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Happy it’s-a-week-after-Beauty-and-the-Beast-Opened-Day Friday, friends. If you are reading this intro and thinking, “Nooo, she’s not talking about that, again??” You might want to skip this post altogether. However if, like me, you’re quite excited about this brand new Disney film, please read onward because there’s plenty of BATB (an acronym I’ll use from now on to shorten the length of the words I have to type – because lazy!) talk forthwith.

The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag. Going through the fun bookworm prompts of the Beauty and the Beast book tag. Text © Rissi JC

 Three years ago when Disney live-actioned (is that a term? I’m going with it) Cinderella, I came away starry-eyed. When news broke their next endeavor would be BATB, I was excited. Then casting was announced. Unlike my experience with the prince in Cinderella (I have since come to believe Richard Madden is the best princely prince ever – proof of which can be found in Exhibit A, Exhibit B and Exhibit C), the prince cast in this instance was the opposite reaction.  

Beloved Matthew Crawley aka Dan Stevens stepped into the role of the beastly prince.  

What followed was controversy of the pairing of him with British star, Emma Watson. The age gap was a source of annoyance while I was over here, all like, “DAN STEVENS IS PLAYING THE BEAST!” *heart eye emoji x ten*  

FILM REVIEW | Cinderella (2015) – Of Mice, Magic and Midnight, a Magical Adaptation of a Classic  

In short or to put it in a more professional manner, I was elated. Channeling all this excitement into something fun seemed a good idea so I’m doing just that.  

This week, the blog gets BATB-fied with tags, a giveaway (closed) and this past Monday, I was over on Silver Petticoat with a list of BATB themed books on my bookshelf. If you’re as excited as I am, come along with me. There’s lots of fun down below.  

Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

“TALE AS OLD AS TIME” – A popular theme, trope or setting you will never get bored of reading

Though this totally ties into today’s topic and theme, I’d opt for the unconditional love theme. There’s something
so beautiful about the story inside Beauty and the Beast. It’s such a deep, poignant and when done well, romantic (in
the trust, most realistic sense of the word) trope. In short, it’s one I shall never tire of. Unlike certain other romantic tropes.  

BELLE – A book you bought for its beautiful cover that’s just as beautiful inside too  

Yes, I’ve seen this as the answer, but I’ll choose The Selection. The series’ covers are stunning, and the story inside is stunning too. It’s a juxtaposed blend of The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games, but with a fairy tale “old world” angle that also takes inspiration
from the Biblical story Esther.  

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BEAST – A book you didn’t expect much from but pleasantly surprised you  

Probably either If I Stay or The Fault in our Stars. They probably aren’t my favorite books on my shelf, but I was pleasantly surprised how well I did enjoy them. A great deal more than I expected. (Although to be fair, I always loved the beast –
even at his worst. He was just having a really bad day, something we all have, right?? *wink*)  

LEFOU – A loyal sidekick you can’t help but love more than their counter part  

This isn’t in the same “realm” as the books I’ve been talking about because I’ve not read the books, but I’ll name Dr. Watson. Although to be honest, I don’t think I can say I love him more than his counterpart (Sherlock Holmes), I simply love him equally.  

MRS. POTT, CHIP, LUMIER & COGSWORTH – A book that helped you through a difficult time or that taught you something valuable  

I can remember reading Denise Hunter’s Barefoot Summer and being wowed by it. Though I don’t remember the section, in
particular there was one specific point that really impacted me.  

“BE OUR GUEST” – A fictional character you’d love to have over for dinner  
The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag. Going through the fun bookworm prompts of the Beauty and the Beast book tag. Text © Rissi JC

Umm, all of them?? Or at least those who I really like. How’s a girl to click “select” on a few characters? I’ll say this, my dinner party would require a very looong dinner table and set. Some of whom would include, Juliette D’Alisa (I mean, inviting a chef is practical, right??); Drew Farthering, Matthew, Col Brandon, and Mr. Knightley (gentleman represented!); Anna and Etienne (obviously); Harriet Manners; Charlie and Ella; Jem, Merida and Ray; and SO(so) many others!

That’s it for today! Have you put together this tag? Do you like this “Tale as Old as Time”? What Beauty and the Beast (or Disney) tags or post have you put together? Comment down below with your thoughts!   

Thanks for being my guest and visiting today. Always happy to chat with you all.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland.   

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