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As usual, this is another review of a blockbuster movie that I was excited to see, and as usual, never did. So… the question is, is it worth the wait? x-men days of future past

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) Marvel Film Review

The future world for X-Men’s mutants is anything but safe. Bobby (Shawn Ashmore), Kitty (Ellen Page) and their friends are being hunted by man-made robots. Created by the scientist, Trask (Peter Dinklage), with help from mutant DNA, their purpose is to eradicate mutants. Into this massacre walks the man who brought these students all together, Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and his formidable friend-turned-foe, Magneto (Ian McKellen).

Charles realizes he needs to, along with his students, stop this from happening and with the help of Kitty they plan to send Charles back into the past to warn his younger self. Concerned for him, Kitty warns him doing so will tear him apart. This brings Logan (Hugh Jackman) into their plans; a mutant who has the ability to heal nearly as quickly as injuries pierce his body.  

Waking up in the 70’s introduces Logan to a completely different era in the lives of his future mutant students. Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) is still figuring out his mutant powers and Charles (James McAvoy) is a broken man totally opposite of the man Logan now knows as the professor. His school is closed and he no longer hears the voices; losing his sister broke him. But their mission is to track and find Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) before she murders Trask and unknowingly forever alters the future.

Considering some of the “ho-hum” reviews I’ve read, I’m really not surprised at my reaction to the film. Most of the time, I know this genre is going to test the limits of realism because, simply put, superheroes defy realistic expectations. Their purpose (in my opinion) is to entertain. That said, yes, basically the whole time watching this, I was 100% a fangirl over this movie. Dare I say it, this may be my favorite of the bunch yet.

FILM REVIEW | ‘X-Men: First Class’: Marvel’s New Kids on the Block

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ James McAvory, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman star in the 2014 adaptation. © Rissi JC

Right before watching this, I finished up my first-time viewings of the old films with ‘The Last Stand.’ This one just isn’t quite as good (poignant) because it’s more of a look backward, however there is a lot good about the production and that’s more than enough. Whoever dreamed up the marriage (writer Simon Kinberg has Sherlock Holmes credits as well as This Means War) of the original X-Men franchise and later the ‘First Class’ origins is brilliant. Seriously. Aside from just about everything, what I love best is seeing everyone together and their reactions to each other before they become their future selves. For example, after seeing Beast and Logan hackle each other in X-Men The Last Stand, it’s a blast to see the two “meet” here. Since I also love Raven and Charles’ complicated relationship (by Lawrence and McAvoy), it’s lovely to revisit their younger selves.

Especially interesting is to see the dynamic between Logan and Charles. Instead of Logan being the broken one, the tables turn, meaning Charles is the subject of Logan’s help and guidance. It’s really quite an interesting switch that asks new questions, giving us more insight into both characters.   

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ James McAvory, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman star in the 2014 adaptation. #Movies #Marvel #HughJackman #JenniferLawrence #MovieArchives Click To Tweet

I think overall the best of this installment is how it rewrites some history. Instead of merely resurrecting characters, it gives us a plausible (just don’t expect the timelines to make any sense) reason as to why some characters return. There are cameos by Scott and Jean; an introduction to Quicksilver (Evan Peters); and a brief appearance by Rogue (Anna Paquin), which is a bummer since I really like her character. But on the upside, Storm (Halle Berry) is back. Beyond this, I really love (have I said this a lot!?) the staging of many pivotal scenes. Primarily, the fantastic “big sequence” for Quicksilver which is as crazy as it is epic and also the climax is quite impacting.

Injected into most of this is also a lighthearted sense of humor that’ hard to miss. The way things end even with the post credits shadow of bad to come, leaves a happier picture and where Logan is always the tragic figure, there is a sense of “hope” here, and for that, I’m ridiculously happy with X-Men: Days of Future Past. It’s worth the wait and then some.

Your turn: have you seen this installment, if so, comment, rave or gush about your thoughts. It’s all welcome.

Content: a shot shows a nude man from the backside as he wakes up in bed with someone. There’s a few other innuendoes, too. Lots of things that blow up; Erik in particular destroys many things, especially near the end. There is some profanity – h*ll, da*n, sh*t, abuse of God’s name and one use of the f-word. The film is PG-13.

