‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked’ (2011)


Question for you, is there anyone who doesn’t giggle while watching these creatures do their thing? I’m way past the age-group of this film’s target, but as this point, I’m kinda’ like, who cares. This merry band knows how to have fun, and in that way, they can teach all of us something. alvin and the chipmunks: chipwrecked

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011) Film Review

They’re world famous award-wining vocalists and experienced jet-setters. And, yet they are just the typical, average kids, they are Alvin and the Chipmunks. Manager and adoptive parent Dave Seville (Jason Lee) needs a vacation, and so he takes his six charges on a cruise. Dave’s head count finds only five kids, which means Alvin (voiced by Justin Long) is already up to his usual antics! It would seem, no matter how stern he is, there is no controlling Alvin. Simon (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler) advises that Dave loosen the reigns just a smidgen because kids respond to trust and responsibility but Dave is skeptical, but he does allow it. 

‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked’ (2011). Jason Lee returns with the voice talents of Justin Long in this third 'Alvin' movie. Text © Rissi JC

Returning to their room, Dave finds Young Theo (voiced by Jesse McCartney) watching a scary movie; Alvin and Simon are nowhere to be found; and the girls, Brittney, Jeanette and Eleanor (voiced by Christina Applegate, Anna Faris, Amy Poehler) are dancing the night away in flashy costumes. This is the last straw for Dave, so with strict boundaries the Chipmunks have limited time on deck. But even with limited privileges, Alvin still manages to get in the kind of trouble that includes a runaway kite.

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I’ll be upfront and admit that since the first film in this franchise, I fell in love with Simon, Theodore (my favorite!) and, yes, even Alvin. Although I’m not familiar with the original material, I do recognize their traditional yuletide song, and let me tell you, the ‘Munks’ have come a long way since those early days. These days, you’re more likely to hear them crooning Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. As a result, the music is less classic material and more of a collaboration of modern pop tunes.

Of the three, this one is most contrived because of a subplot that borrows heavily from a well-known film. Because this is just fluff and not award winning material, we can forgive most anything. Plus, if you let it, any viewer will find this a darned good time. There are lots of laughs and most of the time that’s the only think I need. Sassy Brittany lipping off is priceless; Jeanette’s shy demeanor is adorable; Simon’s book smarts are amusing; and the littlest chipmunks are too cute for words. Then there is Alvin, who’s something of a rascal.

I’ve no complaints that are justified for this third title. It’s actually quite cute and although critics have nothing kind to say, there’s no reason for this considering this isn’t supposed to be intelligent. It’s made to entertain children and their families – and it does. It’s awfully cute, and we should enjoy as nothing more than good fun. It just makes its viewer smile so why not just enjoy the ride! 

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Content: some mild innuendo and rambunctious behavior; a villain tries to force Jeanette to do something she doesn’t want to do. The film is PG.

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  1. This movie = ADORABLE! The laughs are many; I hope you see it sometime, Sierra! =)

    Oh! Goodness, thank you SO much for the award, girl! It is much appreciated – thank you, thank you. =)

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