of this, they approach the story with more heart. In particular, the scene closer to the end in which the people Spidey saves i well done, and hits a nerve in sticking up for a champion, to believe in without reservation. Still not my favorite hero from Marvel, Spider-Man 2 is nothing if not a good time.

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CONTENT: There’s tense moments during the battles Peter takes up, and he’s beat up several times. Doc. Ock terrorizes citizens. One “intense” scene finds a train almost going over a dead end portion of tracks into the water. MJ is kidnapped. Profanity is rare if anywhere in the script. Spider-Man 2 is PG13.

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  1. This one has a special place in my heart because I was in NYC the weekend it came out. The night before we saw Alfred Molina in Fiddler on the Roof, then got up the next morning and he was on the morning show just down the street! It was… cool. He's a great actor– very under-appreciated. Glad you are enjoying the films.

  2. This just got me all excited again for the new spider man that is out! Loving your blog!

    Oh and my GFC is being weird, but it let me follow you through my twitter account, did you know you could do that?! I didnt! Cool :)

  3. Charity – that is such a cool story! I love that. Someday, I'd love to see New York though I am confident it isn't a place I'd like to live. :-)

    These were fun. I don't think they are my favorite from Marvel but they were excellent. Now all I need is to see the new version. ;-)

    Alycia – I know! I cannot wait to see the re-boot; it looks so good plus I like Emma as an actress.

    Thank you! I really appreciate you stopping by – do so again sometime – and the follow! GFC can be annoying sometimes but I have seen that you could follow via Twitter and as a matter of fact just did that the other day after it was causing me some problems. *sigh* Gotta' love technology, right!?

  4. One of my friends asked me at the time if it was weird if she professed to be an Alfred Molina fangirl that weekend. I told her to get line! :p

  5. PS: NYC IS an awesome place to visit. Guilanni did a great job cleaning up Broadway to make it fun for visitors. I loved NYC so much I wanted to move there but yeah, it would get tiresome after awhile! Soooo many people!

  6. Ironically, I just saw Alfred in another movie – The Forger. He wasn't as brilliant because it was a so-so flick but it was funny to see him again so soon after this one.

    I'd imagine NYC is unlike anything I've ever seen. It is one of the places I'd love to see though my mother thinks I'm crazy. My dad jokes about taking me there just to see a Broadway show. I just smile and say, "sure, dad." :-)

  7. NYC is… mind-blowing. You emerge from the long tunnel and suddenly — cabs everywhere (and limos), billboards sixty feet high, a line of theaters on Broadway, the best pizza in the world… on our first walk out, we had to stop at a traffic light. I happened to look up and there was an eighty foot Josh Groban billboard. We stood there for two light changes squealing and acting like total dorks.

    The best thing for me, though, was Phantom of the Opera in its permanent theater. The building is absolutely gorgeous inside. We had excellent seats, midway up the first tier. Afterward, we went around back and met the Phantom as he left — but another show had just opened across the alley, so when we emerged, it was to a wall of fans and cameras. They stared at us, we stared at them, and we finally just hurried off. (I'm sure they were thinking, "Who was that and how did they get back there?!" — on our way to around back, we had to pass two larger-than-life bodyguards; I don't know who the star was opening across the alley but… I guess they let us through because we were forty minutes earlier than their showing let out and we didn't look like crazy people.)

    The hilarious thing, though, is that you can see a cop halfway down the block, walk five paces up the crowded street, and hit a stand of movie bootlegs. It's… insane.

  8. Guess in New York, you can act like "dorks" and no one notices. ;-) LOL!

    You've got some awesome stories here, and in that, memories that you'll remember as wonderful. :-) Great stories!

    Hmm… that best pizza remark? Yeah, I may have to argue with you there – have I mentioned that my uncle makes, like, the best pizza EVER!? ;-)

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