This is one of the movies that seems like it may be more about crude humor than cute antics. The first clue is using the work “jerk” in its title but with exception to a handful of slip-ups, The Jerk Theory has some good things to say.

The Jerk Theory (2009) Film Review

For the last time he’s on the receiving end of the end of a relationship. Adam (Josh Henderson) is tired of being Mr. Nice Guy and then being left in the dust when he plays nothing but the gentleman. After his current girlfriend dumps him for the more popular guy, Adam comes to the only logical conclusion; girls must prefer jerks, right? It’s his working theory. At the same time, Molly (Jenna Dewan), a pretty girl at his catholic school, calls it quits with the same guy who stole Adam’s girl those many months prior. Before the day is out, the entire student body knows about it. Molly is a good student who catches Adam’s eye but there is one snag; she’s done dating jerks!

This is one of the rare few movies that I go into knowing nada about. I saw its cute cover art advertised in one of those scrolling “bars” that recommends titles, and then saw it stars Jenna Dewan. Likely you’ll remember her from Step Up. (Ironically Josh plays the guy who doesn’t get the girl in that same film.) Because of the cast I feel like this one would work better had the characters been in their early college years. Still, with all the drama and petty kvetching, I do get why they don’t. The actors are much too old to play these parts but they’re good in their respective roles. Josh and Jenna are both attractive and give their characters some sparkle but they bring nothing that we haven’t seen before.

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Flaws and all, I give this one kudos for preaching an abstinence message. Something that does have to earn this movie some brownie points considering it is absent from Hollywood. Molly never gives Adam the easy out as she, in a way rehabilitates him and again reminds him what it means to be a gentleman – how a lady should be treated. She refuses to become intimate, and even early on their kisses are brief, but the distortion is in the reasoning. Molly isn’t saying “no” because she believes it to be wrong but rather because she knows that once it happens the interest Adam has in her will wane – his head is too easily turned. Right as she may be, her thinking is still imperfect.

Through all the silly shenanigans and amateur camera work, this isn’t a bad movie. It has its moments and the fact that it stands apart in its pure relationship (though the promise wasn’t one that would last past the credits!) between Molly and Adam makes it a better pick. When it comes to innovative story-telling or unique characters, The Jerk Theory does not offer any new insight into the American teenager or their complicated relationships.

Content: there is a handful of insinuations and crude remarks about sexuality and who is still a virgin. One guy suggests that he has the number of a virgin student whose number turns out to be a nun. There’s taunting that some didn’t “close the deal” with his new girlfriend. There’s immodest dress and a handful of scenes show Adam ill-treating a girl. A running joke with Adam’s buddies wonders about a person being male or female. The film is PG-13.

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  1. This one was better than I thought, Juliet but naturally, it was still a bit… silly. :-)

    Thanks! I have so much fun creating these headers – in fact, I think a new one will be up before the day is out.

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