The Good Cop Netflix: A Quiet But Funny Drama


Though it’s flawed (as anything in entertainment is), there is something about Netflix’s originals that seem to capture viewers. One of their TV shows is an overlooked drama called The Good Cop. Though it gets a bit of a bad rap, it’s a shame because this series has a lot more stories to tell.

The Good Cop (2018) Netflix TV Review

Tony “TJ” Cruso (Josh Groban) is a strict rule-follower. He won’t even take a sugar packet from a restaurant because it’s akin to “stealing.” This is why it’s such a challenge to live with his father, Tony Cruso Sr. (Tony Danza), a former cop who’s now on probation. About the only thing the pair has in common is a name and TJ has followed in his father’s footsteps and is now a NYC detective.

Most of the Twitter chatter I saw in regards to this show isn’t glowing. That said, I also didn’t go out and seek reviews or peer opinions. On a whim, I watched the first episode before mentioning it to my mother. After that, we watched the rest together, and both of us found it really entertaining.

I’m the type of TV-binger who loves my NCIS franchises, or when I’m in the right mood, the intensity of NBC’s The Blacklist. But sometimes I want a bit of mystery that knows when to “stop.” The Good Cop fits this for me. It has a lighthearted nature without being overly serious, and yet it still treats its cases with the due they deserve.

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The cast is quite good, and I especially love the banter between TJ and Cora. It’s not always “typical” because of TJ’s type-A-must-always-follow-the-rules personality, but it’s still there, and so much fun. I also really like Josh Groban (best known for his award-winning vocal talent) and Monica Barbaro in their respective roles; and Danza is well cast as a sketchy NYC cop. Each 40-some minute installment solves a case, but the running thread throughout is the mystery of TJ’s mother. It’s a story that never sees a conclusion since Netflix, unfortunately, did not renew this one for a second season.

Despite my disappointment (and the cliffhanger) over the cancellation of The Good Cop, it’s still supremely entertaining. If you like cop dramas, but want something with more heart than graphic, grisly cases, you’re likely to enjoy this unassuming drama.

If you enjoy cop dramas, but want something that is different from the norm, this streaming original just might hold the clue you're missing. The Good Cop – A Quiet But Funny Drama From #Netflix Click To Tweet

Content: there is some crime scene imagery (gunshot victims) and tense situations (a hostage negotiation). Some of Tony Sr.’s behavior is also inappropriate, and there’s some minor innuendo. The show is TVPG.

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