No matter how many variations storytellers spin the classic fairytale Cinderella into, I seem to find them. I ran across this little gem during one of my random social media exploring adventures and put it in my memory to watch when it came to a U.S. release. My mom and I recently watched it and in spite of some flaws, it’s really quite sweet.  

After the Ball (2015) Film Review

Things are not going according to plan for Kate Kassell (Portia Doubleday). She’s a top-of-her-class graduate from fashion school and shows great promise in her designs. Trouble is her family name does nothing to improve her chances of achieving her dreams of designing couture fashion. Her father’s business is “knock off” fashions and no serious designer trusts anyone with the Kassell name; and especially not Lee Kassell’s daughter. Forced to return home and begrudgingly accept her father’s offer of a job, Kate has to work with her stepmother (Lauren Holly) and her two ditzy daughters, then deal with the strained relationship she has with her father (Chris Noth). The one bright spot is her budding friendship with the company’s talented shoe designer Daniel (Marc-André Grondin).

‘AFTER THE BALL’ (2015). Aspiring fashion designer goes incognito while trying to pursue her dream in the fashion industry. Text © Rissi JC

Just when she thinks her talents may receive recognition at Kassell, Kate is fired. In order to shine in the world she loves, Kate is going to need a little help from her supportive godmother (Mimi Kuzyk) and her vintage dress shop After the Ball, and a clever ruse to reinvent herself.  

Movies with this sort of notion just make me smile. There’s no real “agenda” or themes that offend which makes it all the more dazzling. After the Ball easily falls into the goofy-smile-as-credits-roll category. It’s sparkly, bright and happy-go-lucky. The story itself is well thought-out though it’s more of a mash-up of classics that confining itself to being merely a reimagining of the classic fairytale. There are some iconic fairytale moments (the staircase shoe), but this has so many different concepts going for it, one cannot really “box” it up as any one re-imagining. It’s part Shakespearean (She’s the Man) and part eccentric comedy. What this movie sets out to do, it does really well. I think its goal was to be a fun romantic-comedy that nearly anyone can enjoy which his exactly what it is. There are lots of laughs and some fantabulous fashion to go with it.  

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‘AFTER THE BALL’ (2015). Aspiring fashion designer goes incognito while trying to pursue her dream in the fashion industry. Text © Rissi JC

What I love about the story is the characters, though there is more to them than the script explores. Kate had a lot of creativity that her alter-ego Nate made possible to share. Nate has a lot of hilarious spunk and he gets things done where Kate doesn’t. There’s some great family dynamics involved though again, this is where the script could have dug deeper. Not everything gets a proper explanation. That being said, I enjoy all of the characters though if you are an avid believer in a strong romance, this one is more “easy” than it develops the romance. Don’t get me wrong, I love Daniel and Kate (not to mention the funny bits involving Nate nearly “swooning” over Daniel), it just doesn’t evolve as strongly as some romances. But I digress. That is me being very nitpicky.  

‘AFTER THE BALL’ (2015). Aspiring fashion designer goes incognito while trying to pursue her dream in the fashion industry. Text © Rissi JC

Those of us who enjoy a terrific little romance will find this enchanting. The beginning takes a bit of time to focus on its story, but once we’re pulled in, it’s great fun. There’s nothing “bad” that goes on in the storytelling and I loved that a filmmaker approached the story of Cinderella with a fresh perspective. It’s the most fun I’ve seen the “Cinderella” of the story have in trying to outsmart her bullies. If you’re looking for something humorous, but not serious, have a look at this film.

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You can find After the Ball digitally on Amazon Video

Content: there is one or two minor homosexual jokes. No profanity or any other potentially offensive issues. The film is PG-13.

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  1. Funnily enough, I was just looking at this movie on Amazon a couple days before I saw this post. I haven't watched it, but do think it looks cute! Thanks. (Great minds think alike, clearly. ;)

    1. It's really cute, Kara. Kind of a Hallmark-esque type movie, and we know how much we heart those, right!? ;)

      Happy watching! (And yes, great minds and all that. :D)

  2. I literally JUST watched this trailer! Glad to hear you thought it was fun. Definitely will be watching this one soon with the fam. :) Thanks for this amazing review, Rissi. You write the best movie/tv/book reviews. :)

    1. No way!? That's too cool. Funny how that happens isn't it? I've had fun experiences like that too. Yay! Hope you all enjoy. It's a Hallmark-esque type film. Not the best production, but the story makes it worth it. Plus, it's just one that'll make you laugh and sometimes that's enough.

      Thank YOU for being such an awesome blogging friend, Bekah. Right back atcha. Love your fabulous reviews. :) :) :)

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