Everyone knows the Hallmark Channel has a reputation for family friendly titles. Perhaps their biggest draw is the traditional seasonal block of programs. This year they have a dozen or better airing over the course of a month-and-a-half, one being The Christmas Lodge. Inspired by Thomas Kinkaid, this movie is bound to pique fans interest. 

The Christmas Lodge (2010) Hallmark TV Film Review

Since the death of her grandmother, life isn’t the same for Mary (Erin Karpluk) and her close-knit family. As part of the change in her life, Mary leaves the family business to work for a corporation that lobbies for funding to renovate historical buildings. As the season of joy approaches, Mary begins to feel guilty about weekend trip with her boyfriend, while her family cares for her grandfather since his stroke. Quite be happenstance, Mary comes across the run-down lodge where she and her family used to spend the holidays. This also puts her in touch again with her childhood pal Jack (Michael Shanks) and his daughter Charlie (Michelle Creber).

Jack’s family owned and operated the lodge for years but after Jack’s parents became ill, the place went into disrepair. Now, he and his daughter make plans to put things back in order. When things start to look impossible, they may discover that a Christmas miracle is in store for them all.


There is always a moral bent to the Hallmark productions but few bring to the table Christian principles, like characters who believe in God. This movie allows for this. Throughout this entire film there is a ribbon of Christianity that is not normally in movies. This one can be a little annoying in its syrupy quest to indulge us in holiday cheer and ultimately its premise isn’t all that great but the movie is cheery, and that’s something.

To be honest, this one starts off a little rough. It’s stiff and not all that engaging but eventually everything finds the right footing. Because of its premise, this features picturesque scenes especially in nature. Turning to the cast, I will say the acting isn’t terrible but have the impression that the stars almost feel uncomfortable during certain dialogue sequences. Shanks (Burn Notice) and Karpluk have a nice rapport but no special kind of chemistry.

Reading what I’ve written so far, one might assume that I didn’t enjoy this simple flick. Actually I did. It’s just not a new favorite. Its syrupy sweetness is also one of its strengths because, after all, it’s a Christmas movie. I always go into these movies with that type of mind-set: I don’t expect any kind of force, but what I do hope to watch is the pure bliss of seasonal Christmas magic. This movie delivers this. It might not be my most treasured, but I admire its bid to talk about scripture, even if they are in their simplest forms. 

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  1. This sounds like my kind of movie :) Maybe I can find it on youtube sometime… {Hehe, that's where I watch most of my movie…they're free!}
    Oh, and have you seen 'A Princess for Christmas'? It sounds really sweet, but I was only able to watch a 5 minutes of it toward the middle. :P

  2. This one is really sweet, Trinka! I hope you do see it.

    YouTube… yeah, I don't really like it for more than 5-minute music videos because I prefer to be chilling in the living room on the couch watching something on the TV screen. But a lot of people do go that route. =)

    I've not seen A Princess for Christmas… yet! I am hoping it will release to DVD in the next year (they usually do. It looks super sweet so I look forward to it. I did check it out on YouTube this afternoon and never found it but I might get my hands on a copy yet this year… we'll see. ;D

  3. Rissi, I recorded "A Princess For Christmas" off of the TV….so if it doesn't get on DVD (or you want to see it sooner rather than later), I would be more than happy to loan it to you!

  4. You are so sweet, Ella! Thank you so much for offering to loan me your copy of A Princess for Christmas! I would love to see it and probably won't get my hands on a copy this year – initially, I saw the DVD on Amazon.ca (hopefully, it will release to DVD next year). However…

    I am not real "into" leaving my personal info. (i.e., "snail mail" address, e-mail, etc.) where the whole world can see it… so unless, there is an email address you would want to leave here where I could contact you with the mailing information personally, I'll just be patient as I always am. =D

    Whatever the case, I still appreciate the offer, girl!

  5. PS: forgot to ask, Ella – did you like A Princess for Christmas? I thought it looked/sounded cute quite on its own, but the fact that Katie McGrath stars makes it more sweet. =)

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