‘New Year’s Eve’: A One Night Romance With Magic and New York!


Generally speaking, anytime Garry Marshall heads up a film, it nearly guarantees fun time at the theater. Each time I see one of his films, its fairy-tale qualities enchant. Some of his works are family-friendly and some are very “adult.” The pre-cursor of this flick, Valentine’s Day certainly leave something to be desired. This follow-up (of a sort) has its flaws but it is ten times better than Valentine’s Day is. new year’s eve

New Year’s Eve (2011) Film Review

Despite a world of differing opinions, for one night, the whole world gathers together on New Year’s Eve. It’s the one night in the entire year when the entire world join together to celebrate the start of a whole new year of fresh starts, and a magical moment can be captured in a kiss…

In charge of the NYE Times Square ball drop is Claire Morgan (Hilary Swank). She hits an unexpected snag in her quest to see that New Yorkers and millions of Americans still find that little piece of togetherness. Elsewhere, and throughout the city, we meet Sam (Josh Duhamal) who hopes that a chance encounter from the year before will favor him; Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer) is an anonymous New Yorker who does her job well, but is underappreciated; Paul (Zac Efron) wants to cheer up his buddy and roommate, Randy (Ashton Kutcher) who gets stuck in an elevator with an aspiring singer (Lea Michele).

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New Year's Eve

Then we meet Laura (Katherine Heigl), a woman who finds her latest job brings her ex (Jon Bon Jovi) back into her life. Simultaneously single mom Kim (Sarah Jessica Parker) is also at her wit’s end raising a teenage daughter, Hailey (Abigail Breslin). Across town an expectant young couple (Jessica Biel, Seth Meyers) competes for the prize money for the first New Year baby while a lonely man (Robert De Niro) fights to see one last New Year.

In case you didn’t catch it, nearly every A-lister is in this cast list; and there’s more! In addition to the “main stories,” there are other familiar faces such as Carla Gugino; Halle Berry; Jake T. Austin; Sarah Paulson; and Sofia Vergara. Big-name stars like Jim Belushi; Matthew Broderick; Alyssa Milano; and Cary Elwes also make appearances. (Plus, you’ll recognize many other faces from Marshall’s works.) Movie trivia: Kutcher and Biel are also a part of the Valentine’s Day ensemble.

TV FILM REVIEW | A  Midnight Kiss: A New Year’s Eve Romance

New Year's Eve

Apart from its setting, there is something about its infectious energy that’s magical. Though better its predecessor, this romcom isn’t perfect. But then, what is? New Year’s Eve does deliver poignant messages, and I dearly love all of the characters. Efron sheds his teen idol image as Paul, and I thought his character was fun; SJP is surprisingly good in this role and Abigail gets her first on-screen kiss here. I also have to say that Heigl and Bon Jovi are adorable together. Initially, I was sure I’d hate him the role, instead they share some cute chemistry, and in fact, their story is one of my most favorites.

Most of the time, I don’t like a multi-arc story, but this one is really well done, and I like how the stories inner-relate. Some of them even throw in a surprise or two, which is not something to expect from this genre. To top all that off, New Year’s Eve has heart even in the imperfections. It encourages “new beginnings,” has fun characters, and the glitter popper on top is the adorable end (bloopers and all). Recurring as a theme, it promises its viewer that a new year can be seen as a “gift” of hope; of new beginnings, and if we want this enough, we can make it so.

New Year’s Eve is PG-13 for a handful of tacky sexual innuendos; some of which have no basis, others are true. Mild implications reference childbirth. There is a handful of swearing [bi*ch, h*ll, etc] and one misfortunate use of the f-word. There are some kisses.

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  1. Charity – yes, do, girl! If you didn't mind Valentine's Day, trust me, this one is TEN times the movie that was… and still I will enjoy indulging in that one once in a while – especially when one can use ClearPlay. ;D

    Juju – I've not seen New York, I Love You but have heard of it. This movie has a lot of heart and was really fabulous. Look into it – you might be surprised. =)

    Thank you again for your kind comments about my reviews – you don't know how much I appreciate it. =)

  2. I agree completely. A good chick flick and way better than Valentines day. I liked the concept of these movies where there are so many story lines, the only drawback is some of the stories I really like don't get enough air time! haha

  3. I know, right!? This one was SO much better than Garry's prior attempt at capitalizing on a major holiday. It took a more tactful approach and I really appreciated that.

    Hmmm… I guess I didn't feel like some characters weren't treated to enough screen-time but then maybe I felt like my favorite stories weren't cheated. (They included the Jensen/Laura fiasco and Ingrid/Paul story – although I did like all of the characters.) I can certainly see where one could wish certain characters had more screen-time, especially if they were favorites. =D

  4. I'm so glad to read that this one is better than Valentine's Day!! I saw a preview for New Year's Eve, and as such a sucker for rom-com's, I waited with anticipation to hear reviews about it.
    Now, it is officially on my TBW list!

  5. This movie gets an A+ in comparison to Valentine's Day, JR. And, I am so glad. Just the other day I was thinking of watching VD again because I do "like" it but of the two, New Year's Eve is a huge improvement.

    I am definitely a rom-com fan – it is one of my favorite genres. Hope you enjoy this one – it is worth it. =)

  6. You'll enjoy this one then, Jen. Some might think it overly sentimental or some such term, but I think it has a lot of heart. Enjoy!

    Given that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I should perhaps re-watch it – and maybe I will. =)

    I am so glad you stopped by – I hope you do so again. =)

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