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Hello, readers. Today, I’m writing a quick blog post to introduce – or more accurately, reintroduce, Finding Wonderland’s blog newsletter 2018 sign up option.

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Blog Updates aka Boring Stuff. Talking about our blog newsletter 2018! Do you have a newsletter? Text © Rissi JC /

Some of you may have already signed up for our once or twice weekly blog newsletter 2018 round up, but recently I’ve cleared out all of the subscribers and have chosen to now re-share the sign up option. This means, if you’d still like to receive the newsletter, you will need to sign up again (my apologies!) to ensure it arrives to your inbox. If you use RSS Feeds to keep up to date on this blog, this newsletter is a little different. You can read how down below.

Instead of the daily posts emailed to your inbox, this newsletter collects an entire week plus (or as is often the case with me – because I don’t get the newsletter sent out in regular intervals, a month plus) of content. Content that is recently or newly posted to the blog. If you’d like to see what this newsletter looks like, you can browse our last offering.

If you’d like to have receive our blog newsletter and have it sent to your inbox, you can use this sign up form.

Thank you for being a reader.

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