‘Good Sam’: The Good Samaritan Headline That Will Inspire You


When Netflix debuts a new original, I always take a second look. Their new more family-friendly ticket, Good Sam is no exception. We meet Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar), a reporter who’s more interested in stories with a bit of danger rather than hot topic issues. Her latest is to cover an out of control fire. But in her quest for an exclusive, she gets in trouble with her bosses. This benches her from ‘breaking news’ stories. Now she’s put on a story about a woman who receives a substantial gift of cash from a random stranger.

Dubbed “Good Sam” by the media, Kate, along with every other New Yorker begins to wonder, who is this Good Samaritan?

Good Sam Netflix (2019) Review

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, this is another home run film from the streaming giant. Some of the cues and acting is “off” in a scene or two, but overall the film is well acted, produced, and the story is the kind of concept or scenario we should all strive to be more like (to serve and do good for others), and therefore we can enjoy.

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Good Sam Netflix

I don’t know if I’ve seen Tiya in much of anything (probably the odd TV episode), but her leading lady is impressive. I enjoyed her character, and the way she plays it. Most impressive is that her character is a reporter who actually has some values and integrity. Ivan Smith, Marco Grazzini and Chad Connell round out the main characters; some of whom you may recognize from Hallmark Channel. good sam netflix

At the end of the day, Good Sam is an underrated film. Yes, there are imperfections, but it’s a truly inspiring little story of friendship, loyalty, honor and love. I like the plot, and though it isn’t a “riveting” or complex mystery, from Kate’s perspective, the trail she follows is an interesting one. The story tugs at the heartstrings and reminds us there is good in the world. Sometimes it’s just not always easy to find.

You can find Good Sam on Netflix!

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