‘Then Came You’ by Becky Wade: A Novella of Loss and Love


STORY: Garner Bradford cannot escape tragedy. It follows him around like a bad penny. First time was the result of his reckless choices. Following an unhealthy relationship with a woman full of wanderlust, Garner finds himself a single parent to his young daughter, Willow. Time passes, and Garner marries a sweet girl he meets at church. For a while, they’re happy. They have Willow, and a baby daughter, both of whom they love. But then his wife is murdered.  

Kathleen has a dream. On her list, a single goal: a career. But above all, she doesn’t want to follow the plan her mother wishes for her. For now, she settles for a job at Bradford shipping and bides her time. Then the Bradford patriarch dies which propels Garner into the leadership role. Unlike his father, Garner seems open to Kathleen’s ideas. As the two work together, new possibilities and healing hearts begin to blossom.  

‘Then Came You’ by Becky Wade: A Novella of Loss and Love. Becky Wade's novella is an introduction of Wade's Bradford Sister's series. Text © Rissi JC

Then Came You by Becky Wade | Novella Review

This novella is a quick, super short read that’s told in an epistolary style. We learn about the characters in three formats, broken up by the two-person “point of views.” The first is Garner’s perspective which is told entirely through journal entries. Then there’s Kathleen whose perspective is known by phone messages (or conversations) and letters (and oh, my heart – the letters!) she writes. This is the format of Then Came You, a novella of loss and love, and the strength of learning to “let go,” to live and live well.  

As a launch to Becky’s new series, ‘The Bradford Sisters,’ this is a lovely story. It packs a lot into its few pages, but is all important and relevant material. I suspect it will help in better understanding these Bradford sisters; not just who they are as people, but why they are this way. Then Came You sparkles with Wade’s familiar voice, but also gives her an entirely new format to explore with a
new-to-her styling. (This is also Becky’s first Indie release.) Those who’ve anticipated True to You (the first full-length novel of this series, and Nora’s story) will enjoy this prequel. I highly recommend Wade fans pick it up, and like the Porter siblings, prepare to let these characters work their way into your heart.♥


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Author: Becky Wade
Publisher: Indie Published
Source: Amazon Purchase
Publication Date: 2017
Find the Review elsewhere:  Amazon | Goodreads
E L S E W H E R E Amazon | Goodreads
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romance, Novella
Series: Bradford Sisters, 0.5
Rating: ★★★★  

Content Note: this story does deal with “weighty” subjects. But nothing graphic or told in anything but a classy manner. SPOILERS! Premarital sex, death, and rape.   

Review text is © Rissi JC and first appears on Finding Wonderland (Dreaming Under the Same Moon), RissiWrites.com 

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  1. I love single father books and Garner seems to be a wonderful hero. I can see myself enjoy this book. And it is a novella, which is perfect for me. Thanks for sharing. Awesome review. I'm gonna check out this book.
    Have a nice day. Happy reading. :)

    1. A novella is always a quick read. Hope if you ever read it, Geybie, you enjoy! I thought it was a lovely story, and now I'm reading the first book (True to You) which is always lovely. :)

      Thank you so much for visiting. Always glad to have you stop by.

    1. YAY! Hope you enjoy, Bekah. It's an easy, quick read, and in my opinion, a great "back story" to the new series. Let me know what you think. :)

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