I’ll be honest. With exception to the two-hour first episode, I didn’t keep up with the second season of When Calls the Heart. Sure I intended to. But I never got around to it. Too busy with other TV obsessions, I suppose. I finally watched the finale (for the purpose of an article) and thought I’d share some of my impressions with a kind of recap.

When Calls the Heart, Season Two: Episode 7 (2015) Hallmark Review

Following a prolonged stay in Hamilton and various other events that have challenged their relationship, Jack (Daniel Lissing) and Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) are now back in Hope Valley. But they’re fighting more than they are basking in the glow of courtship… and that first kiss. When Elizabeth accidently loses Jack’s dog, Rip, the pair of them must set out looking for him even with a storm threatening Hope Valley.   

‘WHEN CALLS THE HEART,’ SEASON TWO: EPISODE 7 – “WITH ALL OF MY HEART.” Here to chat up the second season finale of the Hallmark Channel show. © Rissi JC

Abigail (Lori Loughlin) is facing another loss as Gowen (Martin Cummins) continues his pursuit of issuing threatening ultimatums. This time, it’s her café. She has no feelings left for Bill Avery (Jack Wagner), the man who once intrigued her (and is now occupied with his ex-wife). She now contemplate the possibility of a new relationship with the mysterious and kind-hearted pastor (Mark Humphrey).  

Moving back to the arguing couple, Jack and Elizabeth must take shelter from the storm in the mine. Begrudgingly they get some things out in the open. Jack believes Elizabeth is a different person when she’s with her family while Elizabeth finally admits to the heart of the reason she pulls away from Jack; fear.  

Like its first season, When Calls the Heart’s second series is as charming as ever. It offers a sweet alternative to anyone who enjoys period drama but might not want to tangle darker themes. Even when things look bleak, there is nothing “bad” really happening in this series. Even the sinister don’t cause us to shiver in the same way as notorious villains do and at its heart, is the relationship between Jack and Elizabeth. It might not always be perfect, but it is a pretty buffer that ensures nothing ever gets too dark. This episode covers not only reconciliations and threats, but also open-ended possibilities that will lead us into (presumably) season three.  

‘WHEN CALLS THE HEART,’ SEASON TWO: EPISODE 7 – “WITH ALL OF MY HEART.” Here to chat up the second season finale of the Hallmark Channel show. © Rissi JC
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What surprised me about this season was the large part Elizabeth’s family played. Her sisters (major annoyance alert: Elizabeth’s sister, Viola) have a presence they did not have in season one; her parents even reveal who they are as people (and let me tell you, it’s not pretty). Yes, I realize I didn’t see the entire season, but really all I skip is five episodes (due to longer episodes this season which shortens the run to seven episodes total) and the finale does a brilliant job explaining all that has happened. Plus, as I mentioned I did see episode one.  

The best faucets of this finale were the resolution between our beloved Jack and Elizabeth. The only minor fight I would maybe pick with this finale – and I know, it’s miniscule – is Elizabeth’s indecision regarding the question posed to her at the very end. I get it’s a set-up to ensure a cliffhanger and inspire another character to feel betrayal or heartbreak. Still… given my preference for women who don’t flip-flop in love, I’m not 100% happy with her right now. Elizabeth is all about proving herself as a kind of career woman, but there is also a side to her that enjoys comforts and the finer things in life. Regardless of what Jack may imply, Elizabeth has a good head on her shoulders (that scene in the mine and her outburst is necessary). Raise your hand if you think sticking Jack and Elizabeth in the mine together i a darn good idea. It’s past due. Both were acting like petulant children methinks.

‘WHEN CALLS THE HEART,’ SEASON TWO: EPISODE 7 – “WITH ALL OF MY HEART.” Here to chat up the second season finale of the Hallmark Channel show. © Rissi JC

What it all comes down to is this: if you were obsessed with season one, you’re bound to love its sophomore season. There is love triangles, families breaking apart, dangers that crop up and shifting emotions. Plus, please tell me I’m not the only one who thought Rosemary’s story was the cutest ever! The scripts continue to be wholesome fun throwing in pieces of flirty banter now and again. But I suspect what will whip fans into the greatest frenzy is this ending! Who’d have thought? And it all hinges on an answer to one question…

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You can find When Calls the Heart, season two: episode 7 (and the full season) digitally on Amazon Video

What about all of you: have you seen the finale? Did you like, dislike or fall somewhere in-between? Share your opinions on season two down below. I’m listening.

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    1. That seems to be a theme, Hannah. We've been talking about it on Twitter and it's pretty universal. I'm glad we have good, wholesome TV available. Sometimes it's nice to know what to expect. :)

      RIGHT!? What IS wrong with these two. Where is the sweet, no fuss romance from the books!?

      Thanks for commenting. :)

  1. This is killing me. I missed the first several in the first season and didn't want to start the series without seeing them, so I haven't seen any of this series yet.

    1. I hope you can see it soon, Suzi! I don't feel as if I missed a lot by skipping the middle, but am glad I watched the finale. It was really good up until that last moment! Ugh. What is wrong with Elizabeth!? ;)

      Thanks so much for visiting. :)

  2. I never watched Season 2 either, Rissi, though I wanted to! There is just sooo many other things to watch (Like, I just got into 'I Can Do That!' and 'Complications', plus 'Astronaut Wives Club' is next on my list). I remember the last time I was watching I was pretty annoyed with Elizabeth (c'mon get yourselves together people!! *wink*) so your "petulant children" comment made me laugh. However this is a really nice show, and your lovely recap makes me want to catch up, so maybe I'll tune in next weekend. Thanks, Rissi! :)

    1. I guess WCTH kind of got pushed to the back of my mind. I mean, of course I really do enjoy it and love that there's a wholesome show families can enjoy. But, yes, sometimes the characters get on my nerves (which is true of a lot of TV character if I'm being honest). I feel like there is too much drama for the kind of show this is, you know? Like the writer's are overthinking things. Or something.

      Three cheers for Complications. I watched the pilot… and liked it. It was slower than I anticipated, but it also took me an episode or two to completely warm to Matt's prior show, Burn Notice. Still need to watch E2, which I suspect I'll like even more. As for "Wives Club," love that show! Hope you enjoy. :)

      Thank you for commenting, Bekah. Always thrilled to chat with you. :)

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