One thing modern culture loves is its quippy sayings. We’ve all heard if life gives you lemons, which ends up on craft store plaques. Sometimes they feel insulting, but at the end of the day, they’re harmless sayings meant to inspire a little smile. Regardless, it’s still something that seems to annoy some people if someone tries to make a positive out of something tough, but the thing is, whether we wish to hear it or not, any reality has good and bad. That’s just the truth of this thing we all do together, which is life. hate it here

In a long term kind of way, I don’t think trying to turn a sad period around is all bad because sitting in misery isn’t good for any of us. In the 3 years I’ve changed. Not all of it is change I wish happened because of the why, but the fact remains, I’m not the same, which I don’t see this as a bad thing. It’s about growth and realization, and the part that’s still in the works is living in the realizations, whether it’s good or not.

The recent release of the Taylor Swift album has a song titled ‘I Hate It Here’ on the tracklist. The song is a kind of lament about life and the realities of what the writer goes through, wishing they could escape to the 1800s and find a more peaceful life. Much to my surprise, it’s actually a cool song that I consider a favorite from The Tortured Poets Department.

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I can relate to the song. Not the reality of the life the writer has, but the idea of wishing for a different reality, well, that’s a universal feeling.


I’ve never been an advocate for saying life is terrible, and still am not, but it’s fair to say, reality promotes fear, challenges, and sorrow. There is no hiding this. It can hit us in waves or singularly, and thankfully, even if it’s the former, it’s not permanent. Eventually better waits ahead.

Contrary to its perhaps passive aggressive title, ‘I Hate it Here’ is an honest portrait. Yes, it does bemoan life’ and it’s troubling realities, and yet, it also reminds us that no matter where we wish ourselves, there are challenges. Sure, dancing in an 1800s ballroom or visiting a quaint 1950s British pub might be lovely, but these periods too would present devastation. It’s a gentle and honest reminder of this. Just as 2024’s reality is whether its Swift’s, yours or mine.

Unlike cheerful décor sayings, I don’t think we have to always find the sunny side of life or that we cannot sit in sorrow. This said if we wallow in the things we hate or loathe about life, we do miss what we don’t hate. Reality may be shades of grey, yes, but it’s many other colors too. Reality is a hike where you find that perfect clearing with the gorgeous view; you watch someone you love accomplish that big thing; or that moment you laugh so hard with someone you forget what made you laugh to begin with. There’s also so much good in reality.

Whether we hate our reality, and wish for escape or not, it’s important to remember the good and to create more good. It’s in those moments when hating life fades, and perhaps, just perhaps, we find a reality that’s far better than any fantasy.


DO WE REALLY HATE IT HERE? Chatting about the realities of life and one of Taylor Swift's songs. All text is © Rissi JC

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