One of those middling titles I didn’t really care much about, Sealed with a List is a good selection if you’re still wanting something festive, but less Christmas.

Sealed with a List (2023) Hallmark TV Film Review

Working hard at her job means Carley (Katie Findlay) is sure that, just before Christmas, she’s going to receive a hard earned promotion. Then, she doesn’t. The job instead goes to the boss’ son, Wyatt (Evan Roderick) whom Carley is expected to help train. When her best friend moves overseas for a new job, she first makes Carley promise that in the new year, she’ll chase the dreams she keeps on a list. Carley makes the promise, but a year later, she hasn’t crossed a thing off her list. When an unexpected opportunity comes up, Carley takes it, even at the cost of losing her job, and uses this to kick start her plan.

But first she may find she needs a little help from an unexpected ally.


‘SEALED WITH A LIST’: A SEASONAL TO-DO LIST THAT SPARKS ADVENTURE. #Hallmark review of #SealedwithaList, a cute and fun #ChristmasMovie. #NewYearsEve #NewYear #ChristmasMovies Click To Tweet
‘SEALED WITH A LIST’: A SEASONAL TO-DO LIST THAT SPARKS ADVENTURE. Review of the 2023 Christmas flick. © Rissi JC

Much to my surprise (happily so), Sealed with a List is quite good. I love that it’s not laser focusing on Christmas, but rather Carley experiencing new things and even the New Year getting a shout-out. Since Christmas isn’t the only thing I find interesting about telling a story this time of year, I love when a movie also uses the new year as part of its storytelling too. This film will, for those who aren’t into romance, charm you. It doesn’t lean too much into a romance, but there is something there. It’s more a maybe promise rather than a for-sure-conclusion. Sometimes I don’t love that, but in this, a story that is about more than a new relationship, I think it’s a nice place to end.

The cast is good too. I’ve seen Katie in a couple of Hallmark films including The Bridge, which is inspired by a Karen Kingsbury novel. Each time I’m reminded that I like her in these roles. I also saw Evan in Autumn in the City where I really liked him. Each of the supporting characters is fun, too, and though they don’t play as large a role as Katie’s Carley, they do add something to the film.

If you enjoy the genre or the actors, or just Hallmark movies, then Sealed with a List is a good choice to end your Christmas movie binge with. Plus, the ending is quite cute.


‘SEALED WITH A LIST’: A SEASONAL TO-DO LIST THAT SPARKS ADVENTURE. Review of the 2023 Christmas flick. © Rissi JC

Content: There is a kiss or two, but nothing else outside of the normal TV-G rating.

Photos: Hallmark Media / Crown Media

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