Each time I crack open the pages of a new contemporary rom-com from inspirational author, Denise Hunter, my expectations soar. If there is one thing the author excels at (and there’s more than one) it’s her good time narrative. That is exactly what one will find within the pages of the award-winning author’s brand new book, which also acts as a new series launcher. Also, this makes an excellent Christmas read and an attractive book lover gift. Though there’s a tease of this story in Married ‘til Monday, until you read this, you aren’t likely to really understand the characters well enough to judge them. falling like snowflakes

‘FALLING LIKE SNOWFLAKES,’ DENISE HUNTER. Review of the 2015 contemporary romance. All review text © Rissi JC

This story centers on Beau, the eldest of three brothers. Recently, he quits his job as a deputy in the small town of Summer Harbor to focus on the family Christmas tree farm, among other business ventures. But he hasn’t yet shed his instincts from being in law enforcement. This is when Eden enters his life. Running from a past that was as emotionally unhealthy as it was frightening, Eden doesn’t plan to stay in Summer Harbor, but her car has a mind of its own. Poised to protect herself and her young son – emotionally and otherwise, Eden keeps a close guard on her emotions while staying with the Callahan family. When Beau gives her work helping his elderly aunt, the family slowly begins to chip away at the reserved nature of her son and her heart.

Falling Like Snowflakes, by Denise Hunter | Book Review

Though its cover is all about Christmas cheer and its title helps with the imagery, this is a story that can be enjoyed any time of the year. The cusp of the story is one of fear and breaking free from a past riddled with mistakes. The running theme is one of learning how to trust and embracing freedom. Eden had lived an entire life smothered. The first is for protection, and her adult years are under a controlling thumb who is anything but protective. Beau too, is protective, but unlike the men of her past, Beau wants only to shelter Eden. To give her a haven that felt safe. This theme carries throughout the novel and the picture it evokes is a lovely one.  

Meeting these new characters is an adventure all on its own. As characters, these pages hold some of the best. I found myself happily rooting for each of the characters though there are an unusual amount of complexities that complicate moving the plot forward. Still, even with these, all of the characters retain their moral compass. This allows for a clear snapshot of what’s to come in Zac and Riley’s stories. Given the synopsis for book two (The Goodbye Bride), my theory for Zac’s story has already been proven true. With its gentle yet emotional story that tugs at your heartstrings, and charming romantic style, with Falling Like Snowflakes, Denise again wraps up another poignant story that she tops with a pretty bow. As with each of her novels before this, not only is the message something that looks beyond outward appearance and looks within, there is also a healthy glimpse of what a genuine love story looks like. Experiencing that alone is a gift though, fortunately, there is much more to discover.

About the Book:

Author: Denise Hunter
Publisher: Zondervan (HarperCollins)
Source: Publisher Provided
Publication Date: 2015
Find the Review elsewhere: Goodreads
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Series: Summer Harbor, 1
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romance, Inspirational
Rating: 4 out of 5 

Sincere thanks to the publisher for providing a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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  1. I so badly want to read this book! Denise Hunter always has fantastic books and thankfully the library in my town recognizes that and get's a lot of her new books. =)

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