‘Detective Pikachu’: A Silly, but Cool Animated Adventure


Seeing animated movies may not be a pastime I indulge in any longer, but sometimes, a night in calls for one. Plus, now and again, one catches my eye, and I’m powerless to resist. detective pikachu

Detective Pikachu (2019) Film Review

Strangers is how 21-year-old Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) would best describe his relationship with his estranged father. A detective in the city, and world of Pokémon inhabitants, when Tim’s father, Harry, goes missing, he travels there to learn of the circumstances and go through his apartment. What, or rather who, he encounters once he arrives is not that Tim expects.

His father’s Pokémon partner, Pikachu is there at the apartment, only this Pokémon is nothing like a normal creature. To add insult to injury, Tim hasn’t yet found his Pokémon match, and now as he tries to find answers from a shadow-y bad guy, he also has a very small – and opinionated! – tag along. detective pikachu

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detective pikachu
‘Detective Pikachu’ is a Silly, but Cool Adventure. Review of the 2019 live-action movie with Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds. #Pokemon #Animation #Pikachu #Movies Click To Tweet

When it comes to movie making, I’m a softie for the cute side-kick trope. Pikachu is no exception; he’s adorable and feisty, which will always be a winning combination. Needless to say, even through all of his good highs (he’s smart) and the lows (wait… he’s bad…!), the dude is impossible not to like, champion and wish to protect all at once. detective pikachu

Justice Smith seems to do quite well in a lead role here, and the voice talent of Ryan Reynolds isn’t wasted. I enjoyed seeing Katherine Newton (BBC’s Little Women) in this though do wish she’d had a larger part as her character is quite fun, and her Pokémon is hilarious!

I’m a big supporter of fun “popcorn flicks” and this is precisely what one of them would and does look like. It has humor (thanks to Reynolds), hearts and even a hint of pulse-pounding action (all the while we know things will work out). Sure, the story may be familiar, but that’s not the point. The idea is to entertain and give us characters we can root for. Detective Pikachu accomplishes this, and if the rumored sequel happens, I’ll be there. In the end, this is loads of fun, and that is my idea of a good time.

‘Detective Pikachu’ is a Silly, but Cool Adventure. Review of the 2019 live-action movie with Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds. Text © Rissi JC

Content: there’s some minor profanity, and perhaps one or two innuendo’s, but this one is clean, and the rating stays at PG.

Photos: Warner Bros.

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