If you listen to Christian music you’ll sometimes find or hear a lyric with the word “weapon” in it. One song uses it as a way of depicting the strength God can give us. Another uses the word as a way to talk of letting worship or testimony be a weapon that lays everything out, hopefully to speak to those seeking God. Either way, both of these examples use the word in a positive light and help to illuminate through power of worship. This brings me to my point. In recent months I’ve been seeing Christianity or to hone in on something more specific and precious, the Bible misused as a kind of weapon. This has been weighing on my mind.

First let’s start with a few things. One is that this is solely an opinion; mine. I’m not claiming it as being fact or anything more profound. It’s strictly an opinion I’ve formed after observing what others publish on social media. As is my nature, this comes after weeks of these thoughts swirling in my mind. Second thing I want to say is that God’s Word can be a kind of weapon. Or if that’s too harsh a word, it’s THE book to look to when seeking wisdom. I don’t have an issue with calling it this, but where I veer off this thinking is when I see people time and again using it to buttress a point or opinion they believe to be the logical one.

HOW WE MISUSE THE BIBLE & MAKE IT FIT OUR TRUTH. Sharing opinions on how the Bible is misused as a weapon. Text © Rissi JC

Let me also say this is something I’m seeing a lot of in recent weeks or maybe months. Honestly, it’s more than a little heartbreaking.


Some of the people doing this seem (again, strictly an opinion) to be doing this just to be unkind. Others I believe are sincere. But the common thing I do see is that people are making something fit an argument that honestly, I don’t see as fitting an argument. Depending on your translation, there’s a Biblical golden rule of “do unto others as we would have them do unto you,” I understand that sentiment. It’s clear to me. I know what it means and how it can apply to daily life.

But lately I see many using it in a way that’s murky and to me, isn’t at all what this clear commandment means.

Everyone interprets differently and that’s ok. We all have different thoughts or opinions. That’s OK, too. I don’t believe in a one-thought society and don’t ever believe I will. However what I do find disturbing is using the Bible in an argument as a weapon in a tenuous way. This I say in a broader “big picture” kind of way.

HOW WE MISUSE THE BIBLE & MAKE IT FIT OUR TRUTH. Sharing opinions on how the Bible is misused as a weapon. Text © Rissi JC

If we use the Bible in discussion that argues if we don’t do this or this then we don’t care about other human lives or don’t love God, I find that a serious accusation. Not only this, it’s also something that is more harmful and perhaps suggestive that you need to reevaluate. It also goes against what I believe Christ and the Bible teaches. If we use the Bible to try and push “compassion” for the thoughts (that you find offensive) of someone else but also then turn around and say that same other person isn’t following the Word, that too troubles me. How is this kind or considerate?

In an age where posting about faith seems to be on social media everywhere, I think there needs to be consideration to take a breath, pause and reflect on what you say. If you want to share your opinion or faith or whatever on social media, that’s your right. It’s part of why I believe fervently in freedom and free speech. However, I think it also behooves us to think, to pause and to consider before we say something or make a statement. This, I believe, goes ten times for faith or the Bible, which is a weapon of wisdom. Don’t make the Bible fit or conform for you and your purpose, let it stand on its own truth and in that, speak to you.

Note: again, as I reiterate in the above text, this is strictly opinion based. I’m not using sources or trying to cite sources; I’m sharing an opinion and something that’s been on my mind a lot recently. bible misused as a weapon

That’s an end to my unusual discussion for today. Have you been seeing arguments like this? What are your thoughts on these issues or the Bible misused as a weapon? I welcome all conversation, all I ask, as always, is that you respect everyone’s opinion.


HOW WE MISUSE THE BIBLE & MAKE IT FIT OUR TRUTH. Sharing opinions on how the Bible is misused as a weapon. Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Amen! I share your perspective on this. The Bible is not meant to be a weapon to browbeat others into agreeing with our opinions. Considering that it is “active and living” the revelation we receive from it varies according to the times and the person and what God wants us to know or understand. I honestly think this type of behavior makes God sad.

    1. Your last line – SO MUCH YES! I agree. I think this does sadden God. I talked with my uncle recently about a lot of the things I see on social that I struggle with, sometimes personally and other times just in feeling burdened that someone genuinely believes x, y or z about the Bible or what God wants from us. It always helps to write, but I also tend to “sit” on things for a long time. So anytime I do share something like this, it’s after LOTS of thought and even today, I’m still sad by the things that inspired this and some of the things I continue to see. Appreciate you sharing your perspective, Brittaney.

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