‘THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL’: Colorful, Sassy YA Summer Read (Comes with Food Truck!)


STORY: Pulling off the perfect prank is Clara Shin’s jam. She’s Queen of the pranks, and she knows it. No matter what anyone says of her – including her rival, Rose – Clara cares little. Everything changes when she disappoints the most important person in her life: her father. When her latest “incident” goes too far, Clara’s punishment is working the entire summer on her father’s food truck. To make matters worse, Rose is also a summer employee.

‘THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL’: Colorful, Sassy YA Summer Read (Comes with Food Truck!). Review of the 2018 YA contemporary by Maurene Goo. Text © Rissi JC

As Clara tries to cope with this new and fragile bond between she and her father, she’ll also have to learn to navigate the  mystery that is Rose, all while falling for the cute coffee cart boy, Hamlet.

The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo | Book Review

‘THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL’: Colorful, Sassy YA Summer Read (Comes with Food Truck!) #FWarchives Click To Tweet

Ever since I Believe in a Thing Called Love released its cover, reading a novel by Maurene Goo was high on my TBR. Time passed, and though I did pick up a copy of ‘Love,’ I’ve yet to read it. Reviews came in, and I was further excited to discover this author’s work. This is why when I was able to review a copy of this, her follow up novel, I was ecstatic. Wasting precious little time between the books arrival and reading it, I settled in to discover what this author was all about.

‘THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL’: Colorful, Sassy YA Summer Read (Comes with Food Truck!). Review of the 2018 YA contemporary by Maurene Goo. Text © Rissi JC

In an effort to get the “bad” out of the way, there are two issues I do have with The Way You Make Me Feel. The first is the tagline which suggests a breezy kind of romance. As adorable as the romance is, this really isn’t a romance story. It’s a YA contemporary, so of course, there is some, but overall, it’s not what drives the plot. Furthermore, nothing comes of any kind of romantic potential until well into the latter half. Secondly, I feel like Clara’s journey or her change of heart isn’t as well developed as it could have been. We don’t see the (gradual) change, and instead, all of the sudden we realize she’s somehow different. Her behavior is just… different rather than the experience of it.

Despite the above, rambling paragraph, don’t let me fool you. I did thoroughly adore this novel. It was the kind of book I really needed at the time, and furthermore, it’s just a fun, perfectly appropriate summer read. There’s good lessons about the importance of family, and even more importantly, the ties we should cherish. These include the friendships we form and our relationships with family. Without whom we wouldn’t be who we become. Bubbling underneath the surface of The Way You Make Me Feel is Clara’s realization that it’s her dad who’s been with her through every single step. Through her rebellions and quirky personality, it’s her dad who’s loved her, encouraged her and kept her safe. It’s these types of elements and storytelling that makes Maurene’s follow up a delight.

Anyone looking for a breezy summertime read should look no further than The Way You Make Me Feel. It has sparkling wit, a sassy heroine and a boy named Hamlet (yes, Hamlet). Tell me, how can you resist that trio?

PS; it also bears mentioning that this novel is totally reminiscent of Gilmore Girls only in this case, it’s a father-daughter duo giving off all the cool vibes.

PSS; how cute does Maurene’s 2019 book sound!?? I’m already counting the days!


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Author: Maurene Goo
Publisher: FSG (Farrar Strays Giroux); Fierce Reads
Publication Date: 2018
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary, Young Adult
Source: Publisher Provided – thank you, FSG
Amazon | Goodreads
Amazon | Goodreads
Rating: ★★★★

Sincere thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this book; all opinions are my own

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