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  1. I loved this one. I loved the way it fixed everything that was so wrong with X3. That and Scott's still alive and well in this timeline. I think it not only fixed the timeline, it merged the two. ANd that makes it so much better.

    1. Wise words, Dawn. You are SO right. This one did fix so many of those "little things" that broke our hearts in X3 – and yay for Scott. It's nice he reappeared – and so cute how they threw in that "normal" interaction that is essentially he and Logan's relationship. :)

  2. I totally agree!! Day of Our Future Past completely exceeded my expectations (I admit to being burned by X3). It was a totally fun blockbuster and well-worth seeing again. Can't wait for Apocalypse. :D

    1. *high five* I'm so glad you too enjoyed this one, Faith. I thought it was way fun and like you an intrigued by 'Apocalypse.' Should be good! :)

  3. This has surpassed X-2 to become my favorite X-Men movie. I'm going to introduce my husband to this tomorrow for our regular Friday night movie, and I can't wait to see it again, even though I just saw it less than 2 weeks ago.

    For me, it all comes down to Wolverine's journey, and since this brings him to such a happy place, I'm ecstatic.

    Also, I tagged you here. Play if you like.

    1. Hi, Hamlette – glad to see you over here. I so agree with your assessment as regards Wolverine/Logan. His journey is paramount after being such a tragic figure and he's way better at the end of this movie. That holding out is thin, but still, a girl can hope.

      Hope you and your husband enjoy – I could watch this again too. It's just… good. I think for me, it's a toss up between this one and 'First Class.' Not sure which I like best… :)

      Thank you very much for the tag! I'll definitely hope to post it next week – I appreciate the tag. :)

    2. I actually didn't like First Class much when it first came out. I really hated how snotty Charles was. BUT I rewatched it for the first time after seeing DOFP, and now I liked it a lot! Knowing what his character arc was going to be really made me like FC so much better. So I have to say this is one very interesting instance of a sequel making the earlier movie into a better movie! For me, anyway.

    3. I'm glad 'First Class' has grown on you. I can't saw I noticed Charles being snotty in it though perhaps a rewatch will be telling – I certainly did notice his behavior in this one! Glad it evolved. I like the points you make. Having 'First Class' really does make this one a better movie – and certainly easier timeline wise because it combined past/future mutants. Fun concept! :)

  4. I completely agree with everything you said! I haven't seen all the X-Men movies, but this one is definitely my fave out of the ones I have seen. I thought it was super ambitious, but it totally worked! It was really fun and I'd watch it again. :) Plus I just love Jennifer Lawrence, so I appreciated how much they focused on Raven's character (and Logan's, of course!).

    Love this review, Rissi! :)

    1. Hi, Bekah; so glad you shared your thoughts. I only recently finished the X-Men movies (I'm one of those "late to the party" girls) in expectation of watching this and I have to say, though this one could have gone wrong in so many ways it does work, which is awesome. Definitely want to rewatch this one too – and some of my other favorites. Must get on that. ;)

      I agree; Jennifer Lawrence is an awesome actress so it's nice to see her range of characters and roles. I get excited when seeing she's joined a new cast because she does have a great sense about her for an up-and-coming star.

      Thank YOU for reading! :)

  5. I loved seeing Jennifer Lawrence in this movie! I've watched X-Men, X2, X-men The Last Stand and this newest one. I had seen the stand-alone Wolverine movie (which I loved!) and I didn't watch a couple of the other X-men movies. I loved the ones I did watch though :) They're super intense and thrilling to watch, even if they're not real.

    1. Me too. Jennifer is a great talent and it's fun to see the variety of roles she plays. Between this and 'First Class', I'm not sure which movie is my favorite. The Wolverine too is good – but I was surprised by the lack of mutants in that one.

      …and yes! Despite the lack of realism, these are just good fun. :)

    1. Bummer. Hope you can catch up soon, Melissa – though I do suspect you have excellent reasons for not seeing this one…. and your readers sincerely thank you for forgoing your X-Men love. :)

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