‘The Santa Squad’: A Fun Christmas Romantic-Comedy!


Onward the Lifetime (and some Hallmark, too) Christmas movie watching goes. This go-round involves a millionaire hero, two adorable girls and a woman with that special Christmas touch.

The Santa Squad (2020) Lifetime TV Review

Keeping busy is what Allie (Rebecca Dalton) does best. But out of work just ahead of the holidays means she needs something to keep busy. She finds her best friend at his senior caregiving facility caring for his only two over-the-holidays patients. When he points her towards the Santa Squad (a group that provides all things Christmas from gift wrapping to decorating), Allie is sent to the “church” job, a curious task she has no clue what to expect.

Turns out “church” refers to the name of the wealthy family who has hired her for Christmas. Gordon Church (Aaron Ashmore) is a single father who’s business deals keep him away from his two girls, the imaginative Iris and studious Rose. Allie changes the way the girl’s see Christmas, and maybe with a little bit of magic, she can give them a very merry Christmas.

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This is one I was excited about because though I haven’t seen him in much, I like Ashmore. The film is pretty standard fare with plenty of messy baking and matchmaking, too. Its greatest flaws is in the “big” misunderstanding (it has merit through the eyes of a parent, but the way its handled is way over done, and perhaps too “extreme” for the situation), as well as the lets-stand-around-and-watch-the-first-kiss moment. This is one trope I don’t think I’ll ever like.

Despite its missteps, this one does entertain me as I anticipated. Lily and Rose are all kinds of darling, and I like that Ashmore seems to “fit” the role his character should be. Dalton is appropriately perky for her character, and she makes the season a fun time for the people she’s hired to work for.

The Santa Squad does manage anything “new” or exciting, but with its warm characters and cute moments, it’s a nice way to spend an evening. ?

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‘The Santa Squad’: A Fun Christmas Romantic-Comedy! A review of the 2020 Lifetime film with Rebecca Dalton & Aaron Ashmore. All text © Rissi JC.
‘The Santa Squad’: A Fun Christmas Romantic-Comedy! A review of the 2020 Lifetime film with Rebecca Dalton & Aaron Ashmore. #Movies #ItsAWonderfulLifetime #Romance #CleanRomance #FunMoives #HappyMovies #Comedy Click To Tweet

CONTENT: There’s nothing to note – I’d count this as a “clean romance.”

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