Jennifer Shannon (Lori Loughlin) has a knack for getting herself entangled in a mystery. Her business buying and selling antiques being the most commonality that brings these mysteries to her doorstep, and today is no different. She and her business partner are furnishing a home about to be on the market with some antique pieces. Surrounding this grand house is a rumor of a curse on the home. However its realtor (and Jennifer’s friend) sets out to disprove this theory. She doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with the house; to prove that, she sets up a live feed and spends the night. Morning comes and Adrian remains unmoving on the video feed. garage sale mystery: the deadly room

GARAGE SALE MYSTERY: THE DEADLY ROOM (2015). Lori Loughlin stars in this Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original. All text is © Rissi JC

When police get to the house, they find Adrian unresponsive. With no signs of apparent sign of trauma, it would seem a natural death… only Jennifer suspects foul play. 

Many avid fans probably still remember Lori Loughlin from her “iconic” role in the cult classic Full House. Since then, she has also became a familiar face in Hallmark productions. Her roles vacillate between parts in (the popular) Janette Oke series, When Calls the Heart to now her role as a garage sale maven, Jennifer Shannon. This is the third in the mystery series and has undergone some cast changes through those three films. Still, they’re pretty entertaining. They’re equal parts cozy mystery and ode to the importance
family plays in our lives. 

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GARAGE SALE MYSTERY: THE DEADLY ROOM (2015). Lori Loughlin stars in this Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original. All text is © Rissi JC

As with the first film, I enjoy all of the ways Jennifer’s family play a part in the stories. Her husband is always worried about her
amateur sleuthing; her son the resident tech geek who helps his mother with all things technology; and her daughter who only recently began working in the antique shop. On the family front, both kids get a cute story; a school dance and a roaring 20’s dress, which might not add to the mystery yet certainly makes things cute. The cast seems to enjoy their roles and as a result makes
things fun, interesting for us. Though I do think I like the actor who plays Jennifer’s husband a teeny, tiny bit more from the first movie. Regardless, the genuine family scenes are sweet and well scripted. 

Then there is the mystery. Naturally, it’s fun with a bit of historical implications as part of the crime-solving techniques Jennifer employs. Drawing things to a close, this is an entertaining way to spend an evening. Considering the kind of week it’s been here (dreary and rainy!), this is the perfect night-in kind of TV movie. If you like some of the previous efforts Hallmark put into their mystery franchises, you’ll want to set a reminder for this little cozy mystery. It has enough to tease us into a guessing game without overwhelming us with too many clues. garage sale mystery: the deadly room

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  1. I heart Lori Loughlin and watch a lot of Hallmark, so I'm a little shocked I haven't heard of these movies before. THANK YOU for sharing!! It sounds really fun. :) And it *has* been super dreary recently…maybe I'll watch one tonight! Haha. ;D

    1. This one was really cute, Bekah… and I hope if you saw it, you enjoyed too! I always enjoy Hallmark's mystery films and am looking forward to seeing what else they have planned for us. :)

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