‘Valentine’s Day’: One Day Romance from Garry Marshall


From director, Garry Marshall, to be honest, this is one of those movies that isn’t epic but Valentine’s Day is fun. It’s also something I do “like.”

Valentine’s Day (2010) Film Review 

For native LA-ers, it’s not just another beautiful day in Los Angeles. It’s Valentine’s Day; the one day a year when perhaps even the most cynical of romantics make grand gestures. Flower shops across the city are unable to meet the demand, and some boyfriends take the ultimate leap; they propose to their sweethearts. Reed Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) makes such a gesture. He pops the question to his highly successful girlfriend Morley (Jessica Alba) who (to everyone but Reed’s surprise), says yes!

He wastes no time in sharing the good news including with elementary teacher Julia Fitzpatrick (Jennifer Garner). Julia is Reed’s companion when Morley shuns silly movies or sports. She’s in a promising relationship with a charming doctor (Patrick Dempsey), something that may potentially wreck their bond.

Valentine’s Day for others brings nothing but misery. Publicist Kara Monahan (Jessica Biel) is one of those people. Annually she hosts an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” bash, whose only guest is usually friend Julia. Only this year she finds an ally in sportscaster Kelvin Moore (Jamie Foxx). Meanwhile, mail room worker Jason (Topher Grace) has an unfortunate epiphany about Valentine’s Day. His girlfriend of three weeks, Liz (Anne Hathaway), rushed away this morning and now he knows why… or so he thinks.

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‘Valentine’s Day’ – One Day Romance from Garry Marshall. A review of the 2010 ensemble comedy with Anne Hathaway + MORE! Text © Rissi JC
Love a #ValentinesDay (or *any*) night 'in'? Consider Garry Marshall's ensemble romcom (appropriately titled), ‘Valentine’s Day’: One Day Romance from Garry Marshall. #HappyMovies #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

This isn’t one viewers seem to love. The cast and director are the big draws, and although it does have touching instances, it still has flaws. One thing filmmakers manage effortlessly is “killing” the mood of scenes that are upbeat until a line ruins it.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. There is plenty I do love about this film. Uncharacteristic of a typical Garry Marshall (Princess Diaries, Runaway Bride) this one is less wholesome, although there are snippets that remind us why we so love this “iconic” director’s works. Valentine’s Day sparkles with its own kind of charm. Country darling Taylor Swift provides for the few genuinely comical scenes there are (she is just adorable as the ditzy, but sweet Felicia); she and fellow co-star Taylor Lautner have adorable chemistry as love-struck teens. Similarly, youngster Bryce Robinson is adorable.

‘Valentine’s Day’ – One Day Romance from Garry Marshall. A review of the 2010 ensemble comedy with Anne Hathaway + MORE! Text © Rissi JC

Speaking of the cast, this one assembles an all-star group. This includes Emma and Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine and Bradley Cooper. I love nearly everyone’s story arc with exception to two. Neither of which I’ll share because spoilers. This in no way diminishes the fact that everyone is fantastic in their respective roles. Especially Jessica Biel’s hilarious Valentine’s-Day-hater.

Not to be lost among the rubble is a touching 24-hour story. Or the meaningful marriage between a secondary couple. Regardless of its flaws, the script does contain some interesting statements which deserve credit. Bottom line, Valentine’s Day entertains. It’s one I like to indulge in on its named day. Right or wrong, it always leaves me with a smile because of its happily-ever-afters. ♥

This one is PG13 for: one character is a “phone sex” entertainer, another is a homosexual. Other concerns pepper the screenplay, including references to teenagers planning a noon-time, intimate rendezvous and a woman dating a married man [unknowingly], plus a past extra marital affair is uncovered. Women show a lot of leg when awaking during opening credits and low-cut camisoles or dresses. There’s references to making-out and -love. Drinking is an issue. Profanity is littered throughout [h*ll, da*n and if memory serves me right, even an F-word].

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  1. Your comment made me smile, Jessica. =D

    This is kind of one of those movies that the viewer likes… but knows they really shouldn't be entertained by. It has too much immoral content in it for there to be much of a redeeming quality. Still, there is something about it that makes me laugh.

  2. I think that is great that you made a blog button for this blog, Trinka! And I am just fine with it. =)

    Yeah, this movie is "funny," but far from perfect.

